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Keeping baby comfy and cosy when sleeping is a breeze when you employ wearable blankets for babies. So if you’re on the hunt for the best baby sleep sack, then look no further!

We’ve not only scoured the internet to find the best of the best for you, we’ve also looked carefully at each item to figure out which is the best sleep sack so we can give you our top pick.

All the options on our list are made from 100% organic materials, designed not only to be super soft against your little one’s skin but to also promote a healthy sleep environment, free from any toxic chemical residues.

So no matter whether you’re looking for the best sleep sack for newborn babies or the top toddler sleeping bag, our in-depth review will guide you into picking the best for you and your babe.

However, before we check out the reviews and see what’s on offer, we’ll first give you a little more information about why baby sleep sacks are useful in helping your baby get a good sleep, the safety precautions to employ when using them and what you need to look for when choosing the best baby sleep sack for your needs.

Ready to explore the wonderful world of wearable baby blankets? Let’s do this!

Are baby sleep sacks necessary?

Like any item designed for babies, you could argue for or against needing them. However, in the case of baby sleep sacks they provide a few benefits that will help your baby sleep better – and that’s good news for everyone in your household!

Firstly, a sleep sack will keep your baby warm, comfy and cosy without the use of loose blankets in their crib. As a baby moves about in their bed while sleeping they run the risk of pulling covers over their faces, which provides a suffocation risk.

In addition, pulling the covers off could make them cold, which means they are more likely to wake up (and if you’ve fought hard to get them to sleep in the first place, this is the last thing you want!).

For babies that have been swaddled in their first few weeks of life, a sleep sack provides a great transition partner for parents and babies as it gives them a little more room to move than a swaddle but can still restrict kicking movements and startle reflexes that sometimes continue in babies up to the age of one.

So if you’re looking for warmth, safety and cosiness for your little one, we say a baby sleep sack is a great bedtime partner.

Are baby sleep sacks safe?

As mentioned above, sleep sacks are a lot safer than blankets in cribs as long as you exercise due caution and use them as directed.

When selecting an appropriate sleep sack for your little one, make sure that you get the right size; too large and it could bunch up and cover their face when they move.

If your little one is toddler age, you’ll also want to choose a sleeping bag that has either a two-way zip or at least a zip that runs from top to bottom. Choosing the top to bottom option means that your toddler will be less tempted and able to figure out how to unzip themselves from the sleeping bag and introduce a loose blanket into their sleeping area.

Also, don’t be tempted to keep your baby in their sleep sack outside of their bed, especially if they can pull themselves up and walk around – they’ll fall over and could hurt themselves.

Can baby overheat in a sleep sack?

Overheating is certainly a risk no matter what you choose to dress your baby in to sleep. That’s why it’s important to dress your baby appropriately for the season and conditions they’re sleeping in.

If you want to avoid having a sleeping sack that doesn’t perform how you need it to in terms of warmth, we suggest going for an option that has detachable sleeves and is a medium weight toggle. This way, if it’s unseasonably hot, you can remove the sleeves and simply put baby in wearing their diaper or a light and short-sleeved onesie.

For more information on how to dress your baby for sleep, check out this video:

What to look for in a baby sleeping bag

As you’d imagine, there’s a whole host of options to choose from when it comes to wearable blankets for babies. Here are the key things we think you should consider when making choice…


Getting the right size sleeping sack for your baby is both a comfort and a safety issue. While it’s okay to get a sleeping sack that leaves room for a pair of comfy pyjamas underneath, you’ll want to avoid anything too large as your baby might be able to slip out their arms and get themselves twisted and caught up.


Some brands have tricky sizing so be sure to closely check out the recommendations on our reviews to see if the sleeping sack you’re interested in runs true to size.



With any item of apparel that will be used for your baby, you’ll want to choose an organic option. Organic items are free from any traces of pesticides or herbicides and have usually been dyed using natural dyes and without using any harmful chemicals that leave residues and could impact on the health of your baby.


The softness of the material is also a factor to consider, but bear in mind that most organic material options may start out a little rougher at the beginning and get gradually softer and softer with regular use and washing.


