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Babies. There’s the pooping, the peeing, the spit up and… the drool! These cute little bundles of joy sure do make some messes, so if you’re looking for the best organic cotton baby bibs to help keep your little one clean and dry, you’ve come to the right place.

In our reviews we’ll look at the pros and cons of the popular and super cute bandana drool bibs and also the standard design bibs as well. No matter what your style preference, we’ve got a baby drool bib to suit your needs.

But before we take a look at the best bibs for drooling babies and let you know which is our top pick, we’ll discuss why it’s important to choose 100% organic cotton and what to look for when choosing your baby’s bibs.

Do you really need drooling bibs?

best baby bib being worn by an infant during feeding time

The truth is that some babies are heavy droolers and some aren’t. If you haven’t had your baby yet, it’s probably a good idea to get a set of bibs to keep handy for when your baby finally starts teething at around five or six months- it’s then that you’ll know how much drool they’ll produce.

If your baby’s already here and they’re drooling up a storm, you’ve probably got to the stage where you’re sick and tired of changing their drool-soaked outfit several times a day, not to mention having to do all that washing!

All the bibs on our list of reviews have been specifically designed with drooling babies in mind. Some are more absorbent than others, but we’ll let you know which ones are the best for the heavy-droolers!

Why is organic cotton important?

Obviously cotton is a natural plant material, so no animal is harmed in its making. However, as vegans we should be just as concerned about how our buying choices impact the environment and the people who make our clothes.

When we select products that are made from non-organic cotton, the cotton has been cultivated using herbicides and pesticides. These are disastrous for the soil and insect life as well as to the farmers who have to spray these poisons.

Residues of these chemicals stay in the materials, then in addition, the non-organic cotton is heavily treated with bleaches and toxic chemical dyes when they are being weaved. When you’re aware of this process and think about it for a second, it’s certainly not something that you want to be placing against your baby’s sensitive skin.


What to look for in a baby bib

You’d think buying a set of baby bibs would be a simple affair, right? Well, here’s some things you need to think about:


A bib also functions as an accessory for your baby so you’ll want it to look good, especially if they’ll be wearing it over their clothes. For this reason, bandana bibs are always a popular choice with parents because they look cute and they’re available in lots of gorgeous patterned materials.


While these bibs may function well for catching drool, you’ll probably want to change your baby’s bib when feeding them so that you’ve got more coverage and protection, especially if you’re doing baby-led-weaning.



Bibs usually come with either velcro, plastic snaps or simply tie up around your baby’s neck. It’s a good idea to never leave your baby unattended when wearing a bib. There are some designs on our list of reviews that roll back up over baby’s face, which could pose a suffocation risk. We recommend snaps or velcro over ties for securing the bibs as these should be safer if baby does get their bib snagged on something as they go by.



If your baby drools a lot then you’ll want the absorbency level of their bib to be high, if not, you’ll be changing it every hour. The best bibs are doubled sided, without plastic on the back, because although this should keep your baby’s clothes dry in theory, the top layer isn’t thick enough to soak up any drool.


Materials used

As we discussed above, organic cotton is really important in a baby bib, especially as it is sitting against a sensitive part of baby’s body. Watch out for manufacturers that state their bibs are 100% organic cotton but only have the cotton on one side and then have a synthetic material on the underside.


Care instructions

A lot of the bibs call for washing on a cool wash and line drying. This helps to stop them from shrinking and the colors fading. Also, if the back is polyester fleece this will help stop the fleece from pilling. If you don’t have time for line drying, try to pick colors that are less likely to fade and choose something that is made from the same material front and back.


Reviews: best bibs for drooling babies

Now that you know why you need organic cotton baby bibs and how to select the best, let’s get stuck into the reviews.

First up on our list are these adorably cute organic cotton bandana bibs by KiddyStar…

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

These bibs come in a unisex pack of eight, so you’ve got plenty of spares on hand as baby goes through them and they’re perfect for boys or girls.

The material is really soft organic cotton on the one side and a fleece material on the side that sits against baby’s body. The jury’s out on how effective these bibs really are for keeping your baby’s clothes drool-free.

Some parents find the combination of the cotton and fleece enough to keep their baby dry, others have reported that they’ve had to change the bib after only 30 minutes. I guess it just depends how much drool your baby’s producing!


