13 Vegan Casserole And Stew Recipes: Hearty, Warming, Comfort Food

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To the uninitiated, plant-based diets are made up entirely of green leaves and seeds. To those of us in the know, however, hearty comfort foods such as a rich vegan casserole or stew spring to mind. You know, the things that make winter bearable!

Because there’s still so many misconceptions about veganism, I like to collect recipes I can put together for when ‘non-believers’ come to visit. What better way to prove a point than by putting a plate of something irresistible in front of them?

If you’d like to do the same (or just cook up a batch of good stuff for yourself), this is the post for you. All of these vegan casserole and stew recipes are sure to delight even the most ardent of meat eaters.

Who knows, they might even convert one or two!

Vegan Slow Cooker Lentil Stew with Harissa

Slow cooker vegan stew

Is there anything better than coming home to a slow cooked lentil stew that made your house smell amazing all day? I could eat lentils everyday and this recipe is one of my favorites.

I really love the versatility of the dish in that the veggies and lentils are interchangeable. Out of red lentils? Use green! Out of carrots? No biggie, throw in that sad zucchini that you forgot to put through the noodle maker last week!

The star of this particular show, however, is Harissa. This North African condiment (like a spicy paste) is incredible and will find its way into so many dishes after you’ve finished making this ridiculously easy and delicious stew.

For the full recipe (and a gazillion more that you’ll want to try!) click here to be taken to Kate’s lovely site.

Moroccan Chickpea Vegan Stew

Moroccan chickpea stew vegan

Ania’s Lazy Cat Kitchen blog couldn’t be more adorable if it tried; her recipes are so inventive and flavor packed. It’s refreshing to see her unique twist on flavors shining through her recipes.

This moroccan chickpea stew is so fresh and delicious. I’ve never seen chickpeas combined with black currants and kalamata olives before, but as soon as I saw this recipe, I was sucked in to this amazing flavor combination.

I love that she included a DIY for the baharat spice in case you can’t find any near you. Go check out the full post here.

Healthy Green Bean Vegan Casserole

Healthy green bean casserole vegan

So many of us have wistfully tried to recreate the green bean casserole of our youths to no avail. Thank goodness that Alexis has done it for us! Not only is this dish healthy, but it’s creamy and onion-y and has that crunchy topping–perfection.

This vegan casserole is also gluten free, so you’ll be the hit of your next holiday gathering. She wins even more brownie (or green bean-ie?) points for adding in tips on how to prepare this dish in advance.

Visit Alexis at Hummusapian to get the full details of this recipe!

Instant Pot Veggie Stew

Veggie stew

With the Instant Pot’s rise in popularity, it’s no wonder that vegan blogger Chuck was drawn into the world of quick cooking! This stew is the ultimate in ease, nutrition, taste, and comfort. Perfect for the night when you’re running short on time and need to get dinner on the table quickly.

Chuck’s blog, Brand New Vegan, has easy-to-follow recipes that won’t scare wannabe-vegans away and this is one of my favorites. The stew is so packed with veggies, and I really appreciate how he walked us through the use of the Insta Pot step by step. Thanks Chuck!

Got leftovers? Read “Can I Freeze Glass Containers And Jars?” next!

10 Minute Creamy Vegan Bean and Aubergine Casserole

Quick and creamy bean casserole for vegans

Five ingredients! 10 minutes! Could there be anything better than this bean and aubergine casserole from Lauren Caris Cooks? I love that you can serve it with any side you have on hand (or sitting in the fridge); potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.

Lauren is queen of making simple vegan dishes that taste incredible. I’m all about easy, so the short ingredient list and simple steps won me over right away. Visit her blog, Lauren Caris Cooks, and make this ASAP.

Vegetable Bean Vegan Casserole

Vegetable and bean casserole

Mmmmmmmm….just look at that casserole! It’s the topping that’s making my mouth water. This creamy, nutrition packed pan of wonderful just takes it over the edge with those gluten free breadcrumbs on top.

Mary Ellen’s recipe is one that is sure to become a favorite in your normal dinner rotation. The rice-bean-broccoli combo with the vegan cream cheese and nutritional yeast is a flavor match made in heaven. You’ll definitely want to check out the full recipe here.


