Vegan Footwear

Just a few short years ago, working out where to buy vegan shoes and boots was about as easy as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Now, however, things are changing, and vegan footwear is actually even getting mentioned in mainstream media (Stella McCartney’s vegan Stan Smiths, anyone?!).

However, while things are certainly easier, they’re not necessarily easy. Materials such as leather, fur, sheepskin, and even down, are still prominent in the footwear industry, as is the use of animal-derived adhesives and dyes. This last point is often where ethical shoppers get caught out. Simply looking for synthetic footwear often isn’t enough.

So, what to do? Well, the easiest thing to do is to look out for vegan on the label or description but, shoes being what they are, there’s often not a great deal of information on the products themselves.

The best thing to do is ask. Being vegan should be a source of pride, not shame, so don’t be embarrassed about speaking up and asking the assistant in store or calling / emailing the seller / designer / manufacturer directly. The more they hear from compassionate consumers, the more likely it will be that they’ll increase their V-friendly range.

Finally, of course, there’s our articles. We aim to make your life easier by reviewing some great vegan footwear on our site and provide you with information you can use when you’re next out shopping for shoes that cause no harm.


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