What’s The Best Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Subscription Box In 2022?

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Cooking three meals a day can get tiring, especially if your schedule is filled with work or studies. That’s where a vegan meal subscription box can come in handy.

These vegan meal kits can either be pre-prepped ingredients you need to cook yourself or they contain fully-prepared frozen meals you just have to reheat. Either way, they still bring an element of convenience to your vegan meals.

I’ve scoured through numerous meal delivery services and put together a list of the best vegan meal kits currently available.

Let’s get to it!

Best Vegan Meal Kits

Meal kits are easy to find. A great vegan meal kit, on the other hand? A little bit harder, but not impossible. With more and more people choosing to live an ethical plant-based lifestyle, vegan meal delivery services are becoming increasingly common.

Research also shows that meal kits are more environmentally friendly than a grocery store run, so there’s a win to be had there, too.  

Best Frozen Vegan Meal Kits: Mosaic Foods

Key Features:
  • Frozen vegan meals
  • Price: $5 – $20 per bowl
  • Individual + Family Meals
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Shipping: Free on orders above $100

If you are looking for a healthy and balanced vegan food delivery box, Mosaic Foods has got you covered. They sell pre-made frozen meals that you can eat after popping them in the oven for a few minutes. No more meal planning!

They offer a menu of 28 lunches and dinners, 6 soups, and 6 oat bowls with a variety of global cuisines. You can choose as many meals as you like, but they do have a minimum order of $70. This will get you a couple of meals that you can just pop in the fridge for later.

You can also choose the frequency in which you want them delivered: weekly, once a month, or twice a month.

One thing that makes them stand out is the fact that their meals are cooked by real chefs and not machines, so they are genuinely delicious! The quantity in each box is sufficient for an entire meal and they also have a family option for $20 which can feed four people.

  • Affordable (especially for families)
  • Diverse recipes that are high in proteins
  • Food is delicious and is cooked by actual chefs
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging (cardboard box which can be recycled)
  • Includes whole foods
  • Shipping is free only after $100
  • High in carbs
  • They use a plastic lining on top of the foods

Best Meal Kit for Vegan Desserts: Revive Superfoods

revive superfoods review
Key Features:
  • Desserts, smoothies, and food
  • Price: $7.99 – $9.49
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Shipping: Free

I like to have a glass of smoothie in the morning and a bowl of dessert every Saturday. If you are like me, this vegan meal delivery kit from Revive Superfoods would be perfect for your vegan lifestyle!

The smoothie kit gives you all the pre-prepped ingredients you need. Simply put it in your blender and you’re good to go. This will also help you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

You also get frozen desserts, meals, and oat bowls. Everything is easy to prepare, and you can customize your kit and select the frequency. Nutritious and delicious, their products are gluten free and paleo-friendly. Healthy meals are go!

  • Affordable
  • Variety of smoothie options
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Customizable
  • Offers frozen desserts
  • They list all their ingredients on the website, making it easy to screen for any allergies
  • Gluten free and paleo-friendly
  • Limited options for solid foods
  • Not suitable for large families
  • Not suitable for people with diabetes due to high natural sugar content
  • Packaging could be better

Best Meal Kit for Changing The Way You Eat: Plantable

plantable review
Key Features:
  • Pre-made frozen meals
  • Price: From $162.50/ 12 items
  • No artificial sugar
  • Shipping: Free

If you want to shift towards a healthy diet, Plantable is the best vegan subscription meal box for you. Our food habits greatly influence our lives, which is why Plantable combines a plant-based diet with behavioral psychology to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Perfect if you want your vegan meal delivery service to go way beyond simply feeding your belly.

Not only do you get a variety of delicious frozen meals, you also get personalized coaching.

Plantable has three subscription kits. Their most famous is the “reboot program” a 28 day program that essentially changes your eating habits. You can say goodbye to stress, bad cholesterol, and high blood sugar…and hello to healthy plant based meals!

They bust the myth that vegan food can’t be tasty with options such as veggie burgers with parsnip fries. Delicious!

All their meals are nutrient-rich, high in fiber, contain whole grains, and are local and organic, which makes Plantable the ideal choice for anyone wishing to switch to a vegan diet.

