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Everyone knows the danger of excess salt intake, and yet many of us still load up on the stuff. But is there another way to lift your food, get a salty hit, and lessen the health risks? How about if we switch salt for miso paste? No, that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? Well…

Researchers in Japan decided to explore the theory that the anti-carcinogenic powers of soy can cancel out the carcinogenic effects of salt, and what they found was surprising to say the least.

For four years the researchers followed a group of men and women in their 60s, all of whom had normal blood pressure levels, to try and work out who would be more likely to develop hypertension across the 48 months.

The group was split between those who had one bowl or less of miso soup and others who consumed two or more bowls. As Dr Michael Greger explains in the video above, two bowls of miso soup is like adding half a teaspoon of the white stuff to your diet, so the answer would be obvious, right?

Not so. In fact, those who ate two or more bowls per day actually seemed to have a hypertension risk FIVE times lower than those who took one bowl or less!

So, is it time to switch salt for miso paste? Judging by this research it’s certainly something to think about.

Do you struggle with salt? Have you found a way to cut back that others may find interesting? Pop a comment in the box below and share what you know. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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