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For youngsters under the age of one, baby hats are an important part of your little one’s wardrobe as they help to regulate their body temperature. They’re even more important in winter when your baby needs to be protected from the cold weather.

Prior to being vegan, wool and shearling were always the hallmarks of quality and warmth, but the great news is that now there are so many options available for baby hats that are not only adorably cute, but they’re just as warm and cosy as the non-vegan counterparts.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best cruelty-free winter baby hats available online and give you our top pick from the bunch.

But before we get into the reviews, let’s learn a bit more about what you need to look out for when choosing baby hats for winter.

Which materials are used in vegan baby hats?

baby in a pink hat laying on a white rug

There are a variety of synthetic materials in use today that mimic the look, feel and warmth of animal-based materials. These include things like polyester, rayon, and acrylic among others.

Natural, plant-derived materials such as cotton and hemp are also used. Synthetic materials are widely prized for their durability and can be teamed up with other natural materials within a garment. The baby hats in our list of reviews contain a mix of natural, plant-based materials and synthetics.


Which materials should be avoided?

As a vegan you’ll want to avoid any winter baby hats that are made from wool or that feature fur trim, or other materials like silk and leather. Animals go through enormous suffering for these materials to be made and with vegan alternatives readily available, that match and sometimes outperform the quality and warmth provided by non-vegan options, there’s just no good reason to support companies that continue to promote animal cruelty.

A popular fashion item for babies and young children at the moment are the hats with the pom poms on top that are made from what is supposed to be faux fur. Various tests have shown that these pom poms are in fact not faux fur at all and are real fur derived from animals such as cats, dogs and raccoon dogs in China.

If you’re not 100% sure if a baby hat carries faux or real fur, we recommend that you pass on that item. It’s just not worth the risk that you could be supporting the fur industry.

For further information on how to check if an item has real or fake fur, check out this video from vegan sisters Lucy and Tiffany Watson.

How to find perfect baby hats for winter

Want to know what to consider before you buy your baby hat? Here’s our list of things to think about:


When it comes to deciding which style of winter baby hat you choose it’s first important to think about whether or not the region where you live is really cold in winter. If so, you may want to consider an option that has ear flaps and ties up under the chin to ensure any chills are kept away from baby’s ears and that they can’t whip their hat off (a trick that babies are renowned for!)


In addition to that, do you want something unisex that could be handed down to a younger child once your baby has outgrown it? If so, try to choose a color and style that would suit a boy or a girl. We’ve got both options – baby girl hats and baby boy hats – in our reviews.


You can’t go wrong with a classic knitwear style in a color that you can easily mix and match with the rest of baby’s wardrobe.



You’ll obviously want to ensure that any baby hat you purchase is made without the use of animal-derived materials. You can safely choose any of the hats from our list.


In addition to this, you’ll want to know that the materials are soft, warm and safe for your baby to wear against their sensitive skin. Baby hats that are lined with cotton are always a nice option, but there are plenty of fleece-linings that are also good quality and dermatologically safe.



Getting the right size for your baby hat is important.


A hat too small and tight will not only be uncomfortable for baby to wear, it may also let in the winter chills. Too big on the other hand is not only irritating for baby when it constantly falls in their eyes, it could also pose a health risk if it falls too far over their face while sleeping in a pram or car seat.


This is particularly important to be aware of if you’re looking for newborn hats.


It can be difficult to know how the sizing is on a particular hat when buying online. Our reviews let you know exactly what to expect for each baby hat, whether or not it runs large or small or just right, so you know which size to order for your little one.



As with most things, you get what you pay for. Think of a winter hat as an investment in your baby’s comfort and health. The baby hats that feature at the higher end of the price bracket are usually made with healthier, higher-quality materials, they fit better and are more warm and comfortable for your baby to wear.


The Reviews – Best Baby Hats for Winter

Now that we know more about vegan-friendly baby hats and how to pick a good one, let’s get stuck into the reviews.

First up on our list of best baby hats for winter is this adorable aviator style bonnet with earflaps…

PanDaDa Baby Winter Hat with Pilot Aviator Crochet Earflap

If you’re looking for a fashion statement for your baby that’s sure to get noticed then this is the hat for you.

The sizing on this item is a little strange; it’s intended to fit between 6 months right through to four years. There is however, a strap that fits under the chin to adjust it to the right size. It also has elastic at the back so the hat will stretch as your baby grows. So it’s a great option if you’re looking to buy a single hat to last several winters.

It’s made from soft materials that are warm and cosy against your little one’s skin. We’d advise washing it first though before using it.

