If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you’ll know just how pleasurable pottering around tending plants can be. However, did you know there’s a dark side to gardening? Yep, ‘fraid so.

Some products used in the garden contain animal products, like the obvious leather and suede in gardening gloves through to frankly horrific “blood, fish, and bone” used to fertilize plants and blooms. Then there are products that are more sneaky, which is probably cause for wider concern.

So, while gardening may appear intrinsically vegan at first glance, especially growing your own fruit and vegetables, the truth can be anything but if you fail to take notice of the products you’re purchasing and what they contain or are made from.


Luckily for you, though, we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. In this small corner of HHV, we look at gardening products that are ethical, sustainable, and animal-friendly – woohoo!

Our work, however, is far from done…and we need your help. Let us know what products, problems, or produce you’d like us to write about next by dropping us a line. We’d love to hear your suggestions and look forward to digging deep (pun intended) to find the best answers for you, our lovely readers.

Until then, here’s what we have so far in our vegan gardening section:


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