All the sleeping sacks in our list of reviews below are organic and we let you know which ones have the softest material.



When looking for the best quality, it’s important to look at the material thickness and softness and how well the stitching holds together when the item is washed and used regularly.


A good quality sleep sack will also have a strong zipper that’s fit for purpose and the material won’t shrink too much or pill after washing. It’s hard to tell if an item is good quality when you’re buying on the internet, that’s why you can trust our reviews to help you make the best decision.


Special features

When it comes to sleeping sacks there are a few key features that you’ll want to look out for. The main ones are a two-way zip and detachable arms.


The two-way zip is a desirable feature because it makes it really easy to zip open the sleeping sack from the bottom and check or change your baby’s dirty diaper without having to completely remove them (and sometimes if they’re newborn you can even change them without waking them up).


The detachable arms are great for getting more than one season out of your baby’s sleeping sack. Leave the arms on for winter and chilly nights, take them off when it starts to warm up a little.

The reviews: Which is the best sleepsack for babies?

Now that we know more about why a sleeping sack is a good idea, the safety precautions to take, and what to look for in the perfect baby sleeping bag, let’s check out the reviews.

First on our list is the OuYun organic sleeping bag…

OuYun Baby Organic Sleeping Bag with Detachable Sleeves

This organic sleeping bag from OuYun is really great quality and is perfect for fall and winter use. The material is soft and thick, so it feels comfortable and cosy for your little one.

The snap on/detachable sleeves allow you to add extra warmth for baby if needed and make this a really versatile option.

We also love the two-way zipper which allows for dirty diaper checks at night without waking up baby.

Although the thicker material does provide extra warmth, it can sometimes bunch up around or behind baby’s neck if they move around alot – this is something to watch for. In addition, the material thickness does also mean that it can take a while to dry, especially if you leave it to air dry.


  • Made from cotton, not microfleece
  • Material is soft and breathable
  • Great thickness for colder months
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Two way zip


  • Can get crinkled and bunched up behind baby’s neck
  • Sizing is too big

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag

The Touched by Nature sleeping bag is a better option for the warm summer months as the material is quite thin. However, the sizing is large enough that you can comfortably dress baby in their pajama onesie with short or long sleeves as needed.

This sleeping bag doesn’t come with sleeves, detachable or otherwise but it does have a range of cute unisex patterns to choose from. It doesn’t have a two-way zip but the zip runs from top to bottom, which means that you can still easily do diaper checks and changes without having to completely remove your baby from the sack.

Overall, the quality of this sleeping bag isn’t as great as the OuYun sleeping sack. The zip is poor quality and sometimes other buyers have reported that the stitching comes loose after only one wash.

The sizing tends to be an issue as well; with some other buyers reporting that the sizing runs way too large; for others it’s just right.


  • Gorgeous patterns to choose from
  • Zips from top to bottom for easy diaper checks
  • Soft material


  • Zipper quality is poor and liable to break
  • Material is thin – better suited to summer use
  • Overall, not the best quality item
  • Size runs way too big

Woolino Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Bag

First of all, this Woolino organic cotton sleeping bag is so cute with its stripy pattern and there are several colors to choose from. The sizing on this sleeping bag makes it a great wearable blanket for a toddler.

The fit and design keeps the bag in place when your baby or toddler is sleeping, which prevents the fabric from bunching around their face – a big safety bonus!

It’s also got other great features such as the coveted two-way zipper and the material is not only soft but it’s also certified organic cotton. However, the disappointing thing is that the quality is just not up to scratch on this sleeping bag.

Once again, there’s an issue with the zip; it sometimes sticks and snags on the material. And speaking of material, other buyers have reported that after only a couple of washes, it starts to pill.

This item is too lightweight to be a good fall or winter sleeping sack option, but may work well for summer.


  • Fantastic stripy pattern in a range of colors
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Two-way zipper
  • Six-month warranty provided


  • Zipper snags on material
  • Quality of item isn’t that high
  • Cotton pills after only a couple of washes
  • Not thick enough for fall or winter use

OuYun Baby Organic Sleeping Bag with Detachable Sleeves

In with another entry from OuYun, this time the toggle on this sleeping bag is ‘moderate thick’ and suitable for temperatures between 32-68℉.

