Best Organic Baby Clothes: Cute, Cruelty-Free Clothing

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One of the best parts about finding out you’re expecting is the excitement that comes with buying outfits for your little person. If you’ve been looking for the best organic baby clothes around then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve done all the work for you!

We’ve put together a great list of organic cotton baby clothing items, giving you the lowdown on which brands to look out for and which pieces are the best quality.

So no matter if you’re looking for a newborn footed onesie or a pineapple printed bodysuit, we’ve got you covered.

But before we get into all that, let’s find out why buying organic cotton is so important and what to look out for in organic cotton baby clothes.

Are organic baby clothes worth it?

best organic baby clothes next to sleeping infant

If you want a product that’s not only healthy for your baby but is also ethically-produced, then organic baby clothes are 100% a worthwhile investment.

Cotton has been given the title of the most “dirty” crop in the world due to the environmental, social and health impact its production has.

Non-organic cotton uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and $2 billion in pesticides each year. These chemicals contaminate the soil, the air and the waterways and as vegans we should also be concerned to learn that millions of animals die each year due this contamination. (1, 2)

This type of cotton production also releases tonnes of unnecessary greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, kills pollinating insects (many of which are in decline; without them we can’t grow food), uses much more water resources than organic cotton, and puts the health of cotton farmers at risk. Many of these farmers work in developing countries and have to spray these poisonous chemicals without proper protective clothing. (3)

Organic cotton is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals. Its environmental footprint (greenhouse gases and water use) is also significantly better than non-organic. And because none of these nasty chemicals are used in its production, organic cotton is a safe and gentle material to put against your baby’s sensitive skin. (4)

If you’ve noticed that your baby has reacted to an item of clothing, they have developed an unexplained allergy or rash, try switching to organic cotton clothing to see if that makes a difference.

What type of certification process is there for organic clothing?

organic certificate for baby clothing

According to the About Organic Cotton website, there are currently two independent organic certifications for organic cotton. These are the Organic Content Standards (OCS) and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). (5)

Organic certification works by tracking and identifying the use of organic cotton through a series of certificates; on the farm, the actual production company itself, and tracking the cotton as it passes through the stages.

We’d recommend the GOTS as the most robust of the two as this certification also takes into account environmental and social issues addressed in processing, whereas the OCS standard doesn’t.


How can I afford to create my baby’s wardrobe with organic cotton?

organic cotton on branch

Organic cotton clothing can be a lot more expensive than regular clothing but as you’ve read in the content above, it’s an extremely worthwhile investment to make in the health of your baby, the environment and people who suffer from the production of non-organic cotton.

So, while we completely understand the desire to buy every cute outfit you find (especially if this is your first baby!) a great way of building your baby’s wardrobe from high quality and healthy organic cotton pieces is to carefully plan a capsule wardrobe for them.

You might of previously heard the term “capsule wardrobe” used for adults but you can completely do the same for little ones as well.

A capsule or minimalist wardrobe is collection of a few essential items (for babies this would be things like onesies and bodysuits) which you can mix and match with other pieces (such as pants, bibs, headbands, hats and cardigans).

If you’re able to resist the urge to go crazy with buying all the cute baby outfits, you can definitely afford to buy organic cotton clothes if you choose to create a minimalist wardrobe.

Want to know exactly what you need to buy? Check out this fantastic video on how to create a capsule wardrobe for babies with only 26 items from age 0-6 months.

What to look for in cotton baby clothing

You’re making an investment into your baby’s health and wellbeing by choosing organic cotton clothing (including baby bibs), so you want to make sure you pick wisely. Here are some things to look for:


Getting the sizing right seems to be an issue for most of the cotton baby clothing on our list, but as babies do come in all shapes and sizes this is to be expected. Take extra care to see our recommendations on sizing up or down.

Quality of material and make

When you are paying a premium for organic cotton clothing you also expect the garments to be well made. Our reviews will let you know how good the material is, whether it’s been well designed as an item of clothing and if it’s been well made.

Softness of the fabric

Great quality organic cotton feels really lovely and soft, and it will only continue to get softer after ongoing wash and wear. Does the fabric of the piece you’ve selected feel soft? Then you’ve picked well and your little one will feel really comfortable in that item.

Garment design

Some clothes are better designed than others. Babies can sometimes be difficult, squirmy little things that will try and resist your every effort to get them dressed. Make life easier by selecting items where you don’t have to put things over baby’s head; zips are also much faster to do up than snaps.


Organic cotton baby clothes are more expensive than non-organic but you are investing in a higher quality, healthier garment for your baby – not to mention the environmental benefits that come with that.

Some brands are more expensive than others, but usually the more expensive brands have thicker, softer cotton material and the overall make and design is superior. We’ll point out to you the brands on our list that produce items that are well made.


