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Remember those pre-baby days when you could just leave the house at a moment’s notice without all the baby paraphernalia? If you feel like you’re struggling under the weight of all the stuff you’re having to carry for your little one then you need our list of the best diaper bags around.

Not only does our roundup contain the most stylish and cute diaper bags on the internet, better yet, they’re all cruelty-free too!

We’ve got a vegan diaper bag to suit everyone; whether you’re looking for a faux leather tote that doesn’t even look like a diaper bag; you want a unisex backpack that both mom and dad can use, or you want a three-in-one bag that converts to a crossbody bag, to a tote, to a backpack! We’ve got you covered!

But before we get stuck into the reviews, let’s take a look at what you need to know about diaper bags before you decide to purchase one.


Are diaper bags necessary?

baby accessories for cute diaper bags

While you definitely could make do with just using any old bag to lug around your baby’s things when leaving the house, having a bag that’s fit for purpose – i.e. a diaper bag – will make your life a lot easier for a couple of reasons.

The first is that most diaper bags come with accessories such as changing mats, stroller clips and even insulated pockets for holding baby bottles. And because diaper bags are usually organized with specific compartments for things like wipes, creams, diapers and even soiled clothes, you can easily see what you’ve got inside and get to it in a hurry.

Everything is in the one bag, well organized so you can simply grab-and-go when you’re on your way out.

Another benefit with today’s diaper bags is that a lot of them don’t scream “hey, I’m a diaper bag”. You can definitely expect to find one that not only looks stylish but is practical too.

What are diaper bag essentials?

best nappy bag filled with baby accessories

The answer to this question will differ from person to person; moms that prefer cloth diaper definitely need more space than those that use disposable nappies, so too do moms that bottle-feed compared to moms who breastfeed.

However, the majority of parents would agree that having a portable and foldable changing mat is really handy, especially if you don’t have access to a public restroom with baby changing facilities when you’re out and about.

Stroller clips and adequate storage compartments are also two other essential features that elevate a diaper bag from good to indispensable.


Which materials are used in vegan diaper bags?

In our reviews below, you’ll find that the majority of the external parts of the nappy bags are made from faux-leather and canvas.

In addition to not harming any animals, synthetic leather is a much more versatile fabric than real leather. It requires less upkeep and is available in a wider range of finishes, colors and patterns.

What’s more, these man-made materials can usually be treated with a waterproof coating, which is ideal for an item such as a diaper bag.

Manufacturers are making advances all the time in cruelty-free textiles. Interested in learning more about vegan leather? Watch this fascinating video about making kombucha leather!

What to look for in a cruelty-free diaper bag

As I stated earlier, everyone’s situation is different when it comes to deciding what is essential in a diaper bag; however, here are some things to think about before you decide to buy:

Style & Size

There are backpack diaper bags, crossbody diaper bags and also diaper bags that look like regular totes. Choosing which one is right for you depends on things such as whether or not you need your nappy bag to be unisex so both you and your partner can use it, and if you need to have your handsfree.


Perhaps you want a bag that will work for when your baby is little right through to when they’re a toddler? Maybe you have a baby and a toddler that you need to pack for? Or twins?!


Do you like to have a lot of separate compartments to make organizing your diaper bag and accessing things quickly easier?


Thinking about your situation and how you need your nappy bag to function will really help to determine which is the right style and size of baby diaper bag for you.



A portable changing mat that comes as part of the nappy bag is a must for most parents, but there are even accessories such as pacifier holders, insulated bottle holders and pockets, USB phone charging sockets and padded laptop pockets!


You name it, they’ve thought of it, and you’ll find all these accessories featured in some of the bags on our list.


Materials and make

If you want something super stylish, you might want to go for a faux-leather look; however the other materials can be just as appealing.


The main things to consider when you’ve got children are: is the material durable and scratch-resistant? Can you wash or wipe clean the diaper bag? And will the quality of the materials used and the way it’s been made ensure the bag lasts the distance?


We’ll let you know what we think about the quality of each nappy backpack or bag on our list.

The best diaper bags for vegans…reviewed!

Now that you know a little bit more about vegan diaper bags and the different options available, let’s take a look at the reviews.

Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack

First up is the Itzy Ritzy backpack, which is one of the more stylish diaper bags on our list. A backpack can be a lot more convenient than an over-the-shoulder bag and this baby diaper backpack makes carting around all your baby gear easy.

It’s got lots of pockets and compartments, including insulated ones for storing cold items. It’s a perfect mix of style and practicality.

