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Move over baby booties! Eco-conscious and vegan parents are no longer choosing to support the cruelty of wool and are instead on the lookout for the best baby socks around to keep their offspring’s feet toasty warm.

So tell grandma to cast her knitting needles aside because we’ve got a roundup of cute, cosy and cruelty-free baby socks that you’re sure to love.

Looking for baby socks that actually stay put? Want to help your little one to get to grips with walking? Our reviews cover socks that have been specifically designed to stay on little feet, anti-slip socks for babies that are just starting to get around and even socks that are made from organic and eco-friendly materials.

Best of all, these socks are really soft, comfy and cute to boot! So no matter what you’re looking for in a baby sock, we’ve got you – and your baby’s feet – covered!

But before we get stuck into the reviews, let’s find out a little more about how to select the best socks for your baby, how many pairs you should purchase, how to care for the socks once you’ve got them and if you even need to buy baby socks in the first place…

Are baby socks necessary?

organic cotton baby socks in parents hands

While hands and feet aren’t an accurate measurement of your baby’s temperature (the best way to see if they are too hot or cold is by feeling the base of their neck), socks are important in helping to regulate your baby’s temperature and stopping them from losing heat. This is especially important for newborns.

If you have a summer baby, you might decide that socks plus a footed onesie are too much. But for a winter or autumn baby, socks could be considered an essential element of their wardrobe. A general rule of thumb for dressing your baby is that they should be wearing one more layer of clothing than you are.

If you’re concerned that socks are too restrictive for your growing baby, just make sure you buy ones that are made from soft, comfortable and organic material and that they have been well designed.

Which baby socks stay on best?

The answer to this question really depends on the size of your baby, how mobile they are and if they are a fan of pulling their socks off!

Some manufacturers realize that keeping socks on babies is just one of the many challenges parents face. There are several brands that have specifically designed their socks to stay on or are “wriggle-free” as they like to describe it.

So in essence, buying the right size sock and choosing a brand that is specifically designed to stay put on baby’s foot is the key! We’ve got a great selection to choose from on our list of reviews below.


How to keep baby socks on

putting the best baby socks on tiny feet

To stop your baby’s socks from falling off all the time (such a pain, especially if you end up losing one!) you can purchase socks that are elasticated at the top, or have a special design.

If you opt for a design that has elastic bands, it’s essential to always make sure you can place your finger between the band and baby’s skin. Being able to do this means that the socks aren’t too tight (see the next section to understand why this could be a danger to your baby).

Got an existing pair of socks that won’t stay on? Try keeping them for when you’re just hanging around the house. This way you can pull the socks up over your baby’s pants and they will usually stay on.

What size are baby socks?

Baby socks come in sizes starting at newborn and usually follow sizes similar to clothes; 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months et cetera.

When deciding on which size to buy consider which percentile your baby is in. If they are a larger baby, definitely check to see if the sizing is good on the brand you’re looking at (we let you know in our reviews if the socks are true to size).

The key thing to avoid is putting socks on that are too small. Not only will this mean that the socks are likely to fall off all the time, but this can also cause red rings and permanent scarring on newborn babies, which is called sock-line hyperpigmentation.


How many baby socks do I need?

For a newborn baby, you might need anywhere between four and seven pairs of socks, depending on how often you’re able to do the laundry – and let’s face it, sometimes there are days when baby accidentally pees and poops everywhere during a nappy change and having more sets of socks than you need is suddenly a good thing!

The same amount suggested for newborns is also a good number across all the age ranges.

Another great tip when it comes to choosing socks is to buy multiple sets of the same color. So if one does go missing, you can match it up with another rogue sock (we all know that the washing machine likes to eat socks!)

What to wash baby socks in

washing line filled with the best socks for baby

Most baby socks come with manufacturer washing instructions, so be sure to check them before you attempt to put them in the wash.

