Vegan Brownies: 21 Recipes So Blissful You’ll Want To Make Them All

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Going vegan doesn’t mean going without, and these vegan brownies are solid proof of that!

These delicious recipes by some of the world’s top plant-based practitioners will have you donning your apron before the day is out, that’s for sure. So, let’s dive straight in, shall we?

Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownies

plant-based brownies

The words healthy and brownies are usually not companions, but when it’s made from sweet potatoes what else do you call it? The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownies from Nest and Glow will satisfy your brownie craving alright–this one’s topped with a frosting made from avocado, whipped cream from coconut milk, and a chocolate drizzle. It’s faux indulgent.

These are what every brownie should be: dense and chocolatey. Using the mixture of 2 pounds of sweet potatoes, dates, and sunflower seeds–these brownies yield the desired texture you look for in a good brownie. Smooth and creamy, yet hearty. Nest and Glow’s Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownies will make you forget that they’re vegan.

Visit Nest and Glow to follow along with the recipe here.


Peanut Butter Swirl Vegan Black Bean Brownies

peanut butter brownies

For peanut butter lover’s, brownies seem to go hand in hand. That swirl of peanut-y goodness surrounded by rich fudgy chocolate is a winning combination. Alissa at Connoisseurus Veg likes to get creative in the kitchen and her Peanut Butter Swirl Vegan Black Bean Brownies are proof her creativity is something worth checking out.

Black beans are found in a number of vegan brownie recipes so it is a great place to start your base. From there the magical mix-ins begin and the results are incredible. Black bean brownies are delightful in texture and the addition of the peanut butter swirl is just heavenly.

Try Alissa’s recipe for Peanut Butter Swirl Vegan Black Bean Brownies here.


Vegan Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

black bean brownies

Black beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans are often used in brownie recipes for their texture. You’ll come across hundreds of recipes in search for the perfect one. However, Marly, from the Namely Marly blog, may have the only plant-based brownie recipe you need.

Her Vegan Fudgy Black Bean Brownies are dense with chocolaty goodness, but you don’t have to worry about your waistline with these fiber packed desserts. Tastes great and great for you, these black bean brownies are an excellent addition to any bake sale or simply for enjoying at home.

To follow along with the recipe, visit Namely Marly’s website. We used our best stand mixer winner, which you can read about by clicking the link.

Paleo Vegan Salted Caramel Brownies

paleo brownie recipe

There’s something amount salted caramel that lets you know you’re eating something special. Is it the chewy and delightful stickiness that draws in our palette?

That rich creaminess is often sought after in many vegan caramel recipes, but never quite hits the spot. Giselle at ExSloth, however, makes Vegan Salted Caramel using tahini and coconut milk, and the results are outstanding!

This vegan caramel sauce gets even better once drizzled on top of her brownies. To make these available to all, the recipe also follows the rules of the Paleo diet. A healthy, nutritious, and natural recipe, Paleo Vegan Salted Caramel Brownies are every bit delicious as they are beautiful.

Create your own batch of paleo brownies by following the recipe here.


Gluten-Free Vegan Brownies

vegan brownie mix

Demeter, the west coast native turned east-coaster, has been blogging about baked delights on the Beaming Baker for a while now, and with plant-based recipes like this you’ve got to go check her out. With this scrumptious brownie recipe, Demeter manages to deliver chocolatey goodness that’s also gluten-free!

The success of this vegan brownie mix lies in a combination of gluten-free oat flour combined with almond butter, cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and maple syrup for sweetness, and of course a helping of vegan chocolate chips. These Gluten Free Vegan Brownies are easy to whip up for a lazy night of streaming and couch time.

Beaming Baker’s recipe for Gluten Free Vegan Brownies can be found here.


Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Mint Brownies

mint chocolate brownies

Mint and chocolate just go together so well. From peppermint patties to chocolate mint ice cream (don’t forget to check out our best ice cream maker article, btw!), to the iconic Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies–there’s no doubt this winning combination has plenty of fans.

One fan is Emilie, from Emilie Eats. This college student loves learning in the kitchen too and her blog shares her discoveries so you too can enjoy things like her delicious Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Mint Brownies.

