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Switching up the food in your pantry is one thing, but what about all the animal products found elsewhere in the home? Not many people even realise there’s a problem with the multitude of innocuous items they purchase day-to-day, but there often is.

You see, companies have become very good at hiding certain unsavory ingredients and materials by renaming them or simply glossing over their inclusion. Not only are there animal products in many household items, there’s also the question of animal testing, too…and that also has a broad reach, too, unfortunately.

So, what to do? Doing research on each and every household product out there is time-consuming and, frankly, boring. Reading the ingredient list on the back of your favorite foodstuff is bad enough!

Enter Happy Happy Vegan. We aim to give you the lowdown on numerous different types of product and give you a few handy pointers along the way, too. By doing a lot of the dull stuff for you, we present you with list of vegan-friendly products ready for you to go out and buy.
We’ll even give you a buyer’s guide with each review so you can do further homework yourself if you wish to do so.

Of course, if there’s anything you’d like us to cover that we haven’t yet looked at, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line with your suggestions and we’ll start digging!


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