Tooth and Gum Care

Looking after one’s teeth goes way beyond aesthetics…try eating a raw carrot without them! Maybe meat eaters would struggle even more, but vegan dental care is vitally important as we consume so many types of fresh produce that can, potentially, cause harm to our gnashers. So, keeping your teeth in good order should be of paramount importance for every plant-based practitioner.

The problem is, as with so many other areas in cosmetics, finding alternatives to the non-vegan norm. Sure, there are lots of great companies out there doing wonderful work, bringing us numerous vegan tooth care products to help us look after our enamel-clad chompers, but many vegans have written to us asking for guidance as to who they can truly trust.

It’s a good question. While the list of vegan tooth care brands is growing, they’re still in the minority when compared with more traditional companies. Then there’s the point of whether or not the company you’re buying from is part of a larger conglomerate, possibly one that carries out acts of animal cruelty under a different name. Many vegans feel they cannot support a cruelty-free brand whose parent company is anything but.

So, in order to bring a little clarity to the murky waters of looking after one’s teeth as a vegan, we’ve put together a few articles that aim to help people like you find not only the right products, but also gain a little information along the way.

Like much of our site, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve this section…and we need your help. If there’s anything you’d like us to write about with regard to vegan dental care, please do drop us a line and let us know.

For now, though, we hope you enjoy the articles we have for you. ?

Vegan Mouthwash: Get Amazingly Fresh Breath, Cruelty-Free

When you’ve been eating clean, you may notice that your breath sometimes smells less than fresh. Contrary to popular internet lore, veganism does not automatically cause tooth decay. However, a vegan diet can lower the pH in your mouth which can...

Vegan Toothpaste: Cruelty-Free Ways To Clean Your Teeth

An ever-growing number of people are deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle, which is amazing news, but they primarily focus only on the food they will consume. However, being a true vegan also includes switching up the products you use every day....

Vegan Dental Health: Will Being A Vegan Harm My Teeth?

Vegan dental health is a topic of concern for many people considering transitioning over to a plant-based way of living. We often get asked about the potential harm that the diet can do to our teeth here at Happy Happy Vegan, so we thought it would be a good idea to...

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