These delectable squares of minty chocolate-ness are brought to life with green icing–solidifying their flavor by sight. Right away you’ll be drawn into the chewy combination of dates, oat flour, cocoa powder, almond butter, and unsweetened applesauce that give this bake a real vegan boost.

The rich fat from the coconut milk envelops the peppermint extract without distorting the flavor for the perfect minty icing. For excellent Chocolate Mint Brownies that are both vegan and gluten free, visit Emilie Eats for the recipe.


Katie’s Best Vegan Brownies

Easy vegan brownies

Chocolate Covered Katie is a blog offering healthy vegan recipes to satisfy your every craving and, with chocolate being in the title of the blog, you know she’s serving up her passion. Her recipe for the Best Vegan Brownies highlights her talent for understanding chocolate beautifully.

Katie avoids using black beans, tofu, flax meal, and dates (ingredients commonly used in many vegan brownie recipes) and opts for sticking to a classic method. She utilises spelt flour combined with cocoa powder and a little help from xantham gum, along with brown sugar, granulated sugar (see my “Can Vegans Eat Sugar?” post for more on this controversial ingredient), and chocolate chips, all of which come together to resemble the box mix recipes many brownie lovers seek.

Katie’s recipe for her Best Vegan Brownies can be found here.


One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Caramel Brownies

vegan chocolate brownies

Simple is best, and Lindsay Cotter regularly blogs about wonderfully easy-to-put-together healthy gluten-free eats on her site, Cotter Crunch.

With one bowl and just a few ingredients from your pantry, she’ll help you bake up paleo and vegan free brownies that are rich, dark, and heavenly. Oh, and did I mention these brownies have super powers?

That’s right. Lindsay explains just how superfood ingredients like natural cacao make this brownie guilt free! This wonder ingredient lends a nice bit of protein and fiber, while also bringing an extra, extra dark chocolate flavor. Think of “death by chocolate” rich! Delicious.

The secret to her One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Caramel Brownies comes from a blend of coconut flour and almond flour with a bit of pumpkin puree–yielding the perfect brownie texture. Top them off with her additions of vegan coconut whip or salted caramel sauce for even more indulgence.

To make your own one bowl brownies, follow along with the recipe here.


Cheesecake Topped Fudgy Brownies

cheesecake brownies vegan recipe

Cheesecake and brownies are another winning combination. The rich and creamy sweetness of cheesecake swirled into the fudge-like texture of the decadent chocolate is sure to please–and Mel, from A Virtual Vegan nails it with her plant-based recipe for Cheesecake Topped Fudgy Brownies.

So how does a vegan replicate the cheesecake layer? Mel uses a blend of cashew nuts and coconut milk that’s lightly sweetened with maple syrup and thickened with arrowroot powder.

This cheesecake knock-off sits atop a moist and chocolatey brownie batter made from cocoa powder, almond butter, and chickpeas. Don’t forget to include a little espresso powder to boost the chocolate flavor. This addition really brings out the dark chocolate richness.

Make these Cheesecake Brownies today by following the recipe at A Virtual Vegan here.


Vegan Oreo Brownies

Oreo brownies

Oreo’s have been the world’s favorite cookie for a long time. Crisp and light chocolate wafer cookies sandwiched around a delicious vanilla cream–what’s not to love?

Luci, from the blog Made By Luci, decided that she wasn’t content with just eating Oreo’s for the rest of her life. She also wondered if she could combine her love of Oreo’s with her love of brownies. Her recipe, Vegan Oreo Brownies, is the result of her hard work.

When baked, these incredibly delectable brownies turn into their own version of an Oreo cookie. A layer of brownie, a layer of Oreo cookies (check out “are Oreo cookies vegan?” if you’re in doubt), and another layer of brownies on top brings you a chocolatey sandwich to die for. You’ll find yourself making these over and over once you’ve had a piece.

Follow Luci’s recipe for Vegan Oreo Brownies here.


