15 Super Seitan Recipes For Magnificent Meat-Free Munching

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Evil name, delicious taste. Seitan recipes are taking the -plant-based world by storm, and with good reason. This wheat gluten meat substitute is the perfect vehicle for all manner of flavors and offers an unrivalled texture that has even non-vegans hooked.

Its versatility cannot be overstated, and this post celebrates just that. Get ready to dive in!

Vegan Shawarma With Tzatziki And Seitan

vegan shawarma recipe

Can you believe how delicious, fresh, and fine this looks?

No one will guess this is vegan until you tell them…even then you’re likely to receive the odd raised eyebrow. The ripe veggies and warm bread amplify the setain-based shawarma in every bite. Sina even shows you how to make the light, refreshing tzatziki from scratch.

Head over to Vegan Heaven to make some delicious vegan shawarma today.


Vegan Buffalo Wings

vegan buffalo wings with seitan

Candice from EdgyVeg has created my all-time favorite vegan buffalo ‘wings.’ Instead of the usual cauliflower, these capitalize from seitan’s thick and hearty quality. They are moist and perfectly spiced—ideal for any get together or nighttime snack!

Click here to give these finger-licking good ‘wings’ a try.

Seitan Mushroom Vegan Wellington

vegan seitan wellington

Ah, wellingtons. The winter staple. I forgot just how much I missed eating these until I made this recipe the other day.

Luci really impressed me with how moist the seitan remains throughout baking because of the juicy mushroom addition in the filling. It does take a little bit longer to make than some other seitan recipes listed here, but I promise—it’s worth it.

Check out this awesome recipe and more at Made By Luci.

Vegan BBQ Ribs Seitan With Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce

vegan spare ribs

These sticky seitan ribs are coated in a wonderfully sweet and spicy sauce thanks to Christine over at Delightful Delicious Delovely.

I haven’t seen any recipes out there using seitan like this before, so my interest was immediately piqued! Christine shows how to make these filling snacks with step-by-step photographic instructions. So despite the fact they take a little while to make, even a novice can crank out these juicy Korean BBQ seitan ribs with ease.

I couldn’t wait to get started on this one! Here’s the recipe.

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

vegan cheesesteak

Alissa of Connoisseurus Veg has created what once was considered impossible: a perfect Philly-style vegan cheesesteak. The sweet potato cheese pairs with the fresh veggies to make an irresistibly mouth-watering plant-based cheesesteak that everyone will love.

Click here to get started on this great dinner idea. Oh, and if you want a few char lines on your bread, check out our guide to the best panini presses, too!


Vegan KFC Chicken Burgers

vegan KFC

I don’t know about you, but this seitan chicken burger looks 100x better than anything ever ordered at this recipe’s namesake!

Sam over at Eaten By Sam has created this dish for all you healthy fast food junkies out there craving meals of long-past. The seitan is coated and fried to perfection, then drizzled with tangy sriracha to keep you coming back for more (just make sure your sriracha is vegan).

To get your fast food fix, visit Eaten By Sam today.


Seitan Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

vegan satay with spicy peanut sauce

Not only is Johanne over at SunnysideHanne giving away her free vegan ebook, she has also come up with this ingenious seitan satay recipe.

The flavor and texture are near identical to ordinary satay (and Johanne’s husband agrees!). Add the easy peanut sauce, and you’ll want to make this again and again.

Get the recipe here.

Roasted Stuffed Seitan Roulade

roasted plant-based roulade

Nico from YumSome describes this dish as being the ideal meal solution for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy–and i have to agree! The meaty seitan and thick pumpkin puree adds unrivalled richness to the roulade. It can be eaten straight away or sliced cold for easy vegan sandwiches later.

Check out YumSome for this and other ingenious vegan dinner recipes from Nico. You’ll be thankful you did!


Spicy Baked Vegan Popcorn Seitan Recipe

spicy vegan popcorn chicken

These baked seitan balls are a great replacement for popcorn chicken (and they’re super easy to make!). Since they aren’t fried, they are actually pretty healthy too—so don’t worry if you get carried away with them like I did! Sophie even includes the recipe for her 2-minute avo sauce, which adds the perfect finishing touch to the dish.

Visit My Dainty Soul Curry for this and other great Indian-inspired dishes.


Oktoberfest Schnitzel

vegan schnitzel

This incredible looking schnitzel is another great recipe from Candice over at Edgy Veg. It’s as close as I’ve been able to get to real schnitzel since, well…real schnitzel!

The mushroom gravy topping only adds to the delicious, filling quality you should expect from a good schnitzel cutlet. Candice even includes a step-by-step video to ensure you make this recipe to perfection, even on your very first try.

Try this delicious dinner out here.

Vegan Meatballs

best vegan meatballs

Would you just look at those yummy balls of goodness?

Melissa has created this budget-friendly recipe using none other than seitan and creamy tomato sauce. I watched her step-by-step video to cook these meatballs for a pot-luck and they were all the rave—hardly anyone knew they were vegan! They’re cheap and fairly quick to make, so there is no excuse to not give these a try.

Click here for this and many other budget-friendly recipes.

Sage Onion Homemade Seitan Roast

vegan roast loaf with seitan

Becca from Amuse Your Bouch figured out how to nail a seitan roast texture: add beans! The end result is a firm, chewy roast with a golden crust. The sage and onion bring a surprising freshness to lighten up the flavor profile. Add some roast veggies and vegan gravy—and you’re all set!

Try this recipe and tell us what you think.

California Carne Asada Tacos

seitan tacos

Itzel of PNW Mountain Life used to own a vegan food truck in downtown Phoenix.

Are you surprised to hear that everyone loved her California-style vegan carne Asada tacos? I’m certainly not! I loved them so much I recently included them in my vegan taco recipe roundup as well! Top these seitan tacos with guac and French fries for the perfect Taco Tuesday treat.

To make your own faux California-style carne Asada tacos, head over to PNW Mountain Life now.


Chick-Fil-A Vegan Chicken Sandwich

vegan Chick-fill-A burger

Candice of EdgyVeg comes through with her third seitan recipe on the list—inspired by none other than Chick-fil-A.

Just by looking at it, I’d have a hard time believing this wasn’t the real thing! She coats a thick seitan patty with a secret ingredient (that I won’t ruin!) to give it that wonderful crunch. You even have the option of making the recipe spicy or not. I can’t wait to try this one out.

Find this awesome recipe here.

Yup It’s Vegan’s Mongolian Seitan Vegan Beef

vegan beef

I always know I can trust Shannon to create great vegan recipes that everyone will enjoy. This Mongolian-inspired seitan looks and tastes like—maybe better than—the real thing. And don’t let the recipe scare you; it’s actually pretty easy to make! The sauce is optional, but honestly…it tastes so good you’ll want to make extra!

Check out Yup It’s Vegan for this great seitan recipe and more.

All hail! That’s our seitan recipes complete

I really hope you get round to making some of these glorious setian recipes in your own homes. While wheat gluten should probably stay in the “occasional treat” category, indulging every now and then is certainly a fun – and tasty – thing to do.

Do let me know how you get on and tell me if you have a particular favorite way of using this ingredient in the comments below.

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Back then, too many sites seem to either concentrate solely on recipes or be too intimidating or inaccessible for the v-curious, and she wanted to change that. The landscape is certainly a whole lot different now!

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15 Super Seitan Recipes For Magnificent Meat-Free Munching!

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