Some buyers have reported that seams have come apart after only three months use, which is disappointing considering this is a high-end product. But the main issue with this backpack is with the zips; they are extremely difficult to open and close, even with both hands, so forget about trying to do it one-handed while holding a struggling baby or toddler!


✅ Lots of pockets and storage

✅ Insulated pockets to store breastmilk or formula

✅ Pockets for parents’ items such as sunglasses/phone

✅ Clips to attach to stroller

✅ Plush changing pad included


❌ Quality is not as good as you’d expect for the price

❌ Defects in the product, such as pockets being sewn together, straps not the same length, zips poor quality

Babymel Grace Vegan Leather Tote Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for a stylish leather tote that looks more like a handbag rather than a diaper bag, then this Babymel tote is a great option.

The bag is capable of holding all of your essentials but if you’re someone that likes things organized and prefer compartments, then you might not be thrilled with the lack of pockets. It does have a single pocket on the outside to hold a bottle but some users have mentioned that it looks a big ‘bulgy’ when zipped up, making the bag look lopsided.

It can be carried by the shorter top handles, slung over your shoulder using the long strap or even attached to your stroller using the integrated stroller straps to leave your hands free which is handy.

All-in-all, this is probably a better option if your baby is older and needs less stuff to be carried around.


✅ Stylish

✅ Straps can be adjusted to be worn crossbody, over the shoulder or carried by the top handles

✅ Integrated stroller straps

✅ Looks great


❌ Not as much room, especially if you bottle feed a young baby

❌ Top handles are a little short

PU Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

With the second baby bag backpack on our list, this PU leather bag comes in four colors – brown, black, gray and a mixed floral – and combines style and function so well that it doesn’t even look like a diaper bag.

The PU leather has a waterproof coating, which is really handy if you’re out and about in wet weather. It also comes with a clear zippered bag, which is great for storing dirty washable nappies and wipes. A foldable changing pad is also a really useful accessory that’s included.

Overall, the size and style of this large backpack diaper bag is sleek and modern and it looks great too. The only downside with it as far as we can tell is the quality of the zips, which are difficult to open and close.


✅ Bottle compartments can fit the wider mouth bottles

✅ Waterproof

✅ Insulated pockets

✅ Sleek and stylish design

✅ Foldable changing pad included


❌ Zippers can stick and are hard to open and close

Isoki Madame Polly Baby Diaper Bag

This diaper bag from Isoki is perfect if you’ve got more than one child’s stuff to carry around. It’s very large and has two big pockets inside to hold baby things and a smaller middle pocket that you can use to store things like your wallet and phone.

The inside lining of this bag is really pretty and the light color makes finding what you need easy. Due to its sturdy size, the bag can stand upright when you put it down so it’s easy to get things in and out with one hand.

The biggest problem with this bag is that it’s really heavy. Once it’s fully packed it’s even heavier and the shoulder strap doesn’t have any padding. If you tried walking around with it, it would end up really hurting your shoulder. Still, it’s a good option if you need a diaper bag for the car.


✅ Big enough to carry cloth diapers

✅ Material is scratch resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth


❌ Bag, even empty, is heavy

❌ Zippers are difficult to open and close

❌ Bag has a strong chemical smell when it first arrives

❌ Shoulder strap doesn’t have any padding

Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat Convertible Diaper Bag

Can’t decide between a backpack, handbag style or over-the-shoulder? You don’t have to because the Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat is all of those rolled into one.

The sizing is great on this bag and it looks stylish no matter which way you decide to wear it. The rubber bottom is a major selling point as it keeps the bag clean and dry if you need to put it down.

There are a few downsides however; it seems that while the idea of a three-in-one is good in theory, in practicality the quality isn’t there with this bag to pull it off. Other users have complained about the materials used and that the straps don’t hold their position.


✅ It’s a great size

✅ Three ways to wear it

✅ Rubber bottom keeps it dry and clean

✅ Nice colorways to choose from


❌ Included changing pad doesn’t fold up and velcro nicely, it’s not sturdy enough

❌ Not many storage compartments

❌ The backpack option doesn’t fit well and the straps don’t stay how you’ve adjusted them

❌ Quality doesn’t match price

❌ Lining in the side bottle pockets tears at the seams after minimal use

The Honest Company Everything Tote

If you’re a vegan fashionista then I think you’re really going to love this one. The Honest Company Everything Tote works for parents of babies and toddlers as it’s got room for everything while still looking super stylish.

It’s got lots of pockets so you can easily organize your baby gear and a really great feature is the ‘wet pocket’ in the front, which is lined with plastic. This would be great if you’re ever in a pinch and need to store a dirty romper suit or a wet swimsuit.

