Best Kitchen Knife Set For Fruit And Veg Prep

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Just because we don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invest in the best kitchen knife set we can afford. If you do it right first time, it can be one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases that keeps on giving back to you, increasing your pleasure whilst cutting (pardon the pun) your time in the kitchen.

Culturally for centuries, the need for a “good knife” has been associated with grand feasts, such as Thanksgiving, that center around some large hunk of meat; one that requires carving.

But, thankfully, the recent surge in veganism has brought attention to a lifestyle where fruit and vegetables are the centerpiece… and this preparation requires quality knives just the same!

So, you might be thinking, what is the best kitchen knife set for fruit and vegetables? Might it differ from that of the meat-and-dairy consumers, and if so, by how much? That’s what we’ll explore in our assessment below where we compare and contrast ten different sets! Let’s get started.


What to consider when buying a kitchen knife set

Before we go over the various options that exist, it’s first important to identify our criteria for determining what is the best kitchen knife set. Here, we’ve covered a few things to consider when weighing the pros and cons of your potential purchase.

Remember, your “pro” might not necessarily be as important to the vegan down the street!

Cost vs. price

Most people first ask themselves, “What is the best kitchen knife set for the money?” Of course, if cost is a limiting factor for you, that will narrow your selection from the start. But this can also be a good thing! We’ll get to it, but you’ll find that there is more than one knife set out there specifically designed to appeal in value.

Also, let us not forget the difference between cost and price. A price is something you pay once, but the cost includes all of the future payments towards the use and maintenance of your purchase. In this case, that means knife sharpening and replacement fees, to name a few specific examples.

So, a knife set that has a more expensive price but better materials, warranty, and sharpening policy might actually be the best affordable kitchen knife set in the long run!

Brand recognition

There’s a reason why companies pay marketing consultants so much money to help them build and boost their brand: a name carries with it a reputation…or a lack thereof.

We generally like it when we’ve “heard of” something before, right? This familiarity is comforting to us and our pocket books. So, maybe you’d simply like to know the best kitchen knife set brand and use this information to make your decision. (1)

While we definitely cover products from several well-known knife brands in our comprehensive review below, there’s much more to consider. For example, you might love what’s included in the best Japanese kitchen knife set or the look of the best German knife set, but if you live in the United States and pride yourself on buying domestic products, maybe foreign brands aren’t for you.

So, who makes the best kitchen knife set is going to largely depend on the brand that offers a good reputation, certainly, but also the other elements that are important to you, too.

What’s included?

This is, after all, a look at the best home kitchen knife set for fruit and vegetables, specifically. Again, we are alive during an exciting time where each year, more and more people are joining the vegan movement… slowly lessening the need for tools such as meat cleavers, boning knives, and of course, a set of steak knives (which we’ll fondly rename “table” knives).

While the former sound more like speciality pieces, you’d be surprised how many sets–especially the best professional kitchen knife sets–include knives that are specifically designed for meat and dairy.

Knives that may, at first glance, seem useless for fruit and veg that actually turns out to be quite handy are those with serrated edges. Naturally, bread fans everywhere will want one of these in their arsenal, but they also come in useful for tough, fibrous foods like pineapple. (2)

This also comes back to cost. Who wants to pay for knives they don’t need? I don’t know anyone! So the best kitchen knives set for you might simply come down to which set is most naturally suited for vegan food preparation or comes with the greatest number of pieces. If so, you’ll absolutely care most about what’s included.

Aesthetics vs. quality

Fashion or function? While this struggle and conflict is certainly not unique to kitchen knives, you’ll want to definitely think about what matters to you more.

Specifically, when it comes to function, materials matter the most.

Generally, the best kitchen knives will have the highest quality stainless steel blades and composite handles. They will also have a full tang construction secured with triple rivets, meaning the blade extends all the way through the back of the handle to avoid it from breaking in your hand when cutting something requiring brute force!

We’d also like to point out that the best rated kitchen knife set (as far as how well it works on fruit and vegetables) might not necessarily be the best match for your cedar cherry cupboards and white backsplash.

Perhaps you don’t have a ton of space on your counter, or perhaps you do but would rather not clutter it up. And so, the best kitchen knife block set isn’t an option for you because its pieces don’t come with a drawer system.

You get the point: If the best rated kitchen knives set just doesn’t do it for you in the looks department, no worries! Own your priorities and shop accordingly.