  • Delicious and nutritious vegan meals personalized for you
  • You get a personal nutrition coach with two of the subscriptions
  • Lots of variety
  • Prepared by real chefs
  • Organic
  • Helps you lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Expensive
  • Casserole-style dishes may break apart in the oven

Best On-demand One-time Vegan Meal Boxes: Splendid Spoon

splendid spoon review
Key Features:
  • Smoothies, Soups, Meals
  • Price: From $9 per serving
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Shipping: Free

If you want ready-to-eat vegan food, Splendid Spoon is a great subscription service! They have over 50 meals including delicious ready-to-drink smoothies. Their flavors are pretty unique, too, with tasty vegan recipes such as orange hibiscus. You can choose your own plan and customize your meals as well as your frequency.

As one would expect, their meal kits are vegan, gluten free, low in sodium, and high in protein and vitamins. You can also update ingredients to accommodate any intolerances.

Splendid Spoon’s best feature is their on-demand box which lets you choose a set of vegetarian meal kits without committing to a subscription. You have various options such as 10 packs of smoothies/ soups/ noodles.

  • On-demand box without committing to a subscription
  • Gluten and soy-free
  • Nutritious and delicious with a lot of flavors available
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Smoothies are expensive
  • Cancellation is hard
  • Not very suitable for diabetics or those trying to follow a keto diet

Best Organic Vegan Meal Kit Delivery: Sakara

sakara review
Key Features:
  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Price: From $16
  • No refined sugar
  • Shipping: Free

Reminiscent of a wellness retreat, Sakara’s meal delivery subscription offers nutritious and organic meals. You can either choose the 2-5 day weekly program or the 30-day reset. They even have a Level-II Detox and Bridal Program to make you look your best on your big day.

Their meals are made with organic ingredients, are gluten free, dairy free, and designed to make your diet habits healthier. Their flavors are incredible, and include things like Japanese Rainbow Medley and Honey Bear Muffin.

All meals come with a detox tea and complete probiotic.  

  • Organic, gluten and dairy free
  • Designed to be nutritious
  • Amazing flavors
  • Very expensive
  • Set menus. Not customizable
  • Only single servings available
  • Meals not available for the weekends

Best Vegan Meal Kit Delivery for Athletes: FireRoad

fireroad review
Key Features:
  • Pastas, soups, oats, energy bites
  • Price: From $8.55 per meal
  • Shipping: Free only on certain items
  • 10% discount for Happy Happy Vegans! Use code “HHV” at checkout

Built for athletes by athletes, FireRoad meals are completely plant-based and contain the full spectrum of proteins. Their meals are backed by science for athletes (and anyone else) who want to get their protein intake while avoiding meat. Other than proteins, each meal also contains antioxidants, omega-3s, fibers, and probiotics.

You can customize your meals and choose the frequency you want (one-time, biweekly, weekly, or monthly). They also offer two programs: the 21 jump start and the lean pack to help you shift to a more healthy lifestyle.

Their approach is focused towards improving gut health and reducing inflammation.

  • Affordable
  • All the nutrient information is clearly mentioned
  • Allergens are labeled
  • Backed by nutritional science
  • High in proteins
  • Compact and recyclable packaging
  • 10% discount with the code “HHV”
  • Cannot order more than 20 items at a time
  • Not available in many states
  • Less variety

Best Meal Kits for Detox and Cleanses: Urban Remedy

urban remedy review
Key Features:
  • Meals, desserts, beverages
  • Price: From $8.99
  • Minimum order of $95 if you live outside California

Urban Remedy offers vegan meal kits that help you detox and cleanse. They are geared towards specific aims such as “immune boost,” “digestion ease,” “post-baby” amongst many others. This means you can choose your plant-based meals according to your own personal needs.

Their vegan meals are made with organic ingredients, gluten and dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, and delicious.

Not all their options are vegan, though, so be careful when you choose your meals. They have a range of options available, including yummy desserts! No one said you have to cut back on desserts completely when you want to stay healthy!

  • Great for detoxes and cleanses
  • A good option for special diets
  • Organic, gluten and dairy free
  • Offers desserts
  • Environmentally and socially responsible brand (certified B-Corp)
  • Very expensive
  • Not geared towards families
  • Portions are not very fulfilling
  • $95 minimum order outside California

Best for In-season Produce: Green Chef

green chef review
Key Features:
  • Prepped ingredients
  • Price: From $12.99 per serving
  • Shipping: $9.99

If you don’t like the hassle of prepping your ingredients but enjoy cooking, Green Chef is the perfect vegan meal delivery kit for you!

Each box comes with measured and prepped ingredients along with pre-made sauces, marinade, and spice blends to add flavor to your vegan meals. The box also contains easy-to-follow recipes along with photos. Your food will be ready in 30 minutes!