Vegan Chocolate Chewy Fudgy Brownies

easy vegan brownie mix

Jessica, the creator of the blog Jessica in the Kitchen, is a huge fan of brownies. She makes them nearly every week, so she naturally wanted to figure out a way to make a healthier version. Plus, she wanted to keep the fudginess of her original brownies but replace the animal products with plant-based alternatives. No small task.

Jessica removed the eggs and replaced them with a flax substitute, but that’s not all she changed from her original recipe. She wanted to make sure she retained the moist, fudgy interior and crispy flaky crust, and switching vegan butter for coconut oil provided her with the moist texture she desired.

Create your own Vegan Chocolate Chewy Fudgy Brownies at home by visiting Jessica’s blog here.


Jen’s Easy Vegan Brownies

simple brownie recipe

Some people like their brownies fudgy, if that’s you…terrific. Others, prefer a cake like brownie like the ones you used to get at bake sales. Moist and delicious, Jen at the Baked by an Introvert blog has created a recipe that rivals any bake sale brownie–and they’re super easy to make.

Using only one bowl, the recipe takes about 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes in the oven, leaving you with a tray of warm brownies in under 30 minutes flat. Avocado, coconut oil, and coconut milk give this recipe a decadent trio of fats that provide a cakey texture that can’t be beaten.

To make your own Easy Vegan Brownies, visit Jen’s blog Baked by an Introvert.


The Best Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Brownie vegan

You can’t just call your recipe for vegan chocolate brownies the best without evidence. At Naive Cook Cooks, a blog written by former electrical engineer Amishi, she developed a recipe for vegan chocolate brownies that took over 3 months and 7 recipe variations to get just right!

Chewy, thick, and dense, the texture makes these brownies hard to beat and they darn near may be The Best Vegan Chocolate Brownies you’ll ever try! Fudgy and simple, the recipe takes advantage of what you may already have in your pantry. The addition of applesauce to the ingredients list makes all the difference when compared to other brownies.

For The Best Vegan Chocolate Brownies you’ve ever tasted, head over to Naive Cook Cooks for the recipe.

Sweet Potato Brownies

sweet potato brownie recipe

Many chefs use a variety of ingredients to make their brownies chewy, rich, and delicious. At the fittingly titled, Deliciously Ella blog, Ella has uncovered the secret ingredient to scrumptious brownies–sweet potatoes.

Creamy and naturally sweetened, sweet potatoes are a great ingredient for vegan brownies. Combine them with dates and it’s a match made in heaven. The texture of these brownies has been toyed with by Ella over the years, and you can tell they’ve been expertly crafted. Indulgent but healthy, these brownies are sure to be a big hit with whoever tries them.

For Deliciously Ella’s recipe for Sweet Potato Brownies, you can find the recipe here.

Gooey Chocolate Orange Brownies

orange brownie mix

Few flavor combinations are as delicious as orange and chocolate. The fresh, citrus flavor brightens up the delicate and deep chocolate flavors, creating a combination that explodes on your taste buds. Over at the Lazy Cat Kitchen blog, Ania has come up with a recipe that will melt hearts.

Almond flour and cornstarch are the base ingredients of the dry mixture. Combine the dry with coconut oil, sugar, and, our favorite egg replacement, aquafaba and pour into a brownie pan.

The fun isn’t over yet, however, as she adds orange slices that have been coated in sugar to bring out their natural juices to each individual brownie piece. After 30 minutes you’ll be eating one of the best brownies you’ve ever tasted.

For this recipe and plenty more, visit Ania’s blog, Lazy Cat Kitchen.


Cookie Dough Brownies

Cookie dough brownie mixture

For those who can’t decide between a cookie or a brownie, Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen has the ultimate recipe–Cookie Dough Brownies.

She wanted to eat foods that made her feel good and allowed her body to work at its optimal abilities and her site is full of inspirational stuff. Nadia has been developing recipes that are healthy and wholesome for years, and her expertise shows here.

Nadia’s Cookie Dough Brownies begin with a base layer of rich, chocolatey brownie batter. It gets even better from there, as she adds a layer of cookie dough on top. The addition of dates creates the perfect brownie chewiness, while the oats in the cookie dough give these delightful bites balance.

