While there are a number of reasons why a person would choose to go vegan, for many going “vegan for the animals” is what gets their journey started…and for good reason. Animal cruelty is rife in modern culture, and people are wising up to the fact.

Choosing to go vegan can help lessen the barbarism and exploitation that occurs not only in factory farms, but in other agricultural arenas as well. Organic dairy farms and supposedly “higher-welfare”, free range outfits are often no better, despite the clever marketing campaigns designed to make you believe otherwise.

Then, of course, we also have the impact humans are having on the oceans to contend with. Not only are millions of fish killed daily, non-target animals (including turtles, seals, dolphins, sea lions, and whales), too, get caught up in fishing nets, while baited lines often catch seabirds as well as the fish they are designed for.

Animals are not products. Animals are not our property. Animals are not machines. They are sentient beings with as much right to life without pain and suffering as you or I. After all, we humans are animals too! For too long, our relationship with animals has been disjointed, but opting to go vegan for the animals can help redress this imbalance and make the world a fairer place to live for all of its inhabitants.

If you choose to stop using other animals for all reasons: clothing, entertainment, research, as well as food, we can start to move towards a kinder, freer planet.


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