Due to its decorative elements and lack of quality, it’s best to wash the bonnet on a cool machine wash, turned inside out. Treated well, it should last until your baby outgrows it.


  • Super cute style
  • Elastic in the back so there’s room to grow
  • Keeps baby’s head and ears warm
  • Material feels so


  • The quality isn’t great – items hot-glued on rather than sewn
  • Sizing is out, not intended for a small baby but rather a toddler
  • Colors are not as vibrant as pictured
  • Some other buyers reported that the hat smelt like chemicals but this disappears after being washed

Ami&Li Infant Knit Winter Trapper Hat

This baby beanie is a gorgeous option that comes in four different colors – white, pink, blue and gray – making it suitable for boys and girls. Again it’s another great option if you’re looking for baby hats with ears.

It’s made from 100% man made materials but they’re really soft and give the same warmth and comfort as wool. The overall quality of this beanie makes it a great option if you prefer the look of knitted baby hats but don’t want the cruelty of animal-derived materials.

Best of all, it’s also machine washable and you can select the sizing for the age bracket that best suits your baby. Other buyers have reported that the sizing is spot on and you can adjust the hat so that it gives a snug fit or is slouchy.


  • Classic and cute style
  • Covers baby’s ears
  • Lovely colors to choose from
  • Great quality
  • Fits well


  • Not breathable so baby can get sweaty – best for really cold conditions

Century Star Beanie Baby Knit Hat

These Century Star baby beanies come in six beautiful unisex colors that mix and match well with whatever your baby is wearing.

While they look stylish, disappointingly the sizing on this baby beanie is way off. Some buyers reported that they’d bought the right size for their baby but it fit their seven-year-old’s head!

If you do manage to get the right size, the material is stretchy enough that it should last at least a couple of winters. The stretch in the material also makes this more comfortable for baby to wear too.

The make is good quality and the materials used mean that baby’s head won’t get too hot and sweaty.


  • Great stylish look and beautiful colors to choose from
  • Makes a great lightweight winter hat option
  • Material is warm and comfortable for baby to wear


  • Sizing is way out – too big for an infant

ERISO Toddler Baby Girls Winter Hat with Earflaps

If you’ve been searching for the cutest in baby girl hats, this plush little option from ERISO should go to the top of the list. Pink and cosy, it’s got double layered fleece lining with pom pom ears on top and braided ties for securing underneath baby’s chin.

Some things to look out for with this item; firstly the sizing runs large so just bear that in mind when selecting the sizing bracket. Also, one user reported that their baby was able to easily pull out threads from the braided ties and put them in their mouth. This could present a choking risk, so if you decide to buy this hat for your baby check that none of the threads are loose before letting them wear it.


  • Earflaps keep baby’s ears warm as well
  • Material is soft and warm
  • Good quality materials used
  • Comes with a cute gift-bag


  • Woolen threads can easily be pulled off the pom pom and present a choking hazard
  • Sizing runs large

Home Prefer Toddler Sherpa Earflap Snow/Ski Hat

The Home Prefer Sherpa hat is warm, adjustable and waterproof, and comes in four neutral colors. The lining is featured through the entirety of this hat, not just the front flap and earflaps so it’s a great option if you’re taking your little one into really cold climes.

It’s got handy chin strap velcros that stop baby from pulling the hat off their head. Some purchasers said they would have prefered snaps instead of velcro but that’s just down to preference and how strong your baby is!


  • Well made, with thick materials
  • Whole hat is fleece-lined, not just the earflaps
  • Chin strap velcros stop baby from pulling the hat off


  • Materials used aren’t that soft
  • Sizing runs slightly too large

RAOEXI Baby Beanies Earflap Hat

The RAOEXI baby beanies are not only really cute but they’re also well made and use great quality materials.

Available in four lovely colors – gray, navy, white and pink – they have a double layered design featuring stretchy crochet on the top and a super soft cotton lining on the inside, making it really comfy to wear.

Due to knit material used, it’s recommended that you hand wash this hat, although you could probably get away with putting in the washing machine on a delicate cycle.

The fake ears on the top of this beanie add to the cute factor, as do the earflaps, which you can secure underneath baby’s chin.


  • Well made and good quality materials
  • Cotton-lining is soft and cosy
  • Earflaps keep baby’s ears warm
  • Great unisex and classic design


  • Strangely shaped – would fit a very long head
  • Snaps instead of ties to secure the hat under the chin would be more convenient

Bienvenu Baby Winter Hat

The Bienvenu baby winter hat is probably the cutest option in this list! The design means that baby’s head, ears and neck are fully covered and kept warm. The only thing that would make it better is if it had some kind of lining inside to make it warmer.

