21 Wonderful Recipes For Vegan Pancakes To Flip You Out

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Thanks to the Internet and the legions of brilliant bloggers, going plant-based has never been easier…and these perfect vegan pancakes prove my point.

So, if you want to know how to make healthy pancakes, you’re on the right page. From savory to sweet, these egg-free pancakes will surprise and delight both you and your non-vegan friends.

Prepare to flip out!

The Edgy Veg’s Vegan Pancake Recipe

Eggless pancake mix

Candice Hutchings at The Edgy Veg brings honesty to the vegan lifestyle. Sometimes it can be hard to recreate your favorite foods without any animal products and she gets that!

Each one of her “carnivore approved” recipes is cruelty-free and delicious enough to feed even the pickiest eaters. Despite being a pancake recipe without milk, Candice cleverly incorporates a secret ingredient (I won’t spoil the surprise!) to mimic the tangy flavor of traditional buttermilk pancakes. Yum!


Wallflower Kitchen’s The Fluffiest Plant-Based Pancakes

egg-free pancake recipe

British blogger Aimee whips up simple, traditional recipes with a vegan twist. Not only are her dishes to die for, I’m pretty sure her gorgeous minimalist photos could sell ice to a penguin!

This recipe for super fluffy no egg pancakes was actually based on a cupcake recipe, so you know they’ll be decadent. Top with fresh fruits (look at those figs!) and syrup for best results! Go check out all the delights on her blog, Wallflower Kitchen, now!


The Queen of Delicious’ 4-Ingredient Pancakes

egg-free pancake mix

Veera from Finland makes tons of delicious treats that you would never guess are totally sugar-free. This recipe uses just 4 ingredients you probably already have in your house, which is ideal for when you want a quick, naughty treat (you could add a little vegan bacon if you want to get even naughtier, though!).

They’re thick and fluffy, but contain zero animal products or gluten and they’re super healthy, too! Easy to make, yummy to eat, what could be better?

Hungry Hobby’s Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Pancakes

no milk pancakes

While many blogs are run by everyday vegans like you and me, Kelli at Hungry Hobby knows her stuff. A registered dietician with a Master’s degree in Public Health, it’s her job to help people find food that is both nutritious and enjoyable to eat…and, boy, has she done us proud here!

Her filling blueberry pancake recipe will help light a fire under your butt in the morning thanks to its 7 grams of fiber and a whopping 30 grams of protein per serving. Get started by visiting her site here.


Minimalist Baker’s Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

dairy-free pancake recipe minimalist baker

None of those vegan recipes with tons of ingredients and crazy instructions here! Dana at Minimalist Baker makes eating cruelty-free easy by ensuring all her dishes have 10 ingredients or fewer and/or can be completed in 30 minutes or less. How good is that?

Her to-die-for vegan pancakes are a dream for kids (or kids at heart). With gooey chocolate chips, sweet bananas, and filling oatmeal, you’ll want to eat these every morning! Go get the recipe here.


Rebel Recipes’ Blood Orange & Choc Chip Pancakes

chia pancakes

Niki at Rebel Recipes didn’t win the The Soil Association BOOM Award for Food Blogger of the Year in 2016 for nothing. Her recipes focus on eating real food – free of animal products, gluten, and refined sugars – all while tasting amazing!

This unique vegan pancake mix is topped off with bright and sunny blood oranges and tasty caramelized nuts for the perfect sweet/tart/bitter flavor explosion!


The Big Man’s World’s Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

delicious plant-based pancakes

Arman at The Big Man’s World LOVES his sweets but hates how unhealthy they are. That’s why he’s created a blog full of healthy dupes of your favorite treats, from cookie dough to candy.

These crazy good eggless pancakes combine two breakfast classics, cinnamon rolls and pancakes, into one lip-smacking dish. Instead of being packed with sugar and fat, they’re full of protein instead. Amazing!

Discover Delicious’ Indian Filled Pancakes

savory vegan pancakes

Time for something on the savory side, wouldn’t you agree? Michael Kitson of Discover Delicious proves that eating vegan isn’t all salads and veggie burgers. His flavorful dishes from around the world will make even the biggest meat eater drool!

This recipe is great for when you’re craving pancakes but want something a little different. The thin pancakes, similar to French crepes, are filled with carrots and onions, making them perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Where You Get Your Protein’s Vegan Cinnamon Pancakes

easy vegan pancakes

Marlena at Where You Get Your Protein knows that when you have a family, you don’t always have the time or money to buy a bunch of special ingredients for recipes. That’s why her creations consist mostly of simple produce and pantry staples.

Craving a cozy, comforting weekend breakfast? Try these cinnamon pancakes. The recipe makes a huge batch so you can freeze the leftovers for another day…maybe!


Lazy Cat Kitchen’s Vegan Chocolate Pancakes With Cherries

Pancake recipe without eggs from lazy cat kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen’s Ania has a passion for both vegan food and animals, both of which shine through in her frank and funny blog posts. If you’re craving something decadent, these pancakes are for you.

They taste like black forest gateau cake but are totally guilt-free! Thanks to their rich chocolate-cherry flavor, no one will miss the gluten, animal products, or refined sugar in these babies. Check out her delicious recipe here.


Loving It Vegan’s Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pancakes

homemade pancake recipe

Alison at Loving It Vegan embraces every aspect of eating vegan. From fresh and healthy raw recipes to indulgent desserts, she proves there’s no one right way to be a vegan.

These creamy, dreamy chocolate peanut butter pancakes would be perfect for breakfast or dessert. They’re light and fluffy, taste amazing, and are super easy to make – a win in my book!


