55 Incredible Vegan Sandwiches Perfect For Work, School, Or Home

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Two slices of bread and a filling of your choice…what could be simpler? Not a lot, but vegan sandwiches do have a reputation of being somewhat boring.

This post, however, is going to put that right. With over 50 vegan sandwich ideas to choose from, I’m sure there will be something for everyone here.

Enough of the chat, let’s dive straight in to our first plant-based hunger buster!

Vegan Meatball Bánh Mì

Banh mi vegan

Bánh mì is the Vietnamese word for the baguette-type bread that houses this vegan combination of lentils, mushrooms, walnuts and breadcrumbs.

The spiciness comes from the use of vegan Sriracha mayo, and it works perfectly with those delicious meatless meat balls. (Check out my post on Sriracha and veganism if you’re not sure about this fiery sauce)>

Check out Cilantro and Citronella for the full recipe!

Blueberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Blueberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A simple, vegan cheese sauce made of corn and nutritional yeast on gluten-free bread embraces blueberry jam and mustard sauce for an intriguing contrast of sweet and spicy that the “cheese” balances out. This, my friends, is a winning sandwich.

Get it in your lives now by visiting Florian over at Contentedness Cooking.


Maple Dijon Tempeh Vegan Sandwiches

Maple Dijon Tempeh Sandwich

As if tempeh couldn’t get any better, here comes the brilliant Alissa from Connoisseurus Veg to break all flavor records.

The tempeh is crispy and crusted with cornmeal, then dipped in sweet maple-Dijon sauce! A wasabi slaw gets stuffed inside for even more intense flavor contrasts. It is a vegan texture fest! Oh, and it’s extremely tasty, too.

Get the lowdown here.

Mini Roasted Corn White Bean Grilled Cheese with Ancho Chili Cashew Cheese

Mini Roasted Corn White Bean Grilled Cheese with Ancho Chili Cashew Cheese

These mini sandwiches are made with small rounds of toast, which makes them the ideal afternoon nibble.

The roasted corn and white bean spread works so ridiculously well with the ancho chili cashew cheese you’ll wonder why you haven’t experienced it until now.

Oh, and the addition of the tomatoes and vegan mozzarella shreds are essential for rounding off the flavor profile, so don’t miss those out!

Head over to Keepin’ It Kind now for the full recipe.

Sweet Spicy Tempeh Sandwich with Carrot Aioli

Sweet Spicy Tempeh Sandwich with Carrot Aioli

The mayonnaise-like aioli is what kicks these vegan sandwiches off the grid.

It’s made of sunflower seeds, garlic and grated carrots and it has a buttery, peppery finish that blends deliciously with the tempeh and avocados. But then, what doesn’t gel with tempeh and avocados, right?

For the complete recipe, head over to The Green Life now.

Swiss Chard White Bean Grilled Sammie

Swiss Chard White Bean Grilled Sammie

Love this blog: Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes! It has super clever recipes, such as this Swiss chard white bean grilled sandwich, for example.

This is a perfect vegan sandwich idea for rainy days. Pair it with hot soup (just as Heather has done) and you will brighten up instantly.

Find out more about Heather and the recipe here.

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich with Vegan Mozzarella

Roasted red pepper sarnie

The delightful combo of vegan mozzarella and plant-based pesto found in this sandwich will take care of any cheese cravings you may have.

That said, it’s more than just any old cheese sandwich, as Melissa over at Veganhuggs kicks it up a notch by using roasted red peppers for added flavor and texture. This may sound like a deconstructed pizza, but you wait until you try it.

Honestly, it has a taste all of its own. Go check it out now!


Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich

Vegan tuna salad

The chickpea and kelp-based “meat” in this sandwich does an insanely good job of recreating the savory, soft, and flaky texture that tuna has…all without the unnecessary cruelty!

This is a great vegan sandwich idea, especially for those who are just transitioning across. Actually, scratch that. It’s good for everyone!

Get the full recipe from the ever-brilliant Candice over at Edgy Veg.


Curried Tofu Salad

Curried tofu sandwich

OK, this is an instant favorite because it is a go-to item at my local Indian buffet. Making it at home, however, cost me ½ the price I normally pay for takeout. And, now I can have it anytime I want!

Think of an egg salad without the eggs. Delicious at any meal time, from breakfast to midnight snack, this sandwich is worth the effort.

Check it out over at Veggie Inspired.

Avocado and Maple Glazed Tempeh Sandwich

Avocado and Maple Glazed Tempeh Sandwich

You may have noticed that vegans love sweet sauces on tempeh, and I’m no exception.

If you’re a non-vegan, think “BBQ,” and you’ll understand. Tempeh gives just enough texture without being over the top chewy, and boy does it love to soak up sauces. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the perfect place to start.

Go get the full ingredient list and method over at Green Evi.

Ultimate Vegan BLT

Ultimate Vegan BLT

You need to try this meat-free bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich: it is brilliant!

Super thin slices of eggplant are smokily-seasoned and dehydrated to a perfect crisp. Add the buttery Tahini vegan mayo to crusty bread along with fresh tomato slices and lettuce, and what do you know? you’ve got yourself a cruelty-free BLT…and a delicious one, at that!

Get the full instructions for construction over at Strength and Sunshine. This could turn into a non-stop eating venture. You have been warned.

Smoky Maple Tofu Sandwich

Smoky Maple Tofu Sandwich

I can sometimes favor tempeh over tofu, but this dish puts tofu top of the list whenever it comes to mind.

The secret is in the marinade, which complements the caramelized onions and Dijon mustard beautifully. A layer of spreadable avocado balances out the battlefield of delicious flavors, and it also adds a little texture, too.

You need this sandwich! Head over to I Love Vegan to get it.


Balsamic Baked Tofu Sandwich

Balsamic baked tofu sarnie

Another tofu winner, and again it’s the marinade that makes it what it is – perfection perfected!

Balsamic vinegar gives such depth, but pair it with liquid aminos, however, and you’re taking things to a whole new level. This is a savory sandwich to savor, so take your time with this one.

Get the full method over on Jackie’s blog, Vegan Yack Attack.

Curried Black-Eyes Pea Salad Sandwiches

Curried Black-Eyes Pea Salad Sandwiches

Strength and Sunshine is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in allergy-friendly cooking, and this recipe is an easy introduction.

This salad is served chilled in sandwiches, which can only be a good thing! It calls for grapes, celery, and coconut yogurt for a super savory, yet fresh, crunchy blend. Delicious.

Baked Falafel Sandwich

veg sandwich recipe - baked falafel

Fan of all things fried? Try baked falafel for less fat and calories! Same crunch, same flavor, less guilt. All round winning!

The garbanzo bean-based patty has great consistency and is seasoned to perfection, which gives you the perfect foundation to build upon.

Although you’d be crazy not to try Ginny’s almond mayo, you can add any sauce you wish and even play around with the veggie accompaniments to really make these vegan sandwiches your own.

Get the recipe from Vegan in the Freezer now.

Vegetarian Muffuletta Picnic Sandwich

Vegan sandwich ideas - vegetarian muffaletta

You’ll love the clever presentation of this beautiful sandwich.

Japanese eggplant, marinated and grilled, comes encased inside a dramatic Muffuletta loaf. Red peppers, balsamic, and vegan mozzarella complement each other within the cave-shaped bread, too.

Eat this bad boy slowly, and try to save some for the others! Get the recipe from Yummy Mummy Kitchen.

Lentil Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

 vegan sandwich ideas - lentil chickpea salad

Think of a traditional “egg salad” without any eggs or dairy and you won’t be too far away when considering