Skin Care

Steering clear of animal products in the food aisle will go a long way to improving your skin health right of the bat, but what about cosmetics? Buying vegan skin care products is not only ethically sound, there’s also an argument for them being better than their compassionless counterparts.

New and exciting vegan skin care items are hitting the shelves every day, and with veganism no longer considered faddish, the choice is only going to get better as we move deeper in the 21st century. Great news, right?

Of course it is, but there are still problems in the here and now. For every vegan-friendly skin care brand there are dozens of companies who either still include animal products and by-products in their goods. Things such as lanolin, honey, collagen, beeswax, keratin, squalene, and numerous other ingredients all sneak their way in…and that’s before we begin to talk about animal testing!

So, what to do?

The answer is to stay informed, and that’s what we aim to help you do in our vegan skincare section.


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