Some buyers have reported that the hat they received doesn’t look exactly the same as the one that’s advertised. They also said the quality of the material isn’t that great and that it snags and sheds. However, others have reported that the shedding issue stops after a while.

If you like this hat, just make sure that if the fit is a little too large that you don’t leave it on your baby when not under close supervision. If the hat slips it could move over their face and pose a suffocation risk.


  • Baby can’t take the hat off themselves easily
  • Keeps head, neck and ears warm
  • Very cute style


  • Size runs really big
  • Colors aren’t vibrant, really faded
  • Hat (ears in particular) don’t look the same as advertised
  • Material isn’t great quality – snags easily and sheds

Baby Fleece Lined Winter Earflap Beanie

Do you prefer the look of knitted baby hats? Not only is this one such a cute design, it’s also really warm and soft due to its fleecy inner lining. The earflaps and under chin ties keep baby’s ears and neck warm as well and the pom pom ear details take this hat from cute to adorable.

The only downside with this little beanie is that the quality isn’t that great. After only a little wear, some buyers have reported that it starts to unravel around the edges and separates between the fleece lining and the outside material.


  • Cute design
  • Comfortable and cosy materials that babies seem to like wearing
  • Keeps baby’s ears and head warm
  • Ties up under the chin so baby can’t pull the hat off


  • Warm but not good quality for long-term use
  • Difficult to choose the right size

Baby Warm Fleece-Lined Ear-Flap Beanie

This range of infant hats comes in several choices of colors and patterns to suit boys and girls. The material used is cosy and has a bit of stretch to it so it’s comfortable for baby to wear, providing protection against the cold without feeling restricted.

The nice thing about this beanie is that you can also choose to purchase the matching fleece-lined mittens to go with the hat, which makes a nice set.


  • Soft, warm and comfortable for baby to wear
  • Straps tie up under baby’s chin to protect ears and neck
  • Lots of different colors and patterns to choose from for boys and girls


  • Fleece lining is too thin for really cold weather
  • Pom pom detailing isn’t well sewn on
  • Has a chemical smell when you first open it from the packet – although this fades over time

Funky Junque Kids Baby Toddler Cable Knit Children’s Pom Winter Hat Beanie

This winter pom pom beanie from Funky Junque has more of a grown up look to it. It doesn’t have any earflaps but is designed to be worn ‘slouchy’ so that your baby’s ears are covered.

This style’s lack of under chin ties might make it better for younger babies that haven’t yet cottoned on to the fact they can pull their hat off!

Some buyers have reported that the sizing was great on the first beanie they bought, they loved it and bought another in a different color, only to find that the second one didn’t fit.


  • Cute, cosy and classic style
  • Is a baby-sized replica of an adult’s hat so you can match with your infant if you like
  • 100% man made and durable materials used


  • No ear flaps or under chin ties to keep baby from pulling off the hat
  • The sizing is inconsistent
  • White color can get dirty easily

Baby Beanie Earflaps Winter Hat with Fleece Lining

Last but not least on our list is this really gorgeous baby beanie with earflaps and fleece lining. You’ll love the cute pom pom ear design.

It comes in a range of four colors suitable for boys and girls and the earflaps tie up under the chin, giving protection from the cold and keeping the hat in place.

The material is soft and warm and has a good amount of stretch to it. The sizing is good on this range so you can safely purchase the right size for your baby without issue.


  • Cute pom pom ear design
  • Earflaps keep baby’s ears warm
  • Refund given if you’re not 100% satisfied


  • Not very good quality
  • Chin straps aren’t very long
  • Despite the seller stating it doesn’t smell, some buyers have complained of a chemical odor when they first receive it

Our pick of the best baby hats

our favorite baby hat for cold months is Ami&Li Infant Knit Winter Trapper Hat

We love the Ami&Li Infant Knit Winter Trapper Hat and that’s our top pick from this roundup review. Not only is it a classic style that will never go out of fashion, it’s available in a range of colors that would suit both boys and girls.

It’s fully fleece lined throughout the hat, so you know it’s going to keep your little one’s head, ears and neck cosy. The earflaps and under chin ties are a must for babies, who really don’t know what’s good for them and will always try to pull their winter hat off!

All-in-all, the Ami&Li hat offers great quality and value for money and is a hat worth investing in if you want something that’s going to last a couple of winters. Plus it’s made from 100% man-made materials so you can rest assured that no animal was harmed in the making of this hat!

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