✅ Adjustable clips for doing up the bib so baby can’t pull it off

✅ Ultra soft material

✅ Very cute design and patterns


❌ Too thin to be properly effective

❌ Fleece lining makes the bib bunch under baby’s chin

❌ A little warm to wear

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Boys by KeaBabies

If you’re looking for the best baby bandana bibs for boys these KeaBabies might be a good bet. You’ve got eight in the set and they’re all cute patterns suitable for baby boys.

Again, these bandana bibs are fleece-lined at the back, which might not make them the best option if you want to use them in summer.

Compared to the first lot of bandana bibs on our review, the materials in these ones seems to cause a problem after washing where it won’t lie flat and keeps riding up over baby’s face. Not great, especially if you’re using them for a very young baby.


✅ Patterns and colors hold up to regular washing

✅ Color palette goes with everything

✅ Neck fit is adjustable for three sizes 

✅ Snaps keep bib in place but are easy to remove with one hand


❌ Rides up over baby’s face easily, which could be a suffocation hazard

❌ Fleece backing is too hot for summer use

❌ Once washed, the bibs curl up at the ends and don’t stay flat

Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Bibs

Are these the best baby bibs for vegans or what? We absolutely adore the cute and punny veggie designs on these Touched by Nature organic cotton bibs, and best of all the quality of the material and make is great so they hold up after repeated washing.

The only complaints we have about these bibs is that the velcro for the neck fastening is glued on and not stitched and velcro is sometimes easy for babies to pull off. Also these bibs are better suited for feeding rather than leaving on if your baby is drooling due to teething.


✅ Adorable and funny design that appeals to veggie lovers

✅ Material is lovely and soft

✅ They wash well without the colors and pattern fading

✅ Great quality and well made


❌ Okay for feeding but not for drooling babies

❌ Velcro is easy for baby to pull off

Premium Organic Cotton Toddler Bibs

These extra long bibs from KiddyStar are probably the best drool bibs on our list for toddlers. They have an extra large neck hole which makes them unsuitable for babies and toddlers that are petite.

The long length of these bibs makes them perfect for both feeding and leaving on if baby is drooling. We love that the organic cotton material is soft and absorbent, while not being too thick.

They come in a pack of five unisex designs, which would mix and match with most wardrobes; however, some of the lighter colors do tend to hold onto stains a bit more.


✅ Great length

✅ Really soft

✅ Absorbent material

✅ Three snap closure system


❌ Neck opening is way too large, even on smallest setting

❌ Lighter color material shows up stains that are difficult to get out

Adovely 10 Pack White Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

There are pros and cons to having a set of completely white organic cotton bibs. If you’re not a huge fan of doing laundry then obviously the tendency to stain is going to be a problem. However, these would be perfect if you were planning to do bib decorating as a baby shower activity.

What doesn’t make these the best bibs for babies is the fact that they don’t really seem to wash well. After a single wash, the backing material can sometimes shrink and bunch, which means that the bib no longer sits flat.

They could be a good option though if you need an unisex set of bibs that will go with any item of clothing in your baby’s wardrobe.


✅ Snap fasteners instead of velcro

✅ Plain white goes with any outfit

✅ Great baby shower gift idea


❌ Don’t wash well, material bunches and gathers

❌ White color is not great for keeping clean, you may have to bleach them

❌ Material is very thin, yet the fleece-lining is too hot for summer

Parker Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Parents seem to really like the aesthetic of bandana bibs and these Parker drool bibs are no exception. The unisex designs are lovely and stylish and the material is soft and absorbent.

Overall, the size of these bibs is great for droolers but there are a few shortcomings. These bibs don’t wash well. After one wash the colors fade significantly and the fleece material on the back shrinks so the front and back are no longer the same size and the bib bunches.

Some buyers have also reported receiving colors in their pack which weren’t advertised. This could be a problem if you’re buying these bibs specifically for the colors shown.


✅ Material is soft and absorbent

✅ Lovely stylish designs

✅ Fit well


❌ After one wash, the front fabric doesn’t match up with back fabric anymore

❌ Colors fade quickly

❌ Colors you receive may not be as advertised

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Girls

Looking for gorgeous patterns to suit a baby girl? These bandana drool bibs are designed with super soft and cute material that absorbs much better than the plastic-backed variety.

The bib does up using snaps instead of velcro and the great thing about the snaps is that they’re adjustable – these bibs will grow with your baby.

They fit really well so you can even use them over top of the carseat straps to keep them free from drool and spit-up too.

