9 Of The Finest Vegan French Toast Recipes You’ve Ever Seen

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Vegan French toast, anyone? Thought so!

Despite being 100% committed to the cause, there are still some dishes that have us hankering over days gone by…and French toast is one of them.

If only someone would come up with a decent vegan version of this eggy bread treat. You know, without the eggs.

Well, we’re all in luck! The legions of wonderful food bloggers have been slaving away over their stoves to bring us the finest eggless French toast recipes so that we can easily turn out our very own vegan French toast whenever the cravings strike.

To make things even easier for you, I’ve trawled the Internet for some of my favorite eggless wonders. All you have to do is decide which one you’re going to try first!

Minimalist Baker’s basic vegan French toast

vegan french toast minimalist baker

If you’ve been vegan for any length of time, the chances are good that you have already stumbled across the wonderful Dana Shultz and her incredible site, Minimalist Baker.

Dana’s recipes have become so popular within the community and this is largely thanks to the ease with which you can knock them up at home. Even the most hopeless of us can follow these beautifully simple cooking directions.

Dana’s basic vegan French toast is no different. In under 30 minutes, you’ll have the lightest, most delicious eggless French toast in front of you ready to be demolished. The only annoying thing is trying to make it look as beautiful as it does in the pictures!

To get the full recipe and easy-to-follow instructions, visit Minimalist Baker now!


Vegan French toast from the Wallflower Kitchen

eggless french toast

Aimee of Wallflower Kitchen rustles up some astonishing treats on her blog, so it’s no surprise to find a delicious egg-free French toast recipe in amongst all the gorgeousness.

Not only are her recipes incredible, the blog itself is a beautiful place to be. I have often lost track of time whilst making mental notes on what I’m going to try next from the extensive range of recipes to be found there.

Aimee’s take on French toast is simple, yet very effective, making it perfect for those times when you need a treat, but can’t be bothered with a whole lot of messing around.

To get your no egg French toast fix, visit Wallflower Kitchen today.


Simple vegan French toast by Jessica In The Kitchen

vegan eggy bread

Make things effortless with this quick and easy vegan French toast recipe by Jessica In The Kitchen. Just five ingredients are all you need to get your eggless eggy bread fix – how simple do you want it to be?

This is another fast recipe, which is important as we’re all becoming increasingly time poor. From start to finish, it’ll take you just 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get on with other things.

Jessica’s blog is packed with amazing vegan and vegetarian recipes such as this one, and it’s clear that she absolutely adores what she does. So check out this recipe first, then make your way through the rest of her site to find more wonderful inspiration for the kitchen (be ready to grow your bookmark folder, though!).


Food Allergy Mama’s classic French toast

french toast without eggs

Kelly Rudnicki (AKA Food Allergy Mama) has dug me out of many a hole with her wonderful vegan baking recipes in the past, so it’s an absolute pleasure to feature her here.

As her pseudonym suggests, Kelly concentrates on bringing the very best recipes and information to people living with allergies across the globe. The work she does is of great importance, so be sure to check out her site over at www.foodallergymama.com.

Now, onto the deliciousness. While this recipe isn’t strictly vegan, to make it so is an easy fix so I thought I’d share it with you. All you need to do is switch the honey found in Kelly’s recipe with a suitable plant-based sweetener and you’re good to go.

Be sure to check your sugars too, but you already know all of this, don’t you? For the full recipe and the chance to check out the whole of Kelly’s site, click here.


Vegan blueberry and banana French toast courtesy of TwoRaspberries

egg-free french toast

TwoRaspberries have caught my attention of late, and this is one of the stand out recipes that I’ve both stored in my bookmark’s folder and printed out! Well, you never know when your Internet connection might fail you, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This requires a little bit more work than some of the other recipes listed here, but the effort is well worthwhile and it still only takes around 30 minutes to get done.

I promise you, this Healthy Vegan Blueberry French Toast no eggs recipe is something you need to try.


Vegan strawberries and cream French toast from Carrots and Flowers

vegan french toast recipe

What’s that? Veg French toast and strawberries and cream? Yep, count me in.

Megan from Carrots and Flowers has come up with an absolute winner here; I just know you’re going to love it. You’ll also love everything else about Megan’s blog and her overall philosophy – it’s a great place to while away the hours.

The inclusion of a little used ingredient (I won’t spoil the surprise) may well transform many other dishes you make at home too, so make sure you check this egg-free French toast recipe out. Head over to carrotsandflowers.com now.

ExSloth’s green smoothie vegan French toast

recipe for vegan french toast

Here’s a fun take on two of my favorite things – French toast and green smoothies!

The ever-wonderful Giselle from ExSloth has combined the two to create something different…and wonderful!

Sure, it’s a break from the norm, and probably something that’ll have traditionalists raising the back of their hands to their foreheads, but hey, we all need a little variety in our lives, don’t we?

Well, Giselle has delivered that, for sure. So head over to ExSloth today and give her green smoothie French toast a whirl.

Eggless French toast by Live Eat Learn

how to make vegan french toast

Sarah, the brains behind Live Eat Learn, has concocted a dairy-free French toast recipe to die for so it just had to make my list.

By her own admission, Live Eat Learn was a little light on breakfast inspiration, but my has she put things right with this dish. Ridiculously easy to prepare (who wants a difficult breakfast recipe?!) and oh so tasty, this is an eggless French toast recipe that you are sure to return to time and again.

Don’t get stuck on this page, though. Live Eat Learn is a goldmine, so be sure to make the most of all the information stored within once you’ve finished creating this delicious vegan treat.


Lauren Caris Cooks brings you her vegan French toast

no egg french toast

I feel as though I’ve spoilt you today with all these beautiful blogs, but there’s always room for one more, right? And what a doozy we have to finish up with!

Lauren Caris Cooks is one of the most visually appealing sites around – vegan or not. Be warned, you’re likely to lose yourself for a little while when you first visit!

However, we all know that style without substance is worthless, and Lauren clearly knows this too. Her blog is full of easy to replicate recipes that’ll have you heading to the store simply because you have to try out what you’ve seen on her pages.

Check out this veg French toast recipe and more over at Lauren Caris Cooks.

That’s it, we’re done! There are nine of the best vegan French toast recipes to bring some brunchtime joy into your lives. Be sure to check them all out and let them know how you found their wonderful sites.

Until the next time!

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9 Excellently Eggless French Toast Recipes!
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