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Thinking Of Trying Out Veganism? Already Living The Vegan Lifestyle? Whatever Stage You’re At, Happy Happy Vegan Is For You!

Vegan Lifestyle Sites Can Be Intimidating…Even For Vegans!

That’s why I decided to do things a little differently

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’d like to welcome you to the Happy Happy Vegan family. I absolutely adore living the vegan lifestyle and want to share the knowledge that I’ve built up over the years with as many people as possible.

I really hope you enjoy what you find while you’re here, x

Lisa Williams vegan lifestyle



Can You Freeze Mason Jars And Other Glass Containers?

I'm all for batching my cooking. Not only does it save time and money, it's also nice to have a stock of homemade goodness in the freezer ready to go whenever you want it. One problem, however, is storage. Plastic is something I'm seriously trying to phase out as much...

What Is Carnauba Wax And Is It Okay For Vegans To Use?

It's time to answer another one of those is it vegan? questions. Today we're going to look at carnauba wax (Copernicia Cerifera) to determine whether or not we can safely use it and, if we can, whether it's actually a good idea to do so. What is carnauba wax? Carnauba...

How To Clean A Washing Machine…Without Hurting The Environment!

Finding out how to clean a washing machine naturally can help reduce chemical waste and prolong the life of your appliance, which will benefit both your pocket and the planet. What's not to like? Many vegans try to do all they can to protect the environment, and that...

Are Candles Vegan? How To Find Cruelty-Free Alternatives To Beeswax

As with so many items you may wonder about when you ditch animal products, the answer to the question "Are candles vegan?" is...it depends. Some are, some aren't, but that's not really helpful when you're shopping. So today we're going to look at what makes candles...

301+ Vegan Quotes, Slogans, And Sayings

VEGAN QUOTES: SECTIONS Where can you find Mahātmā Gandhi next to Miley Cyrus? Right here in this list of vegan quotes, slogans, and sayings, that's where! I know putting a post full of quotes about veganism and compassion together runs the risk...

Is Beeswax Vegan? Can We Ethically Use This Natural Product?

Is beeswax vegan? It's a question that seems to be popular at the moment, so I thought I'd share some thoughts on this natural wax with you today. Knowing whether or not a product such as beeswax is vegan is vitally important as it appears in so many...

How To Protect Our Environment In 2018 And Beyond

Now, I'm fully aware that little ol' me telling you how to protect our environment may come across as a little grandiose, but stick with me. I promise there'll be no proselytizing (well, maybe a little), just some easy and actionable ideas for you to take away and...

17 Essential Vegan Lunch Recipes For Work Or School

Lunch is probably the toughest meal to get right when following a plant-based lifestyle. Vegan options are certainly more available in the big cities, but that obviously doesn't suit everyone, so what's the answer? Well, the best way to ensure you are getting what you...

55 Incredible Vegan Sandwiches Perfect For Work, School, Or Home

Two slices of bread and a filling of your choice...what could be simpler? Not a lot, but vegan sandwiches do have a reputation of being somewhat boring. This post, however, is going to put that right. With over 50 vegan sandwich ideas to choose from, I'm sure there...

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