Reviews: 100% organic cotton baby clothes

So now that we know more about organic cotton baby clothes, let’s take a look at the reviews to find out who sells organic baby clothes.

First up on our list is this gorgeous union suit from Touched by Nature…

Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Union Suit

With a range of beautiful patterned materials that aren’t just for boys, the material used by Touched by Nature is soft and has a real substantial, quality feel to it.

Due to the thickness of this suit, it’s recommended for Fall or Winter. While it looks great and feels great, the sizing on this suit really lets it down. The sizing is way too big and the cut of the neck line, legs and body are strange (the neck is too wide, the body too long and the legs too short).

However, if you do order this suit and it’s too big, it does shrink quite a lot after washing, so that might solve the problem!

  • Really soft and comfortable material
  • Very cute designs for both boys and girls
  • Sizing is out – very large and strange shape
  • Neck hole is too wide 
  • Shrinks a lot after washing
  • Dyes may rub off onto baby’s skin

Parade Organics Kimono Gowns

There are so many reasons to love these kimono gowns from Parade Organics. Firstly, we love the design. The front snaps mean you don’t have to pull anything over baby’s head to get them dressed (they hate that!) and the opening at the bottom makes nighttime diaper changes a breeze – no fighting with a squirmy baby to do up snaps around their legs.

Another bonus with these gowns are the mittens which are sewn in. These are great to stop little ones from accidentally scratching their faces. Overall, this design keeps baby snuggly and warm and makes life easy for parents.

Some parents have reported that the colors run in the wash a little on some of the patterns and that the colors also look different in real life to how they’re advertised. But if you’re just using this as sleepwear, it’s not a big issue.

  • Includes built in mittens to stop baby from scratching their face
  • Front snaps make it easier to get baby dressed
  • Easy access for diaper changes
  • Material is soft and holds up well to washing
  • Dyes run in the wash
  • Size runs huge 
  • Colors look different in real life to how they’re advertised

Owlivia Organic Cotton Zip up

If you’ve ever tried to do up all the snaps on the front of a romper of a squirmy baby then you’ll understand why zip ups are such a great idea.

This Owlivia zip up is made of thick and cosy fabric and it doesn’t include feet, which could be a plus or a minus, although the lack of feet allows for freer movement for baby.

The only flaw with the zipper in this design is that it only zips from top to bottom. It would be much better to have a two way zip that would allow you easy access for diaper changes.

Other than that, we recommend that you buy two sizes up in these suits as they tend to shrink a lot in the wash.

  • Fabric is thick and warm
  • Uses a zipper as opposed to snaps 
  • Footless design allows for free movement
  • No zipper guard to protect baby’s neck and chin
  • Lacks the double zipper feature which makes diaper changes easier
  • Shrinks in the wash
  • Cotton is very stiff
  • Need to buy a couple of sizes up

Lamaze Organic Baby Sleep N’ Play

This Lamaze sleep and play suit is a cute unisex all-in-one option. Unlike some of the other suits on our list, the sizing is very good with the Lamaze brand and it even seems to take into account that the material is liable to shrink after washing. That means that you’ll always choose the right size for your baby.

You can also choose from zipper or snap closures, although I’d always recommend the zipper as it makes dressing baby faster and easier. The material is thick, cosy and it has really cute little knee patch details.

If you like your baby’s feet to stay warm and cosy too, you’ll be glad to see that the feet are built into this onesie.

  • Sizes are spot on
  • Attractive all over patterns
  • Patch details on the knees are cute
  • Nothing at all!

Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuits

These Touched by Nature bodysuits with their cute little veggie pun designs are perfect for little vegan babes. Bodysuits are really handy for babies as you can pair them with leggings and put them under a pull in the late summer.

Although the organic cotton on these suits is super soft, the embroidery detailing is not. It has a mesh backing that is supposed to stop it from rubbing against baby’s skin, but for some babies it still causes irritation.

The embroidery is also problematic when it comes to the wash, especially the red pepper design, which bleeds and stains the cotton.

  • Soft material
  • Patterns are really cute
  • Colors in the embroidery run in the wash
  • Embroidery and protective mesh backing may irritate baby’s skin
  • Sizing runs too large

Moon and Back Baby Set of 3 Organic Long-Sleeve Side-Snap Bodysuits

This set of Moon and Back long-sleeve bodysuits are perfect if you’re looking for wardrobe basics. They come in a range of six color sets (some unisex, some suitable for boys or girls) and the side snaps make it easy to get baby dressed without having to pull items over their heads.

The only downsides to these little suits are that the quality isn’t the best and the sizing is way too big. We recommend ordering a size down for you little one and bear in mind that this brand doesn’t tend to shrink in the wash like others on our list.