However, in general, most baby socks do well on a cold wash and then air-dried. Hotter cycles and clothes dryers run the risk of shrinking the socks, especially if they are made of cotton, which is very prone to shrinking.

Some of the socks on our list are also ironable, which could be useful in helping to speed up the drying process if you were in a pinch!

If you’re buying organic cotton due to the health benefits it presents for your little one, chances are that you’re also savvy about buying a hypoallergenic washing detergent that’s fragrance free and gentle on the clothes it’s washing and baby’s skin. This should also be sufficient in cleaning your baby’s socks.

Click the link for a roundup of our favorite vegan laundry detergents to find out more about cruelty-free washing powders and liquids.

Reviews: Best socks for baby

Now that you know a little more about how to choose the best baby socks – including sizing and how to care for them once you’ve got them – let’s take a look at the reviews and discover which ones we recommend.

Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Socks

Although these socks look cute and come in a great range of color sets to choose from, Touched by Nature’s headline is misleading.

If you read ‘Organic Socks’ you’d expect the socks to be organic, right? Not in this case. While the cotton is indeed organic, it only makes up 78% of the fabric; the rest is 20% polyester and 2% spandex.

The sizing also runs really large on these socks, so make sure you order a size down.


✅ Lovely bright colors

✅ Stay on baby’s feet well

✅ Material is soft and stretchy


❌ Not 100% cotton as advertised

❌ Sizing is way out – runs big

Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Chic Infant Sock Set

Looking for an option that’s more eco-friendly than cotton? Go for bamboo! It’s said to be the world’s most sustainable crop and as a fabric it’s three times more absorbent than cotton.

This set of three socks comes with two pairs of block colors and one striped set. The material is really soft and stretchy, so they’ll fit your baby for at least six months.

The bamboo’s absorbency also means that it will wick away any sweat if your baby’s feet get hot.


✅ Lovely colors

✅ Soft and comfy

✅ Great stretch in the material


❌ Nothing at all

Combed Cotton Crew Socks

First of all the design on these socks is really adorable. We love the mix of block colors. The manufacturers have also taken into account some of the major bugbears for parents when it comes to trying to keep socks on infant feet.

They are said to be designed using a ‘Y’ heel, which means that the socks stay on and don’t just gradually slip off. In addition, the socks don’t have any seams in them like adult socks so there’s no risk of friction or rubbing on baby’s foot.


✅ No seams make it more comfortable for little feet

✅ Y heel design ensures that socks stay on

✅ Don’t use nasty chemicals in the color processing of their materials


❌ Not great quality

Gerber Baby 8-Pair Organic Wiggle-Proof Sock

If you’re looking specifically for wiggle-proof socks that won’t come off, then you’ll be pleased to find this pack of eight from Gerber. Better yet, they are organic cotton too!

They feature “wiggle proof, stay-on technology” – whatever that is!

The material is thick and cosy, perfect for keeping those little newborn tootsies warm. It’s just a shame they only come in white and there aren’t any color options.


✅ Truly wriggle proof

✅ Very good quality

✅ Thick and comfy material

✅ Organic cotton


❌ Nothing at all

Jefferies Socks Organic Cotton Turn Cuff Sock

These organic cotton socks from Jefferies are some of the best baby socks that stay on. They come in a pack of three with sweet, neutral colors that would pair well with any wardrobe.

If you’re looking for non slip socks for babies, the non-skid options are only available in the Jefferies range in sizes 1-3 and 3-12 months.

Although some buyers have reported that the grips shed everywhere, which defeats the purpose of having them and if you’ve got a crawling baby you definitely don’t want them putting the little rubber grips in their mouth.


✅ Organic cotton

✅ Nice neutral color options


❌ The grips on the socks shed

❌ The sizing is out – inconsistent

❌ Material is very thin and wears quickly

Jefferies Socks Baby Boys’ Non-Skid Turn Cuff Socks

With another Jefferies entry, these non skid socks for babies look great and do exactly what they say on the tin.