The changing pad also has a zippered pocket that’s the perfect size to fit two to three diapers plus wipes.


✅ Vegan leather is made without potentially harmful foams or PVC

✅ Really stylish

✅ Durable materials, doesn’t scratch, is waterproof and easily cleaned

✅ Stroller straps

✅ Wet pocket included

✅ Great size


❌ Fake leather has a slight chemical smell

❌ Zips can be difficult to open and close

❌ Hand straps are too small to get your arm through easily

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack by Itsy-Bitsy

Not to be confused with the Itzy Ritzy brand we’ve already seen, this offering from Itsy-Bitsy is a little more on the, shall we say, bargain end of the spectrum. Don’t let the low price tag put you off, though. This is a fairly decent diaper bag for the money.

A cross between a messenger diaper bag style and a backpack, this bag is advertised as being 3-in-1 as it can also be carried like a tote, too, which makes it a very convenient option indeed.

With 11 pockets as well as an integrated cooler section that’s fully insulated and ideal for keeping two bottles at the right temperature for short periods, you’d expect the bag to be bigger than it actually is, but it’s surprisingly small. For some, it could leave you needing a second bag, which is obviously far from ideal.

As one might expect from a maternity bag with such a low price tag, the Itsy-Bitsy does let itself down in terms of quality. Easily ripped and clips that don’t stand up to much make this a purchase that you’ll likely have to replace before baby grows enough to allow you to do away with a diaper bag altogether.


✅ Inexpensive option

✅ Plenty of pockets

✅ Insulated area big enough for two bottles

✅ 3-in-1 carrying options

✅ Smart enough look that will suit both moms and dads alike


❌ Not very durable

❌ Will be too small for some parents

Diaper Bag Backpack by Simple Goods

This cute diaper bag backpack is functional and budget-friendly. It’s got great storage compartments so you can organize your baby’s things – it’s even got a pacifier holder. Best of all, it’s comfortable to wear, which is important if you’ve got a lot of stuff to carry.

The quality of the backpack is okay but not perfect. Some of the decorative stitching comes loose after a short while and like with a lot of the bags, the zippers are difficult to open and close with one hand. If you overpack it, it won’t sit upright on the floor.

It is easy to wipe down though and has a wide opening for easy access.


✅ Easily wipeable to keep clean

✅ Wide opening to access the inside without things spilling out

✅ There’s a pocket for everything

✅ Budget friendly


❌ Quality isn’t great

❌ No changing pad included

BabbleRoo Neutral Travel Backpack

The BabbleRoo backpack’s looks make it one of the best diaper bags for dads. Not only does it look smart, but it’s really practical as well and has everything you could want in a baby diaper bag, including lots of storage compartments and a changing pad.

The quality of this backpack is amazing for the price you pay, and overall it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Some users have said that the shoulder straps are a little thin and that if they were better padded it would add extra comfort. Other than that, this is a great value diaper travel backpack that’s versatile and stylish, and would top our list if you’re looking for diaper bags for boys.


✅ Comes with a 90 day warranty

✅ Material is lightweight and durable

✅ Zippers are good quality

✅ Lots of great features

✅ Gender neutral, perfect for moms or dads


❌ Shoulder pads are on the thin side

Citi Babies Tan Faux Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

The Citi Babies diaper backpack is another great option if you’re looking for a bag that both mom and dad can use. It’s got some fantastic organizational compartments for baby stuff and adult items and is neutral enough for both men and women to wear.

The material is soft and the overall design of the backpack makes it comfortable to wear. It also comes with everything you’d expect, like an insulated bottle pocket and changing pad.

The downsides are that the bottle compartments aren’t big enough for the wider-sized bottles and if you want a more realistic faux leather look, this faux leather is softer and more foamy feeling.


✅ Has the space to hold everything you need

✅ Looks stylish

✅ Lightweight

✅ Wipes clean


❌ Won’t fit larger bottles

❌ Material feels foamy

❌ Top flap of the bag doesn’t lie flat

Baby On-The-Go Diaper Backpack by Huggleboo

The quality of this Baby On-The-Go backpack by Huggleboo is what makes this the best diaper bag backpack on our list so far. It’s practical, stylish and it fits everything you need without it looking or feeling bulky.

It’s a really attractive bag that both mom and dad would feel comfortable using. On the outside the design and colors used in this canvas diaper bag are stylish and it has a beautiful striped lining on the inside.

We’re also impressed with the variety of pockets, from a small zipper pouch, through to insulated pockets and loads of space with different sized dividers on the inside.