They offer a wide variety of meal plans that fit your lifestyle- such as keto + paleo, gluten free, mediterranean, etc. so don’t forget to choose the vegan option! Their meals are organic and their produce is fresh! Because of this, it is recommended that you prepare and eat your vegan meal within 5 days.

  • Fresh, in-season produce
  • Easy to cook vegan meals. Comes with recipe instructions + photos
  • Organic
  • Comes with delicious sauces
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Shipping isn’t free
  • A bit expensive
  • Cooking time is longer than advertised
  • Not much overlap between vegan and keto/ gluten free options
  • Set menu, cannot be customized

Best Vegan Soup Delivery: Daily Harvest

daily harvest review
Key Features:
  • Meals, oats, desserts, smoothies, snacks
  • Price: From $5.99 per item
  • Free of preservatives/ additives
  • Shipping: Free

Daily Harvest’s vegan meal delivery services have everything covered, from your dinner to smoothies to light snacks, and even desserts!

Their meals are organic, gluten-free, and will help up your intake of fruits and vegetables. You can choose the items you want as well as the frequency (weekly or monthly). Everything comes frozen, so just pop them in the freezer till you’re ready to eat them!

The items are ready-made, but you need to add your own liquid for smoothies and soups. They offer a diverse menu including incredibly healthy ingredients such as reishi mushrooms, lion’s mane, and chaga.

The perfect vegan meal delivery service if you want to eat something healthy and nutritious.

  • A variety of foods from a diverse menu
  • Organic, gluten-free
  • You can select your items
  • Compostable packaging
  • Meals are not very filling
  • Some meals taste a little bland
  • Need to supply your own liquids for smoothies and soups

Best for Recycling and Zero-waste Commitment: MamaSezz

mama sezz review
Key Features:
  • Fully prepared meals
  • Price: From $9.99 per serving
  • No refined sugar/ preservatives
  • Shipping: Free

MamaSezz is the perfect plant-based meal service for people who have a lot of dietary restrictions. Other than being gluten free, all their meals are also free from oil, wheat, peanut, and dairy.

As these are plant-based meal kits with so many restrictions, you would think they wouldn’t have much to choose from. But that’s where you’re wrong. They have a whopping 45 varieties for you to select, and yes, they are all delicious. They also have veggie burgers!

Each serving feeds three people, and they even have kid-friendly options, so the food needs of your entire family is taken care of! You can make your own food bundle or choose from one of the pre-existing ones such as the “detox and reboot bundle,” or “guaranteed weight loss bundle.”

The best part is that MamaSezz sends a return FedEx label along with tape strips with each order. You can use this to return all of their packaging (including the dry ice) to them for recycling…for free! A very thoughtful step towards being zero-waste.

We expect other vegan meal delivery services to follow suit before too long.

  • Best for people with a lot of dietary restrictions
  • A large variety of items to choose from
  • Can customize your food
  • Enough to feed an entire family
  • Kid-friendly options available
  • Pre-curated food bundles available geared towards specific needs
  • Zero-waste
  • Some meals are high in fats and calories
  • Not all items come frozen
  • Some dishes taste bland
  • High minimum order

Best Gluten-free Vegan Meal Delivery: FoodFlo

foodflo review
Key Features:
  • Meals, juices, desserts, snacks
  • Price: From $119 for weekly packages
  • Refined sugar free

If you are very particular about the ingredients that go into your food, Foodflo’s vegan meal delivery services are a great choice for you.

All their plant-based meals are organic, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, and contain gut-friendly protein. And – get this – each meal is prepared using alkaline water, which supposedly has many benefits including antioxidant properties!

Foodflo offers a variety of vegan meal delivery services and you can choose the portion size according to your needs (small, large, or family size). All of them are prepared by Chef Flo.

These low fat, low sugar meals are perfect for diabetics and gluten intolerant people.

  • Organic, gluten-free
  • Rich in nutrients and protein
  • Variety of food options
  • Compostable containers
  • Low fat, low sugar
  • Good for people who prefer an alkaline-based diet
  • Meals are chef’s choice, so you can’t customize them
  • Labels are not as clear as they could be
  • Delivers only to three states

Best Superfood Vegan Meal Kits: Thistle

thistle review
Key Features:
  • Pre-packed meals, Juices, Snacks
  • Price: From $11.50 per meal
  • Shipping: Free

If you are looking for vegan superfood kits that are gluten and dairy free, Thistle is a great choice. Their vegetarian meal delivery services are designed for healthy eating, and contain a lot of macronutrients and whole foods. They give you a boost of energy and balance your blood sugars.

