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Thinking Of Trying Out Veganism? Already Living The Vegan Lifestyle? Whatever Stage You’re At, Happy Happy Vegan Is For You!

Vegan Lifestyle Sites Can Be Intimidating…Even For Vegans!

That’s why I decided to do things a little differently

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’d like to welcome you to the Happy Happy Vegan family. I absolutely adore living the vegan lifestyle and want to share the knowledge that I’ve built up over the years with as many people as possible.

I really hope you enjoy what you find while you’re here, x

Lisa Williams vegan lifestyle



Are Oreos Vegan? Which Way Does This Cookie Crumble?

There is perhaps no sandwich cookie more popular than the classic Oreo. This chocolatey, creamy delight has been a snacking staple for over 100 years, making it one of the best-selling cookies in the world, but does anyone really know what’s in these things? You may...

Is Nutella Vegan? Or Should You Swerve This Chocolate Spread?

Whether you’re a new vegan or an omnivore trying to figure out what to feed to your vegan friend, you may find yourself asking “is Nutella vegan?” with a hint of hopefulness. I mean, how awesome would it be if the world’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread was made...

Is Lactic Acid Vegan? Should This Preservative Be Off The Menu?

When you hear the term “lactic acid,” perhaps you first think of your body’s response to strenuous exercise; when your muscles fill to the brim with this biochemical fluid (also known as “lactate”) in an attempt to break down glucose for your oxygen-deprived cells....

Is Glycerin Vegan? What Is It, And Can We Use And Eat It?

Have you ever been reading the back of a product - maybe shampoo, or hand soap, and seen the word glycerin? A lot of us see the word, recognize it as something we’ve seen before, or maybe heard thrown around in a science class or health forum, but don’t really know...

Are Skittles Vegan? Can You Still “Taste the Rainbow?”

As a kid, no plastic trick-or-treat Jack-o-Lantern or trip to the movies was ever complete without a bag of Skittles. These fruity, chewy, colorful candies have satisfied the world’s craving for a non-chocolate candy for decades, but are Skittles vegan? And if they...

Is Oatmeal Vegan? Can You Have Your Porridge And Eat It?

Oatmeal might’ve been the dreaded breakfast of our youth, but now most of us know it as a healthy alternative to greasy breakfast foods or as a food Instagrammers love to post. But is oatmeal vegan? If you don’t know what exactly oatmeal is (and, let’s face it, a lot...

Is Honey Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Honey? If Not, Why Not?

Welcome to one of the most hotly debated questions in the plant-based world: Is honey vegan? The short answer is: No, it isn’t. But before we dive into that answer, let’s explore honey and the world of beekeeping. What exactly is honey? Honey is pretty much flower...

Is Bread Vegan? What Types of Bread Can Vegans Eat?

Is bread vegan? The question usually emerges in a panicked tone, from the mouth of a newly transitioned or prospective vegan, or even more often, a stressed out friend or family member trying desperately to prepare a vegan friendly meal for their loved one. Most of us...

Is Pu Leather Vegan And 100% Synthetic Or Not?

Going vegan means more than cutting out meat, dairy, and eggs. It means ditching all animal products, which many people forget includes clothing and upholstery materials like silk (made by silkworms), wool (sheep hair), and leather (cowhide). Once you realize that...

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