13 Delicious Vegan Pizza Recipes To Make You Cry With Joy

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When first going vegan, one of the hardest things to give up is pizza…so don’t give them up! Indulge yourself with these vegan pizza recipes from the world’s finest food bloggers and you’ll never need to turn to dairy again.

Vegan Caprese Pizza

#Vegan Caprese Pizza

Ashley of Blissful Basil embraces the power of plants with her enticing collection of vegan recipes. For this dish, Ashley brings fresh ideas to vegan pizza with a cashew mozzarella that is simply divine.

This nut cheese only takes 10 minutes to whip up and it’s worth the teeny bit of effort it takes to make. Just six ingredients in a saucepan and 5 minutes cook time and you’ll have gooey, melty cheese that’s pizza perfection.

Blissful Basil’s Vegan Caprese Pizza recipe is quick and easy. A crispy crust topped with zesty garlic, cashew mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, a drizzle of balsamic reduction, and of course–plenty of basil, make this a winner.

Try the Vegan Caprese Pizza for an easy weeknight dinner.

Easy Veggie Vegan Pizza

vegan richa pizza

Even non-vegan pizzas loaded up with vegetables tend to be watery and unappetizing, which is obviously far from ideal.

To combat this, vegan chefs have been going all out to stop the slop, and Richa Hingle, the creator of the cooking blog Vegan Richa, has developed a recipe that just may have cracked the code.

Red onions, bell peppers, zucchini, olives, and mushrooms all sit atop an easy 20-minute no-knead pizza dough. The recipe is finished with the addition of a healthy dose of basil, red pepper flakes, and, our favorite, Vegan Richa’s own vegan parmesan.

Delicious and filling, you’ll forget that it’s vegan.

Here’s the recipe to make your own Easy Veggie Vegan Pizza.

Vegan Tortilla Vegetable Pizza

plant-based pizza

Sometimes I want a pizza that’s a little lighter, as heavy pizza crusts weigh me down regardless of what toppings adorn the pie.

I also want to be able to taste the ingredients without being overwhelmed by the crust. Over at Wallflower Kitchen (a HHV favorite) Aimee has the cure for thick and filling pizza crust problems.

The Vegan Tortilla Vegetable Pizza is low in calories and low in fat. To begin, she starts with a vegan tortilla wrap instead of pizza dough as her base. This gives a nice area to spread sauce and toppings, while keeping a light and crispy crust. From there, she piles on onions and zucchini and bakes it to perfection.

Healthy and nutritious, you can find the recipe here.


Vegan Pesto Pizza

pesto pizza

Pesto and pizza go together beautifully, and there are a variety of vegan pesto recipes made with different herbs, nuts, and oils. Alex Caspero from Delish Knowledge whips up a pumpkin seed pesto to top her wonderful Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza.

Beginning with a homemade vegan parmesan cheese, Alex combines almonds and cashews for a crumbly parmesan consistency. The pesto comes together in minutes using fresh basil, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), olive oil, and nutritional yeast, making this pie a cinch to put together.

Alex appreciates the convenience, relying on store-bought pizza dough (she prefers Trader Joe’s) to get the job done.

For the recipe to Vegan Pesto Pizza, visit Delish Knowledge.


Vegan Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Naan Pizza

naan pizza

The Grateful Grazer, registered dietitian Stephanie McKercher, has traveled the globe while eating the best foods along the way.

Her travels have given her a great perspective on the world of the culinary arts, which she shares beautifully on her blog. Out of all the different foods eaten, however, nothing compares to pizza.

While the Grateful Grazer blog is chockful of vegan recipes that I want to try, her Vegan Naan Pizza is out of this world. The whole pizza takes just 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

Starting with a crust that’s basically pre-made (naan bread or whole-grain flatbread), she adds umami rich mushrooms and caramelized onions. Topping the whole thing with a balsamic glaze turns it from the ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all.

Try it out today!

You can find the recipe for Vegan Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Naan Pizza here.


Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza

vegan pepperoni pizza

It’s hard to pass up pepperoni pizza once you’ve had a taste of a really good one. A literal classic, pepperoni pizzas are meaty, greasy, and everything a good pizza should be. But, what about us vegans?

Many vegan “pepperoni” pizzas range from bad to I’m not eating that! Contentedness Cooking, thankfully, has come to our rescue. This blog by a vegan chef in Germany named Florian, is famous for being innovative with ingredients, and one such innovation is his pepperoni made from zucchini.

Florian starts his self-proclaimed “zucchinioni” by marinating slices of zucchini in a fiery hot marinade. This gives it the patented pepperoni spice that makes this dish special. From there, it’s a traditional pizza with heaping helpings of vegan cheese.

So delish!

To try Contentedness Cooking’s Vegan Pepperoni Pizza, you can find the recipe here.