The 100% organic cotton is undyed, really soft and promotes a healthy sleep environment for your baby. It also comes decorated with gorgeous little animals near the feet.

This sleeping bag would suit fall or winter months – just make sure you put baby in pajamas underneath for added warmth. We really like the zipper cover feature, which protects baby’s neck from rubbing or getting caught in the zipper when the sack is being done up.

Another great feature is the collar. This provides additional warmth and ensures baby’s chest is protected from the cold. Again, it has the detachable sleeves which gives it more versatility and a longer period of use.

The only downside is that the sizing runs really large on this. So bear that in mind when selecting a size. We’d recommend buying a size down.


  • Cover on the zipper so baby’s neck is protected
  • Nice warm collar
  • Undyed, 100% organic cotton
  • Soft material that stands up well to washing


  • Sizing runs too big

Kvitka Eco Baby Sleeping Bag – Organic Hemp Cotton

If you’re looking for a sustainable and organic material for your baby’s clothing and sleepwear, this organic hemp sleeping bag from Kvitka Eco Baby is an interesting option.

Not only is the outer material made from natural fibers, but the stuffing is made from organic hemp. While this sounds good in theory, disappointingly, after washing the filling has a tendency to clump together. This makes it uncomfortable for baby to sleep on and also affects its ability to provide warmth.

If you’re specific about colors and prints as well, it’s worth noting that the actual color of this sack is closer to mint green than the turquoise color that’s shown in the photo. It’s still a lovely color though.

The material is a little stiff when you first receive the item but it does soften up nicely after a couple of washes; however, then you have the issue with the filling bunching.

It’s got the great two-way zipper feature but the zip doesn’t feel like it’s great quality and feels a little “cheap”.


  • 100% natural fibers
  • Two way zipper


  • Filling lumps up
  • Color is different in real life to how it’s shown in photos
  • Material is stiff when you first get it
  • Zipper quality isn’t great

Halo Sleepsack Cotton Wearable Blanket

The final entry in our list of baby sleep sack reviews is this cotton wearable blanket by Halo.

The overall quality, thickness and softness of this sleepsack is great, but there are a few things that let it down.

The neck on this sleepsack is curiously way too big in proportion to the rest of the sleepsack. This makes it easy for it to bunch up over baby’s face when they’re sleeping and could present a safety hazard.

Another potential safety hazard is present on the XL size, which would be suitable for toddlers. Unlike the other sizes which have zips that run from top to bottom, the zip on the XL size runs from bottom to top and this makes it easy – not to mention very tempting – for your toddler to unzip themselves.

Considering that you’re using a sleeping sack to prevent having loose blankets in the crib for your baby, the fact that they could easily get out of the sack presents a problem.


  • Really soft, yet durable quality cotton
  • Great quality overall, stitching and seams are great
  • Zips from top to bottom for easy diaper changes


  • Sizing is out
  • Could ride up over baby’s mouth while sleeping

Our top pick for the best baby sleep sack

The standout brand in our list of reviews for the best infant sleep sacks is OuYun. We’re happy to recommend either one of the organic sleeping bags we reviewed but if we had to pick one over the other, we’d go for the moderate thick tog which is the second option on the list.

We like this one in particular for the additional features it’s got that others don’t have; this includes things like the detachable arms; the collar that goes up to baby’s neck to keep them extra cosy; the two-way zipper which allows for easy diaper changes and checks, and the zipper cover which protects baby’s neck.

Team those features up with the fact that the 100% organic cotton material is soft and warm and we reckon this sleepsack pretty much ticks all the boxes and provides everything you could want in a baby sleeping bag.

The detachable arms and collar make it perfect for winter use, but also provide you with the versatility to take off the arms and keep using it during the warmer months in spring and fall. If you’re going to invest in just one organic sleep sack for your baby, then this is definitely a good bet.

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