Vegan Food And Drink

For many, food is what being a vegan is all about. Obviously, there’s lots more to it for others, but for those first dipping their toes into the world of veganism, food is where their journey begins.

Luckily, for plant-based practitioners new and old, food and drink is also the most widely covered, both online and off. Most restaurants, and even small eateries in big cities, will have vegan options on their menus these days, making those who choose this compassionate way of living’s lives a lot easier than it used to be.

Supermarkets, too, are also upping their game, meaning that vegans get to walk through the whole of the store now, rather than sticking solely to the fresh produce aisles! It’s worth noting here, however, that much of what’s appearing in stores these days is still to be regarded as junk food. Junk food that’s free from animal products, yes, but junk food nonetheless.

Then there’s the wealth of information available online. New vegan sites are popping up each and every day, and some of them are simply spectacular. Just about every foodstuff has been veganized, and a quick Google will have details of how you can make your own version at home in seconds.

Here at Happy Happy Vegan, we concentrate a lot on information, whether that’s in the form of in depth ingredient guides or general vegan food and drink related articles. We’ve also got a whole section dedicated to finding out if something is or isn’t vegan, so you’ll be able to double-check before you get cooking.

As regular visitors to our site know, Happy Happy Vegan is all about you, the reader. So, if there’s a vegan food or drink related question, query, subject, or anything else you’d like us to cover, get in touch.


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