Sexual Health

Regardless of whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or straight, maintaining good sexual health is obviously important. But, what has sexual health got to do with veganism? I hear you cry…

Good question!

Directly, there’s not a huge connection, but indirectly there are many reasons why vegans need advice in the sexual health arena, especially when it comes to purchasing products for the bedroom.

Vegan sexual health products are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, but they’re still not the norm by any stretch of the imagination.

Unfortunately, animal products and by-products are still used regularly in the manufacturing of items such as condoms and lubricants, and even when they’re not present, some chemical alternative may well have been tested on animals before it hits the shelves.

Not good.

So, while the niche may be small, vegan sexual health is indeed important, which is why we’ve compiled the articles below for you. 

Best Feminine Wash & Wipes: Intimate, Cruelty-Free Cleansers

This one goes out to alllll the vegan ladies (...musical pun inspired by our talented friend and fierce ally, Beyonce)! On a more serious note, have you ever considered that what you’re using on your most intimate area might not be vegan? We’re...

Best Vegan Lube: 7 Cruelty-Free Personal Lubricants

While you might be familiar with vegan forms of contraception (and if not, check out our article on the best vegan condoms), have you ever considered the fact that a lot of popular lubricants aren’t vegan either? We know not everyone uses...

Best Vegan Condoms For Plant-Based Protection And Pleasure

When the mood strikes for you and your partner, the last thing you want is to be caught wondering which condoms are vegan, right? We know this can be a sensitive matter (pun intended), so we’re here to offer a guide to the best vegan condoms,...

9 Reasons Why Vegans Have Better Sex

There are plenty of reasons to give meat the old heave-ho, from saving the planet to helping out our animal buddies, but one of the lesser known amongst them is the fact that vegans have better sex lives than the majority of their meat eating peers. Could this be the...

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