As gorgeous as these are, it’s a little annoying that the makers have sewn the tag on the front of the bib. It’s a little scratchy too and of course, babies really like to stick it in their mouths.


✅ Soaks up drool well

✅ Great for keeping the car seat straps free from spit-up

✅ Snap design instead of velcro

✅ Beautiful designs for girls

✅ Soft material

✅ Adjustable sizing


❌ Colors and form fade after 3-5 washes

❌ Brand tag is on the front of the bib

KiddyStar Premium Organic Cotton Toddler Bibs for Girls

With another offering just for the girls, these KiddyStar toddler bibs give great coverage if your daughter has a lot of drool.

Unlike some of the other bibs on our list, these ones wash really well. They have beautiful colors and patterns and the material is really soft. The backing is an absorbent fleece that works well to protect your daughter’s clothing.

The only con with these bibs is that the neck seems to be really big. Bearing in mind these are of course for toddlers and not babies, if your little one is small for their size, these will probably be too big.


✅ Offers greater drool-protection than a bandana bib

✅ Adjustable snaps allows the bib to be resized

✅ These bibs wash really well

✅ Beautiful colors and soft material


❌ Even on the smallest setting, the neck hole is very wide, even for toddlers

12 Pack Unisex Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by Daulia

Daulia, alongside Parker, is one of the best known brands for baby bandana drool bibs.

These bibs represent great value, coming in a pack of 12, with a choice of really gorgeous unisex patterns that you’ll love.

However, compared with the Parker bibs, the Daulia ones aren’t as absorbent. If you’ve got a heavy drooler, you’ll have to use at least three bibs a day to keep your baby’s clothes dry.

Once again, some babies have problems with the polyester fleece backing, so if your baby has really sensitive skin, you may want to look for a fully organic cotton option.


✅ Really cute unisex material patterns


❌ Backing is polyester which can irritate some babies’ skin

❌ Fleece backing is too hot for summer

❌ Not as absorbent as other bandana bibs

❌ The bibs sometimes fold up over baby’s face

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 8 Pack for Girls

These Lil Dandelion drool bibs come in a pack of eight with the most adorable patterns for baby girls. Like the other bandana bibs on our list, these ones have an organic cotton front and a fleece, polyester back that absorbs baby drool really well.

The design of these bibs includes an extra lip of fabric to help stop any drool or spit up escaping down between the bib and baby’s clothes; however, some parents have found this design to be flawed as all it does is cause the drool to pool, making the neck area very wet and, after long periods of time, this can encourage yeast infections in baby’s neck rolls and sometimes eczema.


✅ Cute designs for little girls

✅ Fabric is really soft and good quality 

✅ Washes well

✅ Really absorbent


❌ Extra lip of fabric under the chin doesn’t stop bib from bunching, just helps to pool the drool

❌ Encourages wetness around neck rolls, which can cause yeast infections and eczema

Growth Pal 6 Pack 100% Organic Cotton Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Last but not least, we have these Growth Pal bandana bibs. We love the fact that these bandana bibs are much longer than some of the others on our list, offering more protection for your baby’s clothes without sacrificing the cute bandana look.

These ones are also double-sided organic cotton – so your baby won’t have any itchy polyester fleecing hanging around their neck, and this also makes them a great option for summer too.

The Growth Pal drool bibs wouldn’t be suitable for newborns but are perfect for when babies start to teeth, which is when the drool really sets in!


✅ Great, longer bandana design

✅ Double sided

✅ Lovely unisex designs

✅ Plastic snaps with two adjustable sizes

✅ Comes with reusable ziplock bag


❌ A little big for newborns

Which are the best organic cotton baby bibs?

If you like the look of bandana bibs, then our top pick for that category is the Growth Pal Organic Cotton Baby Bandana Drool bib.

These bibs are much better designed than some of the other bandana bibs available on the market. They are longer so they can absorb and protect better and they don’t bunch or roll back up over baby’s face. There’s also no risk of drool pooling up underneath their chin.

They have adjustable sizing with snaps so these can grow with your baby and they’ll also be impossible for baby to yank off. We also love that they are double-sided organic cotton so you don’t have any scratchy polyester fleece sitting against baby’s skin, which is particularly problematic during hot summer months.

If you want a bib that works for drooling and feeding then we’d recommend the Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Bibs. The designs on these bibs are so adorable plus they give all the coverage you need to keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry while you’re trying to get food into their mouths!

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