Seeing as you probably eat every day, then there’s a good chance you will be using your knives every day, too… and that’s a lot! While we hinted at this a little bit when we discussed cost factors, we think that knife maintenance is important enough for its very own section.

The more you use your knives, the quicker they will dull, and the more often you’ll need to sharpen them. When you’re already spending many minutes to a heaping of hours on food preparation, how much more time do you really want to spend sharpening your tools? How about washing them?

We’re guessing the answer to both is, “Not a whole lot.”

Knife sets that come with an easy-to-use sharpener, a sharpening policy, and knives that are easy-to-wash, will save you hours in the kitchen. Be sure to keep knife maintenance in mind when reading through our best kitchen knife set reviews below. (3)


Reviews of ten popular knife sets

So, now you know a little bit about what to look for when buying your next kitchen knife set, let’s get down to the reviews!

Wusthof classic 7-piece slim knife block set

The seven pieces of Wusthof’s Classic Slim Knife Block Set include a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a 6-inch prep knife, a bread knife, a Chef’s knife, come-apart kitchen shears, and a wooden block, which comes in several different styles, from black to bamboo.

These knives possess all the key materials and construction elements required to prevent against breaking, fading and discoloration. The blades, cut using a computer, feature Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) to enhance sharpness by 20% and double its lifespan, though a sharpener may be purchased separately.

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, Wusthof also offers a low-cost professional mail-in sharpening service. The set does come with a “lifetime” warranty, which covers replacements for factory defects, but does not cover damage that results due to normal wear and tear or user error, such as cutting through frozen food.

If the price isn’t a limiting factor, and you want high quality materials, a good warranty, a sharpening service, and you don’t have a need for a set of table knives, this is a fitting option that’ll also be cost-effective in the long run.

  • Though expensive, it’s pretty much universally agreed that this knife set is “worth the money”
  • Beautifully balanced
  • Narrow, space-saving block
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Wonderfully sharp
  • Six different block colors to match your kitchen
  • Affordable sharpening service and lifetime warranty for factory defects
  • Block isn’t as high in quality as the knives themselves
  • Decals can come off the handles 

PureLife 6-piece kitchen knife set


The six pieces of PureLife’s Classic Triple Riveted set includes a chef’s knife, two santoku knives (one measures 5 inches long, and the other, 7 inches), a paring knife, a slicer, and a utility knife. It’s important to note that this set does not come with a storage block or any trays.

These knives feature triple rivets to prevent breakage, and for just a few dollars more, you can purchase PureLife’s Full Tang set, and these knives, as the title suggests, feature a 1.5mm thick full-tang construction (though these boast a slightly different aesthetic). The steel is high carbon stainless, which means they are stain resistant and dishwasher safe.

As far as their guarantee, PureLife offers a “Hassle-Free” return policy. You’ll have a 30-day trial once you receive your knives, and if you’re not satisfied you may send them back for a full refund.

There’s also a 5-year limited warranty included with this American brand, which is a great option for those with a limited budget.

Zwilling J.A. henckels four star 3-piece starter set

This Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star set includes just three pieces: a chef knife, a paring knife, and a serrated utility knife, so if you’re newbie in the kitchen or a seasoned cook looking to round out your existing set, this may be a good option to consider.

These blades are made of stainless steel, and it’s a blend of chromium and carbon that the brand designates as an “optimum balance.” Further, the knives of this German company are “Friodur” branded, which means they have been ice-hardened to enhance their overall quality, cutting capabilities, resistance to corrosion, and flexibility. This bundle does not include a block or storage trays, but blocks can be purchased separately (as well as sharpeners for the straight edges).

The black, synthetic handles include a bolster to help maintain balance and prevent fingers from slipping onto the blade. Henckels also uses a “Precision Sigmaforge” system, meaning that their knives are created in one piece to allow for an ideal geometric result. Henckels’ Four Star line has features this same design for forty years.

Henckels offers a 60-day “Hassle Free” return for a full-refund but this is only for new items in an unused condition. Their warranty guarantees against defects in materials and construction, but it does not cover wood products (keep in mind if purchasing a block!), wear and tear or damage from using the knives other than they were intended.

  • Fair pricing
  • Thoughtful construction
  • Brand longevity
  • Chef’s knife could be heavier
  • No block to store the knives in

Wusthof culinar 7-piece slim knife block set

This set from Wusthof offers a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a santoku, a bread knife, a chef’s knife, shears, and a 6-slot wooden block.