North South Blonde’s Blueberry Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

Pancakes vegan

North South Blonde’s Michelle is as passionate about parenting her two kids as she is about cooking.

Her healthy recipes are made from fresh ingredients and are designed to both nourish and delight the entire family. Just switch up the egg with flax (as described in the post) to make these beauties completely vegan.

These sweet and spicy pancakes make an healthy breakfast so good that kids and adults alike will ask for seconds! Check out this pancake recipe without eggs here. We used the best KitchenAid mixer to make ours and they were fantastic!

Cilantro & Citronella’s Vegan Scallion Pancakes

Savory pancake mix

Melissa at Cilantro & Citronella has lived around the world. This adventurous lifestyle is reflected through the wide variety of delicious cuisines (all made plant-based, of course!) found on her blog.

Enjoy your favorite Chinese food without the guilt with this savory scallion pancake recipe. Unlike many restaurant varieties, these nix the animal fats and instead pop with the flavors of green onions, ginger, and sesame oil.

Make them as an appetizer or side dish to your favorite vegan stir-fry. Either way, they are DELICIOUS!


Wonky Wonderful’s Gingerbread Spice Vegan Pancake Recipe

healthy pancake recipe

Wonky Wonderful’s Nicole Harris believes in a balanced lifestyle – eat healthy most of the time but don’t be afraid to indulge!

With just 6 ingredients, these warm and cozy gingerbread pancakes couldn’t be easier to make. The sweet and spicy flavor gets even better when topped with Ginger Maple Syrup, ideal for when the weather starts to get cold.

This is definitely one of my favorite vegan pancake mix recipes and you can enjoy it, too, by visiting Nicole’s site here.

VegAnnie’s Vegan Pancakes

Eggless pancakes

Annie of VegAnnie is committed to helping people lose weight and live healthy by eating real, whole foods. Her vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free pancake recipe tastes just as good as traditional pancakes, but only contains around 200 calories per serving!

Better yet, they cost less than a dollar per serving to make and can be whipped up in just half an hour. I’m in! Are you?

Anna Banana’s Tofu Pancakes

Tofu pancakes

Blogger Anna of Anna Banana loves life, and that comes through in her posts. She puts emphasis on enjoying your food and achieving balance, so you’ll find everything from nutritious eats to indulgent treats on her wonderful site.

Each of her cruelty-free recipes is styled beautifully, and they taste even better! These plant-based pancakes get their soft, light texture from silken tofu, which also packs them with filling protein. What better way to start the day?

The Veg Space’s Pecan & Maple Banana Pancakes

Vegan banana pancakes

Another recipe for vegan banana pancakes, this time from Kate Ford and her brilliant blog, The Veg Space

Kate has been highly regarded in the vegetarian and vegan community for ages now. And with good reason! Her ridiculously tasty recipes will make even the biggest carnivore asking for a second helping.

This egg-free pancake recipe uses crunchy pecans and chewy sultanas to contrast against the fluffy pancakes. It’s a texture party in your mouth!


Recipes From a Pantry’s Semolina Pancakes with Maple and Nutmeg Roasted Plantains

Pancake recipe without eggs

Bintu at Recipes From a Pantry bases her blog around 2 types of recipes. The first are simple dishes made from ingredients you already keep in the house. The second are traditional foods from Sierra Leone that her grandmother passed down to her…and I love both!

Tired of the same old super-sweet fruit toppings for your pancakes? Try this healthy pancake recipe instead. Full of smoky, spicy, earthy African flavors, it’ll shake up your breakfast routine for sure.

Heart of a Baker’s Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes vegan

Heart of a Baker’s Abby has a serious sweet tooth. When she adopted the vegan lifestyle, she feared she would miss out on her favorite desserts, but soon started developing cruelty-free versions of her favorite treats.

Using easy-to-find ingredients, she creates yummies like these classic chocolate chip pancakes. Make a big batch and freeze the extras for a decadent, quick breakfast or snack. Seriously, if you’re looking for a pancake recipe without eggs, this one is a winner.


A Virtual Vegan’s Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

Sweet potato pancakes

Mel, the woman behind The Virtual Vegan, shares vegan versions of nearly every classic recipe you can think of. From cheesecake to pasta alfredo, she creates flavorful, plant-based meals the whole family will devour!

Her sweet potato pancakes are full of sugar, spice, and everything nice and taste like the epitome of fall. With the extra vitamins found in the sweet potatoes, you can’t even feel guilty about topping the pancakes with a little extra of the coconut sugar caramel sauce. Yummy!


Del’s Cooking Twist’s Vegan Pink Beet Pancakes

Pancake recipe no egg from Del's cooking twist

Born and raised in France, Delphine Fortine of Del’s Cooking Twist is passionate about healthy eating. This self-taught cook and baker strives to help her readers fall in love with nutritious food.

Her pretty pink beet pancakes, like all of her dishes, use only natural ingredients to ensure you fuel your body right. When topped with fresh fruits and coconut whipped cream, they’re sure to disappear off the table in no time!

No milk, no egg, no problem…

Plant-based pancakes aplenty, I’m sure you’ll agree! The problem is, which one do you try first?

Whichever one you opt for, I just know you’re going to love it. All of these vegan pancakes are simply divine.

Know of a egg-free pancake mix that didn’t make the list? Drop me a line in the comment box below…I’d sure like to try it out!

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Back then, too many sites seem to either concentrate solely on recipes or be too intimidating or inaccessible for the v-curious, and she wanted to change that. The landscape is certainly a whole lot different now!

21 Flippin' Fantastic Plant-Based Pancake Recipes: No Eggs, No Dairy, No Problem!

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