Sweet Potato, Spinach and Butter Bean Stew

Sweet Potato, Spinach and Butter Bean Stew

Have you ever tried butter beans?!? They are absolutely lovely, and sadly not enjoyed often enough in most recipes. This gorgeous stew allows them to be the shining star, surrounded by sweet potato and spinach. Protein packed and delicious, it’s easy to make, too!

The recipe calls for coriander to be added to the top, but if you are coriander-averse, I’m sure she won’t mind you omitting it. The flavor of the stew is the real winner here.

Annabelle at The Flexitarian is kind enough to label her vegan recipes as such, so it’s easy to navigate her blog and find all the purely plant-based dishes. Go check them out!


Vegan Irish Stew

Vegan Irish stew for St Patrick's Day

I chuckle every time I read the name of Sam’s blog: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.

Anyway, this stew is amongst my all-time favorites and it’s absolutely perfect to share with non-vegan buds on St. Patrick’s Day…or any time!

Veggies, vegan stout (not Guinness!), potatoes, and more all work together to create this delicious vegan stew. It’s hearty and warming and all around amazing. Peek around Sam’s blog after you make this dish…there are so many goldmines there for you to enjoy.


Vegan Taco Casserole

Plant-based taco casserole

This is, like, a nacho casserole! I said a casserole made of nachos, people!

Many stews and casserole can be a little on the drab side when it comes to aesthetics, but not this one…look at those colors! It looks as beautiful as it tastes. Full of flavor and so much fun to eat, this dish is a keeper.

Check out this super easy and fun recipe at Build Your Bite. Joy’s blog is full of delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that are easy to prepare. You’ll definitely want to check out her site and have a look around.

Healthy Chickpea and Cauliflower Casserole

Healthy chickpea and cauliflower vegan casserole

Have you met Luci? You need to. She has created this chickpea cauliflower casserole that is to die for.

Sometimes it feels that the vegan recipe world is lacking in the casserole department, so this one needs to be celebrated! Seriously, cauliflower and hot sauce and vegan cheese and “nooch” all mixed up together…fabulous!

This vegan casserole is a great way to get all your veggies in while enjoying some cheesy, creamy comfort food. Visit Made by Luci to get the full details of this insane dish.

Savory Lentil Bean Stew

Traditional lentil stew for vegans

Lentils, mushrooms, and veggies make up the base of this rich and delicious stew. Tinned Tomatoes’ Jacqueline was kind enough to share this beauty for us all to enjoy.

This is a traditional style vegan stew that is simply begging to be made. Can’t you imagine the smells in your kitchen as this lovely dish comes together and the flavors intermingle? Heavenly stuff, no?

She recommends serving over mashed potatoes, which sounds divine! Visit Tinned Tomatoes to see the whole recipe.


Healthy Hash Brown Casserole

Healthy hash brown casserole

Susan at Fat Free Vegan is a superstar in the vegan community. Her hash brown casserole is the stuff of legends! Oil-free and flavor-full this one is easy to put together and chock full of nutrients.

You need to make this recipe tonight (and hide some of the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!). Seriously, you’ll thank me (or should I say, Susan) later.

Get both the ingredients and the method here.

Spanish Chickpea Spinach Stew

Spanish chickpea vegan stew

Another entry from Ania over at Lazy Cat Kitchen!

This time, her Spanish stew is the highlight. Any chickpea vegan stew that’s rich in saucy deliciousness is a highlight in my book. The flavor combo and addition of toasted almonds at the end is just delightful.

Click over to her site to see a lovely little video showing the beauty of this dish…it’s simplicity!

Feeling comforted?

I hope so! These plant-based stews and casseroles should have done the trick.

As the nights get colder, there’s little better than a vegan casserole or stew to warm your heart and soul, so get cooking!

If you have a favorite vegan stew you’d like to share with me, by all means do. I’d love to try it!

Just leave a comment below and I’ll get the big pot out!

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13 Wonderful Plant-Based Stew and Casserole Recipes!


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