Thistle source all their produce from local farms and use organic ingredients wherever possible. Along with three meals per day, you also get a tasty snack. Their juices are stellar, too.

However, not every meal kit on their menu is vegan, so keep that in mind when you order.

  • Superfoods that help you eat healthy
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Sourced from local farms, so food is fresh
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Menu is updated frequently
  • Delivery is available only in a few states
  • Meals are customizable only if you live within their local delivery range
  • Lots of single-use plastic used in packaging

Best Vegan Delivery Meals with Locally Sourced Ingredients: Simple Feast

simple feast review
Key Features:
  • Vegan meal prep subscription box
  • Price: $89 per week
  • No preservatives
  • Shipping: $9

Fresh meal kits prepared by Michelin-trained chefs? I’ll take a few of them, please. Simple Feast works with local farmers to bring fresh produce to your table. All the ingredients are pre-prepped, labeled, and packaged neatly, so you can have your tasty meal ready in less than 20 minutes.

Each of their meals have the capacity to serve 2-3 people and their meal kits are inspired by global cuisine, so there are a lot of options available. They are carb and calorie conscious, and have a high fiber and protein content.

You can customize your meal delivery for the week. The boxes are labeled with numbers, with 1 indicating that you should eat the meal the first day. Although they only deliver dinner, with these dishes you can take your taste buds on a trip!

  • Variety of dishes
  • Locally sourced fresh ingredients
  • Enough for a couple or a small family
  • Rich in fiber and protein
  • Neatly labeled with instructions
  • Sustainable (certified B-corp)
  • They only deliver dinners
  • Only 3 meals per week
  • Unpacking feels cumbersome
  • Meals are a bit overseasoned

Best Vegan Meal Kit Subscription for Creative Cooks: Purple Carrot

purple carrot review
Key Features:
  • Pre-prepped ingredient kits + Fully prepared meals
  • Price: $11.99 per meal
  • Shipping: Free

If you love cooking and experimenting with new meals in the kitchen, Purple Carrot is a great vegan meal kit subscription for you.

These dishes are inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and they offer unique combinations of foods and flavors that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Amaranth Chocolate Porridge, anyone?

All the ingredients come pre-prepped. You just have to follow the directions to create magic! You do, however, require some cooking skills. They also have fully prepped meals, although they are very few and far between, unfortunately.

Purple Carrot change their menu every week, but they are not customizable. Most of their dishes are high in protein, gluten and soy free. Each meal kit serves two people.

  • Unique meal kit combinations of food and flavors
  • Nutrient-dense and high in protein
  • Rotating menu
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Easy to prepare meal kit
  • Not suitable for picky eaters or people who don’t know how to cook
  • Meal kit isn’t customizable
  • Not suitable for people with dietary restrictions

Best Vegan Meal Kits for Weight Loss: Veestro

veestro review
Key Features:
  • Frozen meals
  • Price: From $9.90 per meal
  • Shipping: Free for subscriptions | $9.99 for one-time orders

Veestro sells pre-made comfort food that’s also healthy and vegan. With over 50 dishes to choose from, they offer a lot of variety. You can filter by dietary preference while ordering your vegan meal kit. Example: gluten free, soy free, nut free, etc.

You can choose the a la carte feature or chef’s choice and order a maximum of 30 meals based on the frequency you want. If you want vegetables with your food, add a couple of greens on your own or pair it up with a nice salad.

The best part is their weight loss plan. You can choose either a 5 day or a 7 day plan. Even this subscription is customizable! No more guesswork on what meals you need to eat to shed weight while following a vegan diet.

  • Easy prep
  • Customizable options available
  • Can choose meal kits according to dietary preferences
  • Weight loss plan
  • Comfort food
  • Tasty
  • Not all dishes are fulfilling

How To Choose The Right Meal Delivery Service for Your Needs

Meal delivery kits are not only convenient, they are also environmentally-friendly and minimize food waste.

However, there are a variety of meal kits out there these days catering for those of us following a vegan diet, so it is important to choose the right one for you.

Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind before choosing a vegan meal service.

Prepared vs. DIY

Vegan meal kits largely come in two types:

  • Pre-prepped ingredients that you have to cook yourself, or
  • Completely prepared frozen kits.

The first option is great for people who want to cook vegan dishes but don’t want to chop, sautee, and measure their ingredients. Purple Carrot and Simple Feast offer such kits with pre-measured ingredients.

If you just don’t fancy cooking at all, then go for the second option. You just have to defrost them, pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and your food will be ready.

Services such as Foodflo and Thistle offer frozen pre-made options.

Pre-selected or Customizable?