As opposed to the first set we reviewed, which comes with black handles and silver rivets, the knives in the Wüsthof Culinar 7-piece set are composed entirely of stainless steel with a full tang and a satin finish, from blade tip to handle edge. Everything else offered, from the variety of block colors (six in total) to the sharpener that may be purchased separately to the lifetime warranty, is the same across styles.

So, if the hue of stainless steel is splattered all about your kitchen, and aesthetic value is a priority, this rather visually pleasing knife set might be of special interest to you.

  • Sleek design
  • Economical storage
  • Choice of block colors to suit any kitchen
  • High quality materials
  • Block could be better quality
  • Shears aren’t as good as the excellent knives

Messermeister san moritz elite 9-piece knife block set

If you haven’t yet noticed, Germany is quite the bountiful producer of fine cutlery! And though this set might run a little more, with everything it includes, it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a fully-stocked kitchen arsenal.

Like Wushtof, this 9-piece Messermeister San Moritz Elite knife set is also handcrafted in the city of Solingen, and it includes a chef’s knife, a santoku, a bread knife, a 6-inch utility knife, a 5-inch scalloped utility, a paring knife, a 10-inch sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a 16 slot wood block.

Each knife is one piece, fully forged from what the company describes as “a single billed steel alloy that has been heated, placed in a mold and struck by a powerful pneumatic hammer by 3rd generation craftsmen.” The handle material is molded polyoxymethylene with a three-quarter tang construction. These knives are meant to be hand-washed and dried.

The products have a “The Knife For Life” guarantee, which is a lifetime warranty against defects of material or manufacturing. The company also offers a knife sharpening program (straight, scalloped and serrated edges) free of charge, apart from a return shipping costs.

  • Blades hold their sharp edge well
  • Quality make that stands the test of time
  • Good weight of handles
  • Nicely balanced
  • Block isn’t made specifically for the set
  • Pricey

Utopia kitchen premium class stainless steel kitchen 6-piece set

This bundle will surely appeal to those looking for a substantial set of knives but might not have the budget for the fancier German brand names. Utopia Kitchen’s Premium Class 6-piece set includes a chef knife, a bread knife, a carving knife, a 5-inch, straight-edged utility knife, a paring knife, and an acrylic stand for a convenient method of standing storage.

The knives are made from 420 grade stainless steel with a solid, one-piece construction, making this set a cost-efficient way to play up the stainless steel aesthetic in your kitchen, if that is a goal of your purchase. To prevent rust, it is not recommended to put these knives in the dishwasher, but rather, to wash and dry them by hand, which obviously isn’t the most convenient option.

And, though these knives might be very cheap in price and don’t boast the same impressive characteristics as some of the other sets we’ve reviews thus far, it’s important to go back to your purchasing priorities. For those whose main objective is to spend as little money as possible and get as many knives as you can, you might want to consider this set.

  • Vertical stand saves space
  • Heavy handles and sharp edges
  • Impressively low-priced
  • Lower quality; you get what you pay for
  • Knives may rust if improperly cleaned

R.L. Bücher kitchen knife set

R.L. Bücher, another German brand, has put together a simple, two-piece set, which includes an 8-inch chef knife and a 4-inch paring knife.

These knives feature high carbon German stainless steel blades that are rated at 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. The black-colored handles are made of G10, a kind of composite material (namely high-pressure fiberglass laminate), which allows for a suitable grip and increased control while chopping and slicing – great for touch veggies. Additionally, this brand offers a full tang construction secured with triple rivets.

Naturally, as this set by R.L. Bücher is just two knives, it does not come with a block or storage trays, nor does it include a sharpener. Though the number of pieces included might be quite small, if you care about quality over quantity, or are looking to add or replace knives (and maybe already own a few German knives that feature a similar aesthetic), then this product might be for you.

  • High quality materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Makes a great gift or replacement knives
  • No serrated edges offered
  • Not really much of a set

Enso HD 8-piece hammered damascus slim knife block set

This Enso HD 8-piece hammered damascus set includes a paring knife, a 4.75-inch santoku, a 6.5-inch santoku, a 6-inch serrated utility knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a 7-slot block and stainless steel, take-apart kitchen shears.

The block comes in a few different colors, including acacia, bamboo and black, and sheaths can be purchased separately. The set does not include a sharpener.

These knives are flashy and will certainly draw notice to themselves when used in the kitchen, as the stainless steel blades feature a unique design upon the surface. The handles are black canvas micarta with three stainless steel rivets, which makes for a safe place to wrap your fingers. The handle also boasts a double bevel edge for both right and left-handed users. Handcrafted in Seki City, Japan since 1932, Enso’s products come with a lifetime warranty.