Why settle for making either brownies or cookies when you can have both?

To make your own Cookie Dough Brownies, follow the recipe here.

Vegan Brownies by Gimme Some Oven

Vegan brownie recipe

Ali is the blogger behind the cleverly named Gimme Some Oven blog. Her goal is to create recipes that are quick, fresh, creative, easy, and shareable. She loves to develop her own recipes that showcase her passion for food photography. Food that looks mouth watering, as well as actually tasting delicious.

As a self-proclaimed non-fan of chocolate, her brownie recipe was difficult to concoct. Ali wanted the right amount of chocolate with the undeniable texture of brownies, so how did she manage it?

Well, the key ingredient to her smooth brownies is avocado. While it may seem like an odd choice, avocados have just the right amount of fat that gives brownies their signature mouthfeel. Perfect!

To try out these tasty avocado Vegan Brownies, follow along with the recipe here.

Vegan Caramel Brownies from Sara

caramel brownie swirls

One look at Beaming Banana’s Vegan Caramel Brownies will have you switched over to the lifestyle for good. Sara shares her passion for the plant-based diet and its benefits to the world through her wonderful site.

A Kindergarten teacher by day and budding chef by night, she’s crafting all sorts of recipes to further her mission of eating healthy, looking good, and feeling better. I’m sold!

The thing that makes these Vegan Caramel Brownies unique is the ingredients. Nowhere else will you find a combination of chickpeas, dates, and banana flour that combine to make perfectly textured brownies.

A caramel swirl made from dates and almond milk helps accentuate the flavors of the brownies. Truly decadent and rich, it’s hard to eat only one.

Make Sara’s Vegan Caramel Brownies by following the recipe at her Beaming Banana blog.

Layla’s Healthy Brownies

brownie cake mix

Setting out to make homemade brownies may seem like a whole big to-do. Measuring out a ton of ingredients, waiting for the bake to go just right, and then patience until they’re ready. It’s hardly surprising that Layla Atik of the Gimme Delicious food blog wanted to simplify the recipe for the home chef.

Layla developed her brownie recipe using only four ingredients–bananas, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and protein powder. Does that sound like a typical brownie? No, but these are healthy way to get your brownie fix, in addition to being absolutely scrumptious!

Another huge bonus is that they can be made in under 35 minutes from start to finish.

To make your own Healthy Brownies, visit Layla’s blog here.

No Bake Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Ganache

raw vegan brownie recipe

It’s late at night and you’re hankering for a sweet treat. Brownies are your favorite thing, but they take too darn long. Not to fear, the Minimalist Baker is here with no bake vegan brownies that even have a chocolate ganache on top.

Dana, from Portland, Oregon, along with her husband, started the fantastic plant-based recipe blog to share her insights with others. One of the best tips I’ve ever received from their site is that you simply do not need a long list of ingredients to create delicious dishes; it’s one heck of a site.

Back to the brownies. These raw bites are perfect for when time is against you, as they only take 21 minutes to put together! They are absolutely delicious and sure to be a hit with diehard brownie fans, despite the unconventional process.

Go visit Dana’s site now!

Vegan Slutty Brownies

Slutty vegan brownies

Amrita at Crazy Vegan Kitchen has done it again! Based out of Melbourne, Australia, after graduating from the famous Le Cordon Bleu London culinary academy, Amrita is changing the game. This time it’s the turn of her uniquely titled Vegan Slutty Brownies.

How can a brownie be slutty? Start with a base layer of chocolate chip cookie, on top of that add chocolate sandwich cookies (think the ones with the cream inside of two chocolate wafer cookies), and on top of that pour brownie batter. Bake it all together for one filthy treat.

No shame here as you rapidly devour trays of these delicious vegan brownies. For the recipe, visit Crazy Vegan Kitchen.


Enough chocolate?

Of course not! But, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s quite a list. All that remains is for you to dig out that baking tray and get cooking.

If you have a personal favorite plant-based brownie recipe that doesn’t feature here, be sure to let me know about it. Drop me a comment below so I can give it a whirl.

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