✅ Includes a baby wipes pocket with easy access flap

✅ Multiple compartments help keep things easily organized

✅ The included changing mat slips in the pack slot

✅ Stroller straps included

✅ Doesn’t have a bulky feel, even when filled to capacity

✅ Great quality and durability


❌ Nothing at all!

Faux Vegan Leather Multifunctional Diaper Bag

Still prefer to choose from one of the vegan leather diaper bags? This one from Ella Dane allows you to choose whether you wear it across your body or as a backpack – we like this versatility!

It’s got classic looks and comes with everything you need, including stroller and hands-free straps and a changing mat. It also has all the pockets and compartments you need to make storing and finding your baby’s things a breeze.

While it can comfortably fit adult sized water bottles and the wider baby bottles, unfortunately the compartment for holding these bottles isn’t insulated like some other brands.


✅ Can be worn as a backpack or crossbody bag

✅ Has lots of compartments for easy organization

✅ Side bottle pockets can fit adult sized water bottles

✅ Comes with stroller straps and changing mat

✅ Doesn’t look like a diaper bag


❌ No insulated bottle pockets

❌ Fake leather has a strange chemical smell

Greenwich Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag

This multifunction backpack and crossbody bag comes in a gorgeous colour and the leather and finishings have a really good quality feel to them.

There’s enough room to store all your baby necessities and more. Plus there are two insulated bottle pockets on the outside, which allow easy access.

The changing pad is stored in the back pocket of the bag which could make it a little difficult to get it in and out while holding a baby, but it’s still a great feature to have included.

The main downside to this bag are the straps when you’re using it as a backpack. If you grab one strap then it will pull it all the way to make one big strap. You have to stop and re-adjust it, which is really inconvenient when you’ve got a baby in your arms.


✅ Converts from a backpack to messenger bag

✅ Changing mat and allocated compartment included

✅ Insulated bottle pockets outside the bag


❌ Backpack straps do not stay as you’ve adjusted them

Premium Vegan Leather Diaper Backpack

This Luna vegan leather backpack is the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Available in classic black, it’s perfect for working parents as not only can you fit everything you need for baby, but you can also fit in a laptop. It even has a USB compartment and phone charging function! This could put it in top of the category for the best diaper bags for dads!

The materials used are great quality and it has a waterproof nylon interior which is really practical for a diaper bag. Of course, all this ability to carry stuff means that the bag is really quite heavy and bulky, but it’s kind of to be expected.


✅ High-end vegan leather on the outside

✅ Waterproof nylon interior

✅ Great option for working parents

✅ Unisex bag

✅ Bottle pockets are wide and deep

✅ Fits everything you need for baby, including breastfeeding pump and your laptop

✅ Money back guarantee


❌ Straps slip and don’t stay how you’ve adjusted them

❌ Bag is very heavy and bulky

Kaydee Baby Unisex Canvas Diaper Bag Backpack

Made with high-end canvas and vegan leather features, this Kaydee diaper backpack is ultra modern and sleek looking. It would be perfect for anyone looking for a men’s diaper bag.

In fact it looks so good, we really wanted to love it but there are a few drawbacks on this item.

It has eleven pockets inside and out, however most of the inner pockets are quite small and it’s difficult to store anything inside them. This means that you end up putting larger items all together in the main area, so you might as well have a normal backpack.

It also doesn’t have any insulated bottle storage and while the rest of the materials used are high-quality, the quality of the zips lets this bag down.


✅ Beautiful design

✅ Durable quality material

✅ Great unisex diaper backpack

✅ Stroller straps and changing mat included


❌ Inner pockets are too small to store anything

❌ Zipper quality could be improved

Best diaper bags – which one do we recommend?

With so many great options to choose from, it’s difficult to pick a clear winner, but our top pick has to be the Baby On-The-Go Diaper Backpack by Huggleboo.

We couldn’t find a bad word to say about this diaper bag and that’s why we believe it’s the best backpack diaper bag. It’s great quality, made from waterproof and durable materials; it’s not bulky, even when you fill it up to full capacity and its unisex style and functionality mean that it’s versatile enough for both moms and dads to wear it.

It includes some of things that come as standard with most other diaper bags, such as a changing pad and insulated bottle pockets, but it’s also got some thoughtful features for parents such as a padded laptop pocket. Basically, everything you could want and more.

If you’re a parent that spends a lot of time on-the-go then a backpack option is really handy for allowing you to keep your hands free and carry everything you need to keep your little one clean and tidy.

Our runner up choice is The Honest Company’s Everything Tote. It’s great for moms who want a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag and it’s the best quality faux leather diaper bag in our roundup.

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