Mental Health

As many as one in four of us will have some kind of mental health issue during our lifetime.

One. In. Four.

Can veganism help improve mental health? Well, there’s no definitive proof that simply switching meat for plants will cure depression, anxiety, PTSD, et al, but the anecdotal evidence is stacking up in favor of a whole food, plant-based diet as more and more give veganism a try.

It’s vitally important, however, to remember that there could be other contributing factors to those trying a plant-based diet experiencing mental health. It’s also worth noting, though, the fact that there’s very little downside (if any) to giving plants a shot.

No, this doesn’t mean not taking prescribed medication if you’re told to.


No, this doesn’t mean veganism is a mental health silver bullet.


And, no, this doesn’t mean that I’m saying you’ll feel on top of the world after 48hrs of drinking a few smoothies.

What I am saying is that eating more plants isn’t going to push you backwards, so why not try for yourself and see how things go?

So, with this in mind, we take a look at vegan mental health and some of the ways in which you can potentially improve your psychological and emotional well-being. As ever, if there’s something specific you’d like us to research and write about, please feel free to drop us a line.

If you are currently experiencing problems and are looking for someone to speak to, please visit our list of mental health hotlines. This is a global list of mental health charities, helplines, and advice centers, so you should be able to find someone to reach out to if need be, regardless of where you are.

Remember: although it may be difficult at times, asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Assistance and guidance is out there.

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