Vegan Oral Health

A common concern of many people considering veganism is how transitioning to a plant-based diet will affect their oral health. It’s a worry that is warranted, especially after years of being told just how bad sugar-ladened foodstuffs can be for our teeth – regardless of whether that’s fruit juice or Oreos!

While there are indeed horror stories of vegans who have had terrible trouble with their teeth, there are also countless cases of plant-based practitioners who have kept their fangs fantastic…they just don’t make very good headlines.

Sure, vegans can have dental problems, but then so can anyone!

With a proper oral health regimen in place, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain healthy teeth and gums on a vegan diet, but there some key points to bear in mind. This is especially true for those new to veganism and a huge part of why we created a whole section of HHV dedicated to vegan oral health.

While diet is obviously a huge part of transitioning, very few people are aware of the fact that there are animal products in their bathroom cabinets as well as their pantries – many of which are present in oral care products. And that’s before we get started on animal testing!

Good oral health is vital for our general well-being and can actually be a key indicator of our overall health, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Keeping our mouths clean and free from infections is largely habitual for many of us, but we can often improve those habits by switching products or methods…and our articles aim to help you do just that.

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