Cruelty-Free Lip Balm: 6 Vegan Chapstick Alternatives To Keep You Kissable

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Do you want hydrated, kissable lips without causing unnecessary suffering? Of course you do!

Don’t worry. Thankfully, there are now plenty of cruelty-free lip balm products to choose from, so you can moisturize your lips without fretting about what they’re made from.

The aim of this post is to help you choose which vegan chapstick best suits your needs. Shall we get started?

How to choose vegan chapstick

Before you choose your chapstick, you need to understand that vegan and cruelty-free products are not necessarily the same thing.

While there are some similarities between the two, you still need to make sure both boxes are ticked if you want to buy a product that is 100% ethical.

Cruelty-free lip balm

If a makeup or lip balm product is marked “cruelty-free”, it means that during the creation and production process the product was not tested on animals.

Sometimes, however, cruelty-free cosmetics use ingredients derived from animal by-products. While the cruelty-free label is certainly a good sign, as vegans we should do a little further investigation before purchasing a product which is solely defined as being cruelty-free.

Vegan lip balm

When a makeup product is marked vegan, it means that it does not contain animal by-products, including animal ingredients and animal-derived ingredients.

However, the label “vegan” doesn’t actually ensure that a product has been created without animal testing – crazy, huh?

So, when shopping for lip balm, look for ones that are marked as being both vegan and cruelty-free. That way you can be sure that your new balm was created without animal by-products and without animal testing.

Animal by-products that you should watch out for

There are many animal by-products that are commonly used in the production of cosmetic products like lip balms.

If you want to keep your lips smooth and healthy while maintaining your vegan lifestyle, be on the lookout for these ingredients choosing alternatives to Chapstick:

Squalane: This oil is derived from shark livers. It has moisturizing properties, and it is sometimes found in chapsticks.

Lanolin: This ingredient is created from the oil glands of sheep. It is frequently used in lip balms as an emollient.

Beeswax: This is one of the most common ingredients found in lip balm and chapstick products. Beeswax is harvested from worker bees, and single pound of the stuff may need as much as six pounds of honey to be produced!

To ensure that worker bees go unharmed, only purchase lip balms that use wax alternatives, such as essential oils.

Carmine: If you like your lip balm to come with a rosy hue, watch out for carmine, which is also known as carminic acid. This red pigment is derived from crushed insect parts.

The benefits of cruelty-free, vegan lip balm

There are a number of reasons to use a vegan, cruelty-free chapstick. You won’t simply be supporting an important cause, you may also end up improving the health of your lips too.

For one thing, vegan chapsticks often have much shorter ingredient lists. Instead of dozens of chemicals and preservatives, organic vegan lip balms are made out of a handful of skin-friendly, natural ingredients sure to make your lips instantly kissable.

Naturally, you’ll also avoid coating your lips in animal by-products like beeswax, insect extracts, and uric acid when using a vegan lip balm. These products are not only bad news for the animals they are derived from, they can also contain harmful toxins which your body may absorb over time. (1)

Obviously, because they don’t use harsh ingredients, they’re often better for sensitive skin. Even if you aren’t a vegan in all aspects of life, if you have sensitive lips that aren’t helped by standard chapstick products, you might want to consider using a vegan chapstick.

You might find the simple combination of healthy ingredients does wonders for your chapped lips.

Another important point is vegan products normally use recycled packaging. By choosing vegan lip products rather than non-vegan alternatives, you can generally be sure that the design and packaging is also eco-friendly as well.


Using vegan cruelty-free lip balm

Once you’ve found the perfect lip balm for you, using it is simple and no different to any other chapstick you may have used before. Simply swipe it onto your dry, chapped lips for instant moisturization. That’s it!

The best vegan chapstick alternatives

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle, there are now many different lip balms to choose from.

The one you choose will depend on a number of factors, not least of which will be the flavor you prefer. Many of the products listed below have multiple flavor options, so be sure to click through to check them all out.

One thing all the products on our list have in common is they work. They’re highly regarded by their many thousands of fans and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Anyway, enough of the chat, let’s take a look at some of the best vegan lip balms money can buy!

Hurraw! Lip Balms

hurraw! lip balm 3 pack
hurraw! lip balm 3 pack

These hydrating chapsticks are some of the best organic lip balm products on the market. They are made using nothing but raw, vegan, and organic ingredients, and they leave your lips looking and feeling great.

Importantly, they come in a number of sheer tints and delectable flavors.

This particular 3-pack of Hurraw! lip balms is simply divine. The Mint flavor is deep and refreshing, with a slight tingle present upon application, which makes it the perfect morning balm, imo.

If you’re looking for a balm that tastes good enough to eat, try the Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. Imbued with the perfect red hue, this lip balm is made from delicious, organic cherries.

The product is made without iron oxides, micas, or other unhealthy pigments, and it’s ideal for people who want to achieve a naturally luscious glow.

If zest is what you’re after, try the Grapefruit Lip Balm. Made with organic grapefruit oil, this creamy formula is a fresh way to start the day. Simply swipe it across the lips and take in the intoxicating smell of freshly squeezed grapefruit.

These great balm products are perfect for people who are looking for a sheer tint, a healthy dose of hydration, and an invigorating scent. If you have sensitive skin, however, you may want to look for an alternative.

Some users find that these vegan lip balms cause a mild burning/tingling sensation on skin prone to sensitivity.

  • Very moisturizing, without feeling greasy
  • Incredible smell and taste, you’ll WANT to reapply!
  • Nice sheen leaves lips looking as luscious as they feel
  • Oval shape makes them easier to apply
  • Long-lasting
  • Tint is very slight, but that will actually appeal to many

Eco Lips Vegan Lip Balms

Eco Lips are a highly-regarded vegan chapstick brand who have been producing great products since the 1990s.

