Vegan Prenatal Vitamins: Choosing The Best Pregnancy Supplements

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Whether you’ve been a vegan for years or have recently switched to a plant-based lifestyle, finding out you’re expecting may cause you to question your choice. Some vegan moms-to-be feel pressured to start eating meat or take standard pregnancy supplements. However, despite what the nay-sayers claim, a vegan diet is healthy and safe for moms … Read more

Vegan Baby Food: Brands And Products Guide – 2022 Reviews

vegan baby food featured image with infant being spoon fed by mother

When it comes to children, especially infants, it’s important to set a good dietary example and take extra care of their rapidly developing bodies! So, for vegans, it’s crucial that the nourishment we give our offspring is both cruelty-free and contains optimal plant-based nutrition. After all, Popeye didn’t get big and strong by eating Oreos … Read more

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