Most of the grips are located on the balls of the feet, which is perfect for the way babies push off from the floor.

The material is also just right in thickness, making it a good all-season sock, which is cotton-rich (it does contain polyester too) and they stand up well to washing.


✅ Thickness of material is just right

✅ Cotton-rich

✅ Washes well


❌ Elastic is too tight around baby’s ankles

❌ Runs small

Boody Body Baby EcoWear Socks

Still looking for the best non-skid socks for baby? We really love these ones! Made from rayon that’s been fabricated out of organic bamboo, they are another eco-friendly sock option for conscious parents.

These socks are soft and warm without being bulky and the color options are nice and neutral, so they’ll fit in fine with any wardrobe.


✅ Sock thickness is perfect

✅ Soft and comfortable material


❌ May start to pill after one wash

❌ Color of the socks is different in real life compared with advertised photos

Mossio Unisex Cotton Baby Socks with Grips

With their offering of grippy socks for babies, Mossio has classic style and a variety of unisex colors.

These socks look great but there are a couple of things that let them down. They run really big size-wise, but a great idea to get use from these socks is to put them over onesies that don’t have any non-slip grips on the bottom.

The second issue is the quality; they tend to fall apart after a few washes.


✅ Thick, soft material


❌ Not the best quality

❌ Sizing is out – these are huge

Zaples Unisex Baby Socks

If you’re an animal lover (which, of course, you are) then you’ll adore these cute unisex socks from Zaples. They come in a variety of animal prints that make them quite the baby fashion statement.

In addition to looking great, the socks really do stay on well. They stretch right up to mid-calf so you can easily put them over pants if needed. The material is lovely and thick and keeps baby’s feet warm in all seasons.

The only downside is that they start to wear after a few washes.


✅ Socks really stay on well

✅ Super cute designs

✅ Lovely and warm

✅ Stretches up to mid-calf


❌ Wear out quite fast

Robeez Girls’ Socks

These Robeez anti slip socks for babies are such a cute design for girls with all the ruffles. In addition to having the anti slip feature, the design of these socks means that they stay on baby’s foot really well without leaving a dent in their skin.

The sizing in these socks run a bit small, so we suggest buying a size up.


✅ Cute, girly design

✅ Socks stay on well


❌ Sizing runs small

❌ Robeez logo is really large on the foot

Cheski Baby Girls’ Knee Socks

This set of three knee-high socks for girls are a great idea if your baby is a sock-puller-offer or they’re so active that their pant legs ride up and their shins get cold.

The patterns are just gorgeous for baby girls and they have the advantage of including the anti-skid textures at the bottom. These socks fit well and are great quality too.


✅ Keeps shins warm when pant legs ride up

✅ Beautiful designs for girls

✅ Anti-skid socks for babies


❌ Nothing at all

Our top picks – best baby socks

With so many great socks for babies on our list, it’s really difficult to pick a clear winner. But my top pick for general unisex suitable babies socks are the Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Chic set.

If you’ve never felt how soft bamboo fabric is, you’ve definitely got to try it. In addition to being super soft and comfy, we love that these socks are an eco-friendly option, with fabric that breathes well and provides moisture protection for your little one’s feet. The bamboo is also 100% organic so you can rest assured that what you’re putting against their skin is healthy – good for your baby, good for the people who have been involved in their production and good for the planet!

If you’re looking for the best non skid baby socks, for girls we’d recommend the Cheski Baby Girls’ Knee Socks. They have a beautiful design and we love that they cover baby’s shin to make sure their legs don’t get cold. Being so long also acts as a deterrent if your baby girl likes to pull her socks off!

For boys, we recommend the Jefferies Socks Babies Non-Skid Turn Cuff set. The grips are well placed on the sole of the foot and these grips don’t shed like some of the others on our list. The cuff design is a cute and classic look for boys and the thickness of the material makes it just right to be worn all year round.

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