This set might be of interest to those fans of Japanese knives working with a larger budget, looking to buy a complete set and caring about aesthetic value.

  • Very sharp knife set
  • Excellent materials used throughout
  • Unique design and look
  • Good “feel” in the hand
  • Veggies often stick to the blades after cutting

Crimson series 3-piece set by ergo chef

This Crimson Series 3-piece set by Ergo Chef includes three similar-but-different styles of knife that might be of interest to any avid and frequent chopper of vegetables: 8 inch Chef knife with hollow grounds, 6 inch Utility knife, 3.5 inch Paring knife.

They feature high carbon German stainless steel, which will stay sharper longer and resist blemishes. The handles are made of G10 fiberglass composite material but feature a cherry, wooden aesthetic. The knives are a single pieces, and their handles have a full tang construction with bolsters to provide a comfort pinch grip.

You constant choppers out there will be delighted to hear that the blades on the chef knife include hollow ground ovals to help prevent eggplant, onions, tomatoes, and other commonly sliced, minced and diced veggies, from sticking to the blades! Once you’re through, these knives do require hand-washing and drying, though.

While the three knives in this set may be purchased individually as well, the trio is definitely appealing to the vegetable lover who’s constantly having to wash, rinse, and dry his or her only (and maybe, lonely!) chef knife.

Having a few options–especially within the same greater knife family–might save you time and provide a nice variety of substitutions when one blade starts to dull or wear out… though thankfully, there’s a lifetime warranty included.

  • Comfortable handles
  • Well balanced
  • Holds a sharp edge well
  • Perfect for veggies as the hollow edges allow them to fall as you chop
  • Not the most versatile set on the list

Global kabuto 7-piece knife block set

Here’s another popular Japanese brand, Global, and their 7-piece knife block set includes a paring knife, a 4.5-inch utility knife, a 5-inch Chef’s prep knife, a 5.5-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, an 8-inch Chef’s knife, a bread knife and a 6-slot black and clear acrylic knife block.

The company states that Global knives have two innovative features, namely their edges and the way they are balanced.

The blades are made of Cromova 18 stainless steel (a mixture of molybdenum, vanadium and chromium), which is ice-tempered and hardened to a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58 degrees. Instead of featuring a beveled edge, Global grind their knives to a straight point allowing the edges to stay sharper longer.

The handles are hollow and filled with just the right amount of sand to allow for an ideal balance. These knives are to be hand-washed and dried, and while a sharpener must be purchased separately, they do come with a lifetime warranty.

This complete set will surely appeal to fans of Japanese cutlery who are working with a moderate budget and looking for a high-quality product with a variety of pieces.

  • Very sharp
  • Superb quality
  • Intelligent design
  • Attractive finish
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Hand crafted
  • Block doesn’t match the attractiveness of the knives
  • Block is also large and will take up valuable countertop real estate

So, which one is the best kitchen knife set?

wusthof classic slim block 7-piece - best knife set

After our thorough research and careful comparison, we feel we can confidently state that the best kitchen knife set of the ten we reviewed is Wusthof’s Classic 7-Piece Slim Block Knife Set. When we take into consideration the several criteria we established for value, Wusthof’s set performs best across the spectrum of potential knife-user needs.

Though this set is certainly not cheap, it is fairly priced considering the many pieces that are included and lifetime warranty and sharpening service will surely save the consumer money in the long run, alleviating much of the long term costs of maintenance associated with a knife set.

Further, the Wusthof brand has been a leading producer or quality knives for more than 75 years, so not only can we be sure that their pieces are built to last but they’re aesthetically well-suited for most kitchens (and we’re sure that at least one of their six available block colors will tickle your fancy).

Lastly, it’s important to note that Wusthof’s Classic 7-Piece Slim Block Knife Set is best for those who are in the market for a new complete set with a moderate budget. We realize that this does not include everyone, and so, your “best” set might differ based on your individual needs.

Should you have an alternative budget or be looking to supplement only a few pieces, we encourage you to revisit our individual reviews to determine which set is best for you!

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We hope this has been a helpful comprehensive review of the best knife sets out there in the current marketplace. As always, we’re happy to answer any additional questions if you’d be so kind as to leave us a comment below!

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She’s also a keen singer/songwriter and has studied screenwriting at the University of Michigan. Carly lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

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