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At a time when we have more options than ever–inducing that ever-so-awful fear of missing out–there’s certainly no shortage of “FOMO” when it comes to kitchen utensils.

And since nobody likes to second guess a purchase or question the value received for your hard-earned money spent, how can we be sure that we’ve selected the best mini food processor for our unique culinary needs? We do the research! Hopefully, our efforts assist you in picking that perfect prep tool for your everyday adventures in cooking!

What can I make with a mini food processor?

Let’s take a look at the utility of this handy gadget before we draw any conclusions about which mini food processor is best. The truth is, the “best” choice may vary from person to person based on his or her individual goals.

Nut Butter

While jars of this sometimes crunchy, sometimes creamy delight can run more than twenty dollars (if you want the top-notch organic type!), spend a little time to save a lot of money by making your very own batches!

While mini food processors can get the job done, if you’re planning on grinding almonds, cashews, and walnuts on the regular, you might want to look into a food processor for nut butter, too.

Here’s how one woman uses a food processor to make homemade almond butter!


With a slightly thinner consistency than nut butter, it’s easy to make your own cost-effective hummus, too. And similar to certain brands of store-bought nut butter, tubs of commercial hummus usually contain a large portion of oil. It can be quite difficult to find an oil-free brand that also tastes great.

A possible solution? Treat yourself to the best small food processor for hummus as you embark upon homemade recipes!

Baby Food

child enjoying baby food made in a mini food processor

From current parents to those expecting, you can also use a mini food processor to feed mini humans! Proper nutrition is paramount, from newborn to growing toddler, and with how often they must be fed, we understand being painstaking about quality and hunting for the best mini food processor for baby food on the market.



What’s puree, exactly? We’ve already mentioned three kinds! Pureeing is the process by which a solid food item, usually a fruit, vegetable or legume, becomes a creamy, liquid substance by way of grinding, pressing or blending. Naturally, nut butters, hummus and baby food qualify.

What are some other examples of pureed food? How about applesauce, yogurt, pumpkin pie filling, salsa and guacamole? With so many celebrated, diverse vegan options relying upon this preparation technique, we recommend the best small food processor for pureeing you can find!

Here’s a fun video from The Vegan Zombie about how to puree pumpkin!

Chopped Herbs

If you’ve ever attempted to chop herbs then you know it can be dangerous! Our hats off to those who may be adept with a knife (check out our best kitchen knife set reviews if you’re interested), but for many of us, every time a recipe calls for diced rosemary or sliced cilantro, we sprint for the pre-cut options in the seasoning aisle as to preserve our precious fingers. If you’re looking for the best mini food processor for chopping herbs, we support your mission!

Shredded Carrots

One way to get more vegetables into your diet is to make them easy to consume, and there’s not much easier than sprinkling shredded carrots on top of a salad or a bowl of soup. But as with chopping herbs, have you ever run a carrot across a grater? This can also be dangerous.

But which is the best mini processor for chopping carrots? Luckily, chopping and shredding are close cousins, and so, we’ll discuss in our reviews which device will best allow you to prep two veggies with one processor!

What should I look for when shopping for a mini food processor?

assorted vegetables chopped in the best mini food processor

Now that we know what magic can be made–and how a mini food processor can save us money, calories and future trips to the hospital–let’s look at aspects of the machine and assess what might set one brand or unit apart from another.


Remember, we are assessing small food processors, and so, it might be wise to take a brief pause to think. After reading about the very many items that you can prepare at home, do you see yourself making hummus by the truck loads or a week’s worth of baby food at a time?

If so, size will be a priority. For example, you might not be as interested in the best 3 cup mini food processor when a 3.5 cup version exists, and even that half of a cup will make a large difference, batch after batch.


While food processors can save us money and more, the trade-off is that they are fairly time intensive. It is wise to think about food processors that are easiest to clean, or at least, easier than others on the market.

For example, if you like to chop and shred veggies for dinner every night, but you also like to make nut butter and baby food for your infant, you’re going to be spending a lot of time every day rinsing over the sink. Mini food processors that are dishwasher safe can be a lifesaver!


If your budget is fixed, then of course, you’ll try to find the best mini food processor for your needs and your money. But even within constraints, you have some decisions to make if several models seem to meet your needs.

chopped veggies from the best small vegetable chopper

Best Mini Food Processor Reviews

Again, it always goes back to values and priorities, so let’s dive into our reviews and talk specifics about what we found!

Hamilton Beach 72850 mini chopper

Hamilton Beach’s Mini Chopper is definitely appealing when it comes to value. It’s small and doesn’t take up much space on a countertop. The black, plastic unit offers a 3 cup container, and it’s easy to take apart for cleaning while being dishwasher safe.

To operate, press the lid right on the top of the container. The machine has a 350 watt motor, that’s fit for delicate herbs, but also, strong enough for hardier vegetables, like cauliflower and broccoli, and solids, like nuts. It also offers a five-year limited warranty.