Their lip balms are made without the harmful ingredients that can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, including corn, soy, petroleum, and chemicals.

Instead, these lip balms are made from ingredients like sunflower seed oil, candelilla wax, organic cocoa butter, and organic coconut oil. Together, these great ingredients moisturize and hydrate rough, dry lips while minimizing your environmental impact. Winning!

This 3-pack includes the following flavors: superfruit, sweet mint, and lemon-lime. From tingling mint to tart citrus, these balms are great antidotes to cracked lips.

While most reviewers enjoy the hydrating experience of Eco Lips lip balms, some remark that they simply don’t do enough to fend off the effects of rough winter weather. If you need an ultra-moisturizing balm, these products may not be enough to keep your lips smooth, hydrated, and totally kissable.

These bee-free balms come in a number of great flavors. Check out the full range here.

  • Moisturizes nicely
  • 100% of the manufacturing is offset with renewable energy credits
  • Very smooth formula
  • Flavors are subtle yet noticeable
  • Harsh winters can challenge their effectiveness

Handmade Heroes Hyaluronic Lip Balm

If you’re looking to pamper your lips, Handmade Heroes Hyaluronic Lip Balm might just suit your needs.

This vegan chapstick is designed to soften and nourish the lips, and it is chock full of ingredients that do just that.

The virgin coconut oil sends a hearty dose of hydration straight to the lips, and the cocoa butter smoothes and fortifies, protecting the lips from environmental toxins. This balm also has sunflower oil, which is also naturally hydrating.

This product is manufactured without synthetic chemicals or artificial preservatives, which can have a negative effect on the delicate skin of the lips. Most users love this handmade lip balm product, citing its pleasant wear, smooth formula, and pleasant scent as definite attributes.

Other users, however, say that they have to use more product to get the same hydrating effect as they do from other brands. So, if you want long-lasting hydration after a single swipe of chapstick, you may want to choose a balm from another manufacturer.

  • Very silky
  • Softens lips beautifully
  • Refreshing flavor and smell
  • Doesn’t last as long as other vegan chapsticks, you may need to reapply frequently

Pure + Simple Vegan Lip Balms

This organic vegan lip balm from Pure + Simple may be the secret to softer, hydrated lips. It contains a variety of essential oils, sure to keep lips moisturized for hours.

These include avocado oil, castor seed oil, jojoba oil, candelilla wax, and more.

In fact, there’s steam-distilled essential oil in each tube of lip balm. This means that your lips are being treated with a significant amount of high-quality oil every time you apply this product.

This pack gives you five great flavors. The key lime balm is refreshing and full of citrus flavor, while the lavender is infused with a gentle, romantic scent. The Tuscan orange balm smells like summertime, and the peppermint-flavored balm is sure to make your lips tingle.

Some find the scent too strong and the essential oils too harsh, especially if their lips are irritated and in need of relief. However, the vast majority of people enjoy the fragrance and formula of these popular balm products.

  • Relatively affordable when compared to other vegan lip balms
  • Goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel as thick as some other products
  • Looks natural, even when first applied
  • Lasts well
  • Scent can be a little overpowering
  • Can sting heavily chapped lips

Crazy Cat Lady Vegan Lip Balm

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll love this organic vegan lip balm product. Each tube of balm is decorated with images of cats and paw prints, and they’ve given them names like “Felime” and “Pawpermint.” They also donate to

However, even if cats make you break out in hives, you’ll appreciate the hydrating formula of these great lip balms.

They’re filled with all natural fruit and plant-based flavors and moisturizing organic oils. Organic coconut oil is found in each balm, which nourishes and moisturizes tired, dry lips.

While most users say that this balm helped to solve their dry lips problem, some say that it simply doesn’t last long enough. They find themselves reapplying once every hour, which is a shame.

That being said, this lip balm does work well so maybe that’s a small price to pay.

  • Novel packaging, perfect (should that be purrrrfect?) for gifts
  • Not as hydrating as its competitors
  • Needs to be reapplied often
  • Not the best value for money

Crazy Rumors Barista Lip Balm

Crazy Rumors Barista Lip Balm 4-Pack

If you need a jolt of coffee every morning, you’re sure to enjoy these coffee-flavored lip balms from Crazy Rumors.

This pack brings a great array of coffee-inspired flavors, including spiced chai, French vanilla, coffee bean, and amaretto. Each balm contains just enough scent to evoke coffee, but not enough scent to overpower delicate noses.

These balms are formulated using jojoba oil and shea butter. Each one contains ultra-moisturizing ingredients that’ll keep your lips feeling smooth and well hydrated.

Most coffee lovers enjoy these balms, but if you’re a connoisseur, watch out. Some complain that the flavors taste a bit too bitter.

Crazy Rumors have plenty of other amazing flavors to choose from. Check out their full range here.

  • Affordable
  • Moisturizes and protects
  • Goes on smoothly without excess residue
  • Long lasting
  • Coffee bean flavor may seem bitter to some, but there are lots of other Crazy Rumor flavors available

Which vegan lip balm takes the top spot?

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In terms of overall appeal, it’s hard to beat a Hurraw! Lip Balm.

They’re one of the best vegan lip balm brands for a good reason. They offer a moisturizing formula that give you long-term hydration, and their flavors provide a tantalizing scent and a flattering sheen.

So, if you’re looking for a vegan lip balm that does it all, choose a product from Hurraw! Lip Balm’s excellent selection of chapsticks.

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  1. Anna Schaverien | French public warned to avoid ‘toxic lip balms’ |


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