13 Delicious Plant-Based Low Carb Smoothies To Start Your Day Right

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Low carb smoothies can be a great way to start your day if you’re looking to cut back on your carbohydrate intake, and these beauties are amongst the best I’ve found anywhere online. Naturally, I had to share! Some of these could even be considered keto smoothies, so if reaching ketosis is your thing, you’re in for a treat, too.

Enough talk, let’s get straight to the recipes. Enjoy!

Red velvet smoothie

red velvet vegan low carb smoothie

Who can turn down anything red velvet? I know I can’t, and this incredible red velvet smoothie from Jasmine over at The Blenderist is no exception. Switching up the bananas for avocado makes smoothies particularly good for the low carb crew, and I’m sure you’re going to love their inclusion in this one.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the recipe here and get blending!

Dairy-free low carb green smoothie

green keto smoothie

Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry has come up with a glorious green smoothie that ticks all the right boxes if you’re following a vegan diet but also want to keep your carbs in check.

This is another recipe that includes avocado (a common theme in low carb smoothies), but it’s the inclusion of ginger and parsley that make this keto smoothie for me. They give it just the right amount of zing to counteract the sweetness of the pineapple and kiwi fruit. Love it!


Strawberry coconut smoothie

strawberry coconut smoothie

No avocados in this one, but you won’t miss them thanks to the inclusion of coconut manna which gives this low carb smoothie a richness that you’ll fall in love with.

Anya doesn’t include any refined sugar in this recipe either, which is awesome. I’d always much rather get my sweetness from dates rather than regular granulated sugar, so thumbs up there, too (Find out why in our Is Sugar Vegan? post).

All in all, this is a winner!


Lemon ginger green smoothie

ketogenic smoothie

If you need a little zesty zing to get your day started, this lemon ginger green smoothie from Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed + Fit is for you. Cassy Joy actually gives you two recipes for the price of one here, as she lists both juice and smoothie versions of this tasty treat. Bonus!

I absolutely adore the depth of color your get from these ingredients…just look at it! It’s a work of art. Thanks Cassy Joy!


Coconut cherry vanilla smoothie

cherry keto drink

Now, as many of you will already know, I’m a sucker for anything with vanilla in it, so when I found this recipe from Alyssa at Everyday Maven I was excited before the blender was whirring. Then I tasted it…wow!

The cherries and coconut work incredibly well together, and it’s plenty sweet enough without any added sweeteners. Lovely!


Blueberry coconut chia seed smoothies

vegan low carb smoothies recipe blueberry and coconut

While this recipe requires a little tweaking to make it vegan (don’t worry, Carolyn includes the alternatives), it simply had to make the list. More coconut here, but that’s never a bad thing, right?

Carolyn’s site, All Day I Dream About Food, is dedicated to low carb, gluten free recipes, and this smoothie is fab. At only 7.71g per serving, it’s a great way to start your day.

Find out about the health benefits of coconut in my extensive 101 guide.

Keto turmeric milkshake

turmeric keto smoothie

Okay, so this is a milkshake rather than strictly being a milkshake, but when you taste it you’ll know why it made the cut. Not only is this dairy-free shake delicious, the inclusion of turmeric makes it ideal for those of us who try and get as much of that wonder root into out diet as possible.

This particular recipe is taken from The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel, but I stumbled across it on Libby Jenkinson’s amazingly informative site, Ditch the Carbs. If you’re looking to bring your carb intake down a notch or two, I recommend you go visit DTC now. 

While it’s far from vegan, you will get lots of inspiration there. Check out the recipe and see for yourself!


Anti-inflammatory green smoothie

anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe

Martyna Angell from Wholesome Cook has put together a tasty combination for this anti-inflammatory smoothie that hits the spot each and every time.

Just like the recipe from Leanne above, this smoothie includes terrific turmeric, but this time there’s just a pinch, so if you’re looking to incorporate more of this super spice into your diet you might want to consider a turmeric supplement instead.

It’s the greens that are the stars of the show in this recipe, and with a combination of limes, lettuce, celery, cucumber, and your own choice of green powder, there’s plenty of them!

Go check it out for yourself.

Chocolate bing smoothie

low carb chocolate smoothie

As we’re on a turmeric tip, it’s a great time to introduce the chocolate bing smoothie from V Capaldi AKA The Paleo Boss Lady. I found this recipe over at Breaking Muscle a while back and it’s become a firm favorite of mine ever since.

The full fat coconut milk and avocado make this keto smoothie so beautifully velvety and rich you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re actually drinking something bad for you! Oh, and there also a second recipe on the page, too. Thanks V!

Heart healthy red smoothie

heart healthy smoothie

Fancy a deep red smoothie for a change? Well, Jordan and Clark Cord of The Fitchen have got you covered with their wonderful heart healthy red smoothie recipe, and I was more than happy with the result.

The balance of this low carb smoothie is extraordinary, but as Jordan and Clark tell you, it’ll only be as good as the ingredients you select, so be sure to go for the best organic produce you can lay your hands on if you really want this smoothie to sing.

Creamy cinnamon keto smoothie

creamy vegan keto smoothie

Looking for something decadent, yet guilt-free? Martina’s Keto Diet Blog might have just the thing in the shape of this magnificent keto smoothie. Despite the name, this creamy cinnamon delight is entirely dairy-free and utterly delicious. In fact, the only bad thing about it is that it’s gone too quickly!

Head over to Martina’s blog now to get the recipe.

Fruit-free green smoothie

fruit free smoothie

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you might be wondering if this concoction from Sonnet of In Sonnet’s Kitchen will work. I know, I thought the same thing, but let me reassure you…it most definitely does!

This is a beautifully refreshing drink that’s clean to drink and jam packed with nutrients. Go check it out.

Vanilla and almond keto smoothie

vegan vanilla ketogenic diet smoothie

Boy, did I get lucky when I found this recipe on Oh My Veggies “Potluck” site. Yuri, the recipe’s author, keeps the description simple, and once you make it you’ll know why…this low carb smoothie speaks for itself!

Go get your vanilla on here.

How’s that for a list of vegan low carb smoothies?

Hopefully I’ve included something for everyone here, but if you know of another that should have made the cut please let me know. Just drop a comment in the box below so everyone can enjoy your favorite recipe!

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13 Delicious Plant-Based Low Carb Smoothies To Start Your Day Right

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