Hamilton Beach provides a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a solid multi-use unit for small quantities of various food items, to get started with food processing or for those looking to add a second machine to a busy household kitchen or vacation home.


✅ Small, compact appearance

✅ Easy to clean and operate

✅ Low price

✅ Powerful motor


❌ Relatively loud

❌ Some reported motor issues

❌ Single speed setting

❌ Short cord

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB mini-prep plus

Though it offers a 4 cup capacity work bowl, the Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep Plus is small and relatively inexpensive This is a decent size for those looking to prepare food in quantities for safe-keeping and future snacking. It also gives the operator two speed options, chopping or grinding, with touch-pad controls.

The stainless steel unit has an “easy-grip” handle, and it can be taken apart for cleaning while also dishwasher safe. It has an 18-month limited warranty, and the unit includes a spatula and a recipe book.

This Cuisinart mini food processor is a unit that offers more than one speed setting, a sizable container, and perhaps, an aesthetic that matches your kitchen, while still being relatively cost-effective.


✅ Both chops and grinds quickly

✅ Very powerful

✅ Easy to use and clean


❌ Quite loud and high-pitched

❌ Some may find it too powerful

❌ Very little difference between speed settings

LinkChef FC-5125 Mini Food Chopper

linkchef-mini-chopper-FC-5125In the world of mini food processors, LinkChef’s Mini Food Chopper is a bit higher as far as price, but when we take stock of its features, we see why this one will run you a little more than your entry level processor. This silver, stainless steel unit is still relatively compact for its food capacity of a little more than 5 cups. The work bowl, lid and blade are all dishwasher safe, and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

This machine has a powerful 300 watt motor that allows four bi-level blades to chop, blend, puree, mix and mince a variety of ingredients quickly and evenly. It offers two speeds with one key operation: press the button on the top of the machine gently for soft ingredients, such as fruits, garlic, peppers and onions, and press it firmly for hard ingredients, like nuts, beans and carrots.

Unlike our previous two options, this mini processor boasts a stainless steel bowl (as opposed to plastic) with a BPA-free lid, as well as an anti-slip rubber mat.


✅ Metal container instead of plastic

✅ Easy to use and store

✅ Handles soft and tough items well


❌ Tiny opening may allow food to enter where it cannot be cleaned

Cuisinart CH-4DC elite collection chopper/grinder

Cuisinart’s CH-4DC Elite Collection Chopper/Grinder, their higher-end model, will also run you a few more dollars. It’s slightly smaller in size and heavier in weight, and it also offers a 4 cup container, which is dishwasher safe. This model has two speeds, chop and grind, with a touchpad control panel, and it houses a 250 watt motor. This item comes with an 18-month warranty, a spatula and a recipe book.

This unit incorporates a BladeLock system, which keeps the blade secure for safety: It needs to be pushed in and the lid should be locked properly in order for the item to turn on. And this way, when you’re going to pour out your ingredients once they’ve been chopped, blended or pureed, the blade won’t fall out of the container.

It also offers a SmartBlade function, which directs the blade: For “chop,” the blade spins in the direction so the sharp part of the blade touches the food, and with “grind,” the machine will use the blunt part of the blade.


✅ Easy to use and clean

✅ Evenly chopped food

✅ Work bowl and blades lock into place

✅ Solid, sturdy, authentic metal base


❌ Harder items can be noisy to chop

❌ Motor issues for some users

❌ Electrical odor reported

❌ Lid can be hard to remove

KitchenAid KFC3516CU food chopper

This KitchenAid KFC3516CU mini food processor has a 3.5 cup container that features a locking blade, handle and pour spout to make emptying the contents as easy as possible. The blades are fitted so there is a low blade and a high blade to allow for thorough chopping and grinding. It offers two speeds and a pulse operation to increase the precision of your preparation, coarse or fine results.

The base is made of polycarbonate plastic, and iif aesthetic are especially important, this unit comes in 20 different colors, including two different shades of pink! The machine is small, lightweight and easy to clean, as the work bowl, lid and blade are all dishwasher safe. It comes with a 1-year “Hassle-Free” replacement warranty.


✅ Quiet motor

✅ Easy to store, use and clean

✅ Multiple colors available


❌ Work bowl can get misaligned

❌ Blades take up a lot of the container space

❌ Some reported motor break downs

So, what is the best rated mini food processor?

While there’s much in common across the mini food processor brands and models we compared, after assessing each of their features and taking thorough stock of the pros and cons, we’ve found that the best mini food processor offers the best balance of cost and function–the best overall value– and that is the LinkChef mini food chopper.

With a stainless steel container that holds over 5 cups, the LinkChef mini food processor is the safe choice for the health conscious, the functional choice for the master prepper, and it won’t break the bank.

Other than safety, size and cost, the easy cleaning (apart from that annoying nook) and dishwasher compatibility made it our clear choice (Not to mention, it’s been reported to successfully blend small batches of nut butters, hummus, and baby food as well as chop your herbs and vegetables).

We hope this has been an helpful look at the best mini food processors on the market. Please leave us a comment below if you have any additional questions!

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