  • Side snaps make it easy to get the suit on and off
  • Material is very soft and great weight for sleeping in
  • Doesn’t shrink in the wash
  • Sizing runs too big
  • Not the best quality

Lamaze Baby Organic Sleep N’ Play

First of all, the patterns on these Lamaze sleep and play suits are so adorably cute. You’re going to love them. Once again they have the zip up front closure, which always makes life easier, although they could do with a two way zip that opens and closes from both the bottom and the top.

The sizing on these little suits runs small so we suggest buying the next size up, but we highly recommend this item if you’re looking for a newborn footed onesie.

  • You can tumble dry these suits
  • Gorgeous patterns for girls and boys
  • Very well made
  • Soft and cosy material
  • Runs small

Earthy Organic Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit

These are definitely the cutest baby bodysuits on our list so far. There’s such a great variety of gorgeous prints to choose from, including llamas, cacti, fruit and block colors if you just want something plain.

These bodysuits run slightly larger than other brands so you’ll only need to order a size up if you have a large baby or want to make sure you’ve got room for baby to grow. They will shrink slightly in the wash but the larger sizing accounts for this, so you can safely buy the size you need and not worry that it won’t fit.

  • A fantastic range of gorgeous prints and block colors to choose from
  • Available in 8 sizes: preemie, newborn, 3, 6, 9,12, 18 and 24 months
  • Really soft material
  • Washes well
  • Runs slightly larger than other baby brands

Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Pants

These pants are a great option for wearing over a bodysuit and work well for bed or play. They’re made from really soft and cosy material and appear to be quite well made, although they are a little too thick for summer wear.

The sizing is a little strange with these pants; for most babies they are too long in the leg and tight around the tummy. Some of the colors also run and stain the pants themselves and other items of clothing in the wash, so be sure to use a color catcher.

All-in-all, though, they’d make a great option for casual at-home wear for your baby.

  • Soft and cosy material
  • Nice range of colors and designs for both boys and girls
  • Too thick for summer wear
  • Continue to shrink even after first wash
  • Some of the colors run and stain
  • Pants are too long and tight around the tummy

L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Footed Overall

These unisex baby onesies are made from the softest organic cotton. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to note that as your baby continues to wear them, they’ll just keep getting softer. The material is also great quality and has a lovely thickness that is perfect especially for newborns who are a little more sensitive to the cold.

There are some nice details on these onesies: they have elastic around the ankles to help keep baby’s feet inside the foot area, and they have sewn in mittens to help keep baby’s hands warm and stop them from scratching their face.

The only problem with this product is the sizing. Some buyers have reported that they’ve ordered several of the same size and received lots of different sizes but all with the same size tags.

In addition, they really run small. So if you’re looking for newborn onesies, definitely order 0-3 months otherwise your baby won’t get a lot of wear out of them unless they are a premie.

  • Sewn in mittens
  • Fabric is very soft
  • Sizing is inconsistent

Moon and Back Baby Set of 5 Organic Short-Sleeve Bodysuits

The Moon and Back set of short-sleeve bodysuits has a great range of color and pattern selections to choose from that are unisex or for boys or girls (my favorite is the bunny selection!).

Bodysuits are a baby essential and if you’re looking for something that’s organic and gentle to put against your baby’s skin these won’t let you down. The quality is great; they wear and wash really well and the material is soft.

Once again, there’s a small issue with the sizing in that it runs too small so you’ll need to order a size up. Also the neck area can be a little large and baggy on some babies.

  • Wear and wash well
  • Material is really soft
  • Bit baggy around the neck

Organic Baby Clothes – Our recommendations

If you’re looking for a full body organic cotton onesie then our recommendation is the Lamaze Organic Baby Sleep N’ Play. In fact, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the Lamaze clothing line as they’re not only gorgeous but they’re also very well made and use soft and comfortable organic cotton your baby is going to love.

Unlike some of the other brands on our list, the Lamaze Sleep N’ Play’s sizing is generally spot on (although the girls’ onesie comes up small, but sizing up fixes that) as they’ve taken into account that the organic cotton will shrink a little after being washed. This means that when you first receive the items they may appear a little too big, but seeing as you should always wash clothing before putting it on baby, these will shrink down to the correct size perfectly.

We also find that onesies with built in feet are really handy with small babies that aren’t yet walking as it keeps their feet warm and stops them from pulling their socks off.

Our top pick for the short sleeve bodysuits is the Earthy Organic brand. We absolutely love the range of prints and block colors and we think you’ll love them too! The sizing is pretty good too, a little large, but that just means that your baby will get more wear out of them.

We also love the fact that Earthy Organic is a small, eco-friendly company who is dedicated to using the best materials. So not only can your little babe look cute, you can feel good that you’re supporting a small, ethical business.

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