Although doing laundry may be boring, at least you don’t have to worry about harming animals while you do it, right?


Unfortunately, many “traditional” laundry products are tested on animals before they hit the shelves of your local store, making them decidedly un-vegan. 

Then there’s the fact that the majority of standard laundry products are high in chemicals to contend with. Not only is it worth considering alternatives for the sake of your skin, it’s also worth bearing in mind the environmental impact these unnatural powders and liquids have on our waterways. 

The good news is that many vegan laundry alternatives work just as well as their cruel, chemical counterparts. Not only will they get your clothing clean, they’ll generally be safer for your skin, more environmentally friendly, kinder to your appliances, and better for your clothes.

If you haven’t switched your laundry products over to a vegan friendly alternative, now’s the time to do so. Check out our articles below and make the change next time you shop.

How To Clean A Washing Machine…Without Hurting The Environment!

How To Clean A Washing Machine…Without Hurting The Environment!

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