Vegan Salads: 13 Deliciously Healthy Recipes You Need To Know About

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Salad has managed to get itself a bit of a bad reputation over the years. Add the word vegan to the mix and you’ll likely have a few friends rolling their eyes, but what do they know? They certainly haven’t tried one of these delicious vegan salads, that’s for sure!

So, why not do them a favor and knock one of these amazing dairy-free salads up next time they come over? There’ll be no more eye-rolling afterwards, I promise.

Let’s get to the recipes…

A Salad Chock Full of Protein, From Well And Full

Delicious high protein salad vegan

Who says vegans don’t get enough protein? ( Well, apart from the meat lobby and most committed carnivores, but we know they are wrong, don’t we?) And here is a salad to prove it!

Direct from this simple, yet inspiring, blog by the incredibly gorgeous Sarah, the Power Protein Salad is packed with, you guessed it, a whole lot of protein. It uses the Holy Trinity of vegan protein sources: nuts, beans, and grains (quinoa, in this case), to provide a whopping 30g of protein per serving.

With a healthy dash of mixed greens, olive oil, and spices, this salad looks and tastes heavenly! Get the recipe here.


Crunch Salad Gets The “Oh She Glows” Treatment

crunchy vegan salad

Why have a dull, green, soggy salad when you can have one that pops with bright colors?

On her blog, Oh She Glows, the ever-wonderful Angela Liddon showcases a colorful, crunchy salad recipe, with kale, sliced pear, and pomegranates as the star performers. With a fusion of green, magenta, yellow, and white, you’d be forgiven if you kept staring at the plate instead of trying it out!

A homemade apple balsamic vinaigrette adds some magical zing to the palate and once we had that first bite, well, we were no longer staring at our plates in wonder anymore…it is simply delicious!

Angela is a successful cookbook author and her blog is an inspiration to all vegans; old believers and new beginners alike! Go check it out here.

A Warm And Hearty Salad From The Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker's kale, beet, pecan, and leek salad

Short on ingredients but big on nutrients and energy, this kale, lentil, and roasted beet salad is perfect for all those busy vegan workaholics out there.

The bulk is provided by a combination of beets, lentils, and nuts – all rich sources of protein – while the green veggies add the antioxidants. The thing that brings it all together, though, is the vegan salad dressing – a tangy lemon-tahini sauce. In fact, it could be argued that it steals the show!

Dana, the recipe expert over at the Minimalist Baker, makes a point of showcasing simple and easy to cook recipes involving no more than ten ingredients on her blog. While perfect for lunch on a busy day, this protein rich salad also makes for a comforting treat on those cold winter days, too.


Blissful Basil’s Colorful Glass Noodle Salad

plant-based glass noodle salad

I was thoroughly enchanted by the riot of colors in this salad. Orange, purple, green, yellow; it was like dipping a fork into a divinely tasting rainbow!

A happy marriage of a crunchy veggie salad and chili-spiced bean thread noodles, this one also packs a punch with its nutrients and anti-oxidants. Our taste buds were simply overwhelmed (in a good way!) by that tangy-spicy lime vinaigrette.

The author of this hypnotic salad is Ashley, who also happens to be a School Psychologist. She sure does know how to play some wonderful games with our minds through her recipes!


Balsamic Pasta Salad From A Saucy Kitchen

Dairy-free salad

If I ever had to pack a vegan dish for a summer BBQ, this Tomato and Arugula Balsamic Pasta Salad would rank high on my list.

It’s so simple to make, it takes a mere 20 minutes to prepare, and it won’t wilt quickly in the sun either. This delightful vegan salad is the creation of the brilliant Sarah, who publishes awesome gluten-free recipes on her blog, the Saucy Kitchen.

Go check her out now!


Wallflower Kitchen’s Roast Veggie & Quinoa Salad

Roast Veggie & Quinoa Salad vegan

I’m a huge fan of Aimee’s innovation and experimentation in the kitchen. How could I not be when the results are as tasty as this exotic salad with its Moroccan flavors?

This salad is the product of this wonder-blogger’s experiments based on a store-bought couscous salad. Out went the gluten-rich couscous, in came some quinoa and harissa paste, and there we have it: a simple salad with a wonderful flavor.

And, if you need more special recipes for your diet, you can always throw Aimee a line on her blog. She accepts requests from those who need recipes for special diets. Amazing!

Visit Wallflower Kitchen immediately.