Vegan Potato Habanero White Pizza

vegan white pizza

At The Savory Vegan, Rene brings the heat to her pizza toppings by using the simplest ingredients, many of which can be picked up straight from the grocery aisle,

Rene uses pre-made dough and tops it with a homemade white sauce. Using a vegan cream cheese spread, she warms it on the stove adding garlic and seasoning for added taste. The pizza is layered with thinly sliced potatoes, red onions, and habaneros. I told you she brings the heat!

This Vegan Potato Habanero White Pizza is not your average pie. It’s spicy, savory, and packed with pizzaz! Check it out here.

Vegan Pizza with Cashew Cheese

cashew cheese pizza

For many pizza connoisseurs, it’s all about the toppings. Philipp from Exceedingly Vegan gets it!

He keeps it simple–spreading tomato paste onto the pizza crust to start. From there the flavors are built right on top. While nearly any topping will do, Philipp sticks to thinly sliced red onions, grilled artichokes, vine-ripened tomatoes, and mushrooms. Classic stuff!

Philipp even makes it easy to follow along with his recipe for a super simple nut cheese made from cashews. He uses a nice combination of seasonings to give the cheese the saltiness of mozzarella that compliments the underlying nuttiness. Delicious!


Eggplant and Caramelized Onion Pizza

eggplant pizza

Sarah, from My Darling Vegan, brings rustic charm with her Eggplant and Caramelized Onion Pizza.

A homemade wheat crust is prepared in a couple of hours and it really solidifies the homely feel. The thinly sliced vegetables on top of this round, crispy crust draws you in on appearance alone.

Eggplant can often bring a wet or sometimes rubbery texture that isn’t good for pizza. To boost the eggplant’s mouthfeel, Sarah slices it thinly and broils each oiled side for a few minutes till golden.

The onions caramelize on the stove until fragrant, then a hint of garlic is added. All these toppings come together with some store-bought vegan mozzarella, making this one not to miss.

For the full recipe, visit My Darling Vegan.

Vegan BBQ Veggie Pizza

bbq veggie pizza

The best part about pizza is the versatility.

Topping pizza with BBQ sauce may have originated in California, but Ginny McMeans from Vegan in the Freezer is doing it in the Southwest. She whips up homemade BBQ sauce, prepares a classic pizza dough and tops it with savory veggies.

This recipe proves there’s no need for cheese when your pie is loaded with julienned zucchini, thinly sliced onion, sauteed portabella, grated potatoes, and roasted cauliflower florets. This Vegan BBQ Veggie Pizza recipe is a hit!

No-Ham Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

no-meat pizza

Willow Moon, author of the Create Mindfully blog, has found a recipe that just might keep all my cravings satisfied.

In this BBQ recipe, following on from Ginny’s above, Willow makes her own barbecue sauce which she shares on her site. The sauce is then slathered onto the dough before it’s generously covered with pineapple, red onion, and vegan mozzarella. A dash of red pepper flakes adds a little heat, which is always welcome, in my opinion.

The combination of sweet and spicy creates a perfect fusion of flavors. To cap the whole thing off, she adds pieces of chopped tofu bacon (check out best vegan bacon recipes, btw)to round out the experience with a little saltiness, too. You’ve got to try this bad boy!

For the recipe, visit Create Mindfully’s blog here.

Vegan Greek Pizza

hummus pizza

With a blog named Connoisseurus Veg, one can expect things will be a bit different.

A vegetarian since 1993, Alissa created her blog in 2013 to be a source for healthy, vegan eating. Inspired by the Greek letter, Pi, she wanted to develop a pizza recipe that fits with the theme of Pi Day (March 14th). This is how her Greek-inspired pizza recipe was created.

People have made hummus pizza before, but where Alissa varies her recipe is with the addition of pizza sauce. A layer of hummus goes onto the dough, before being covered with a layer of the aforementioned sauce (don’t forget to check if your hummus is vegan or not).

This double layer of creamy, tomatoey goodness is then topped with marinated olives and artichoke hearts. Finished with some fresh basil, the pizza is an absolute wonder.

Connoisseurus Veg’s Vegan Greek Pizza recipe can be found here.


Vegan Margherita Pizza

#Vegan Margherita Pizza

We all know that good pizzas start with a terrific pizza dough. It has to be stable enough for you to pile on your toppings, but not be overly heavy. To solve all your base related issues, Matt and Steph over at Pasta Based have developed a beautiful, light, airy, and crispy dough that you’ll work into your regular routine because it’s so tasty and easy to make.

As much as a good, chewy dough on its own is amazing, you do still need some toppings. While Matt and Steph prefer a minimal approach to pizza making, there’s nothing lacking when it comes to flavor. Their Vegan Margherita Pizza uses vegan mozzarella, slices of tomato, sprigs of basil, and a delicate tomato sauce. Combine them all and you have one of the best pizzas that you’ve ever tasted.

Grab the full recipe here.

Is that enough plant-based pizza perfection?

I hope so!

However, if you know of another recipe that should have made the list, drop me a line in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy one of my favorite meals!

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13 Delicious Vegan Pizza Recipes To Make You Cry With Joy!

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