Some delivery companies offer a range of meal options that you can customize to your needs. Example: MamaSezz and Daily Harvest. If you are a picky eater, or just like having a say in what you’re going to eat, this is a great option. This is also a great thing to have if you have any dietary restrictions.

Other vegan meal box services, however, have a set menu that you cannot customize. If you are someone who just wants someone else to make all your food choices for you, go for this option! Example: Sakara.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.. Or all three?

Not all vegan subscription meals are equal. Some deliver all 3 meals, 7 days a week, some deliver only 2 meals, and some deliver only one meal. Decide which meals you want taken care of, and choose your vegan meal boxes accordingly.

For example, Simple Feast only delivers dinner. This could be a great option for you if you’re someone who is tired after working the whole day and just needs your dinner taken care of.

Menu Breadth

Nobody wants to eat the same meals all the time, like clockwork, right? So before you order, check whether the service offers a different menu every week. A rotating menu is also fine, as long as there is a good amount of time between the repeating meals.

Feeding a family? Or just yourself?

This is very important to check, because some services such as MamaSezz offer large portions that are enough to feed a family, while others like Urban Remedy are single-serve only.

If you are just a family of two, Purple Carrot is a great option if you want to get your vegan meals delivered.


Ingredients are, without a doubt, the most important thing that you should look out for. Obviously, the fresher the better.

A double bonus if they are sourced from local farms! But not all companies offer information on where and when they source their ingredients. So do your homework!

Look for reviews by real people because they will give you a lot of insights. For example, if there have been a lot of complaints about ingredients becoming rotten shortly after they are delivered, then it is safe to say you should steer clear of that company.

Freshness becomes more important if you will be storing the food for a couple of days before eating it.


After ingredients, the nutritional content is the next thing you should consider. Some companies go heavy on the salt and sugar (which is obviously NOT a good thing!) Also keep an eye out for added preservatives or artificial sugars. Again, these are things that you should avoid.

Another thing to consider is how important nutritional balance is to you. Do you want a balanced diet, or do you prefer a diet higher in, say, protein or fiber?

And what about dietary restrictions? Many – but not all – companies offer gluten-free options. Some, such as Veestro, allow you to choose your meals based on dietary preferences.

Don’t forget to check for allergens! If you suffer from allergies, going for a meal kit service that offers customization would be the best choice.

Adventurous cook or plain palate?

Some delivery services like Purple Carrot cater to a wide palate. If you like trying new dishes and aren’t afraid of experimenting a little, choose services that get adventurous with their recipes.

But if you’re like me and like sticking to familiar foods, then go for options that cater towards a plainer palate.


A huge downside to meal delivery can be the packaging.

Since you’re going to be receiving these meals regularly, packaging plays a huge role. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like plastic sheets and containers mounting up at home. (I’m looking at you, Thistle.)

But things are getting better, and more and more companies are offering recyclable/compostable packaging. But how will I know if a company offers environmentally-friendly packaging? Oh, they’ll tell you about it. You just have to check their website.

MamaSezz is leading in the recyclable, zero-waste packaging movement. All their orders come with a FedEx label that you can use to ship the packaging back to them for free! They will recycle it.

Do they deliver to you?

This is something that looks like it should be obvious, but it is also something that we often forget to check. Some delivery services only deliver to a few states, or parts of states.

So check if they deliver to you before you choose them! This way, you won’t be disappointed later on.

Yes, I have added many items to my cart before realizing they don’t deliver to my area. Why do you ask?

What are others saying?

This is the most important advice you will ever receive…do NOT trust the reviews on the company’s website! They are cherry-picked to highlight the best parts of their services, and will not contain ANY 1 or 2-star reviews.

In such cases, third party websites are your friends. You will get the good, the bad, and the ugly from real customers. Search for reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, or Consumer Affairs to get the whole story.


Price ranges can vary dramatically from company to company. Some offer free shipping, while others charge a fee. If you want premium ingredients or add-ons, always check the additional charges. You should be getting your money’s worth, so choose accordingly.

So, which vegan meal kit delivery subscription box is the best?

For those who like cooking healthy vegan food and want to try different recipes, Purple Carrot is the best vegan meal delivery company! It has fresh ingredients, a rotating menu, and recipes from all over the world!

best vegan meal kit delivery splendid spoon

The best vegan meal kit for fully prepared meals is Splendid Spoon. They have a variety of nutrient-rich meals to choose from, including mouth-watering smoothies and soups.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Choose the best plant-based meal delivery service for your needs, and live a healthy and convenient life! But before that…don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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