A Pretty Tomato-Basil-Chickpea Salad From Beauty Bites

vegan salad with dressing

Whip up a light yet filling lunch (or dinner) in no time with this veggie and chickpea salad from the beautiful Stella, creator of the Beauty Bites blog.

With fresh tomatoes, carrots, and cilantro, this chickpea salad gets a topping of balsamic vinegar, nigella seeds and basil for a lovely flavor. Along with other exciting gluten-free recipes, Stella also explains how each of the ingredients can help you shed weight and look good, just like her!

This is a site that bookmarking was made for.


Abbey’s Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad

Easy vegan salad

Can we have a pesto without cheese for a BBQ? Sure, why not.

Then how about some gluten free pasta (vegan, of course), and a whole lot of veggies and nuts thrown for good measure? That, in essence, is what this deliciously rustic looking salad from Abbey’s Kitchen is all about…and it works beautifully.

This is a perfect side dish for a family barbecue and Abbey says it’s healthy, nutritious, gluten-free, and dairy-free too. We think you should definitely take her word on it, because she is a registered dietician, YouTube host, and a regular on TV shows about nutrition to boot!


Cool & Minty Cucumber Noodle Salad From Avocado Pesto

Asian salad plant-based dressing

Next up is a fast and fresh Asian salad from Vicky over at Avocado Pesto.

A passionate foodie and avid globetrotter, Vicky makes a point of sharing healthy vegan dishes from all the countries that she visits on her travels. While the combination of rice noodles, cilantro, cucumber, and mint is cooling and soothing, it is the creamy ginger almond vegan dressing that really steals the show here.

Check this salad recipe out, and tons more, at Vicky’s blog.

Wendy Polisi’s Cold Lentil Salad

vegan lentil salad

Who doesn’t like the taste of roasted tomatoes and garlic?

This heavenly combination is what makes Wendy’s cold lentil salad such a hit. With all that protein packed into the lentils, this makes for an excellent, nutritious lunch.

Whoever thought that cold lentil salads could taste this good? I certainly didn’t, that’s for sure! I will be keeping a close eye on Wendy’s blog in future for more such delicious twists and I suggest you do the same.

Go visit her here.


Emilie’s Gluten-Free Vegan Caesar Pasta Salad

Vegan caesar salad

A vegan twist on a perennial favorite, this gluten-free pasta Caesar salad recipe is the brainchild of Emilie, from one of my favorite blogs, Emilie’s Eats.

Emilie uses almond milk to make a deliciously creamy vegan salad dressing that will have your guests asking you if you’ve gone back to dairy! There’s some vegan Parmesan involved as well, so you know it’s going to be full of flavor.

I’m crazy about that vegan dressing. Seriously, when Emilie says its good enough to drink, she really does mean every word! Check out this awesome young Louisiana foodie’s blog for more delicious recipes!

Sweet Potato Salad From Vegan Family Recipes

Sweet potato salad recipe

Blog creator and vegan foodie Vanessa Croessmann had to prepare an all-vegan family Christmas dinner for a bunch of carnivores…and she had to do that while taking care of her two toddlers!

This is the back story to a delightful cold salad, made from baked sweet potatoes. It has an effortless, yet delicious, dairy-free dressing, with shallots, chives, maple syrup, and oregano that you’re sure to make again and again. Served either warm or cold, this simple sweet potato salad is a winner.

Don’t just take my word for it. This homemaker uses her blog to share her vegan recipes, which are tested and approved by none other than her young sons! Get the recipe here.

Chef Ottolenghi’s Tomato and Pomegranate Salad

Ottolenghi tomato and pomegranate salad

Celebrity chef and restaurateur, Yotam Ottolenghi, is renowned for his bold takes on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

This vegan salad comes not from a foodie blog, but the Chef’s latest book, “Plenty More”, a sequel to his hugely successful first book, “Plenty”, and it’s a beautiful creation. Advertised as vegetarian cookbooks, most of the recipes can be “veganized” quite simply so they’re both well worth checking out.

Coming back to the recipe, this one is disarmingly simple to make. I was floored by the fact that so much flavor could be had from just a handful of fresh ingredients.

Pomegranates, red pepper, onion, and tomatoes form the base of this salad but, as with a lot of the salads featured here, the secret ingredient is the vegan dressing made with pomegranate molasses. Divine!

Still think vegan salad’s are boring?

Didn’t think so!

These beautiful recipes will stand you in good stead whenever you want something quick and scrumptious, yet healthy and entirely guilt-free. What’s not to love with that combination?

Didn’t find your favorite vegan salad on the list? Let me know in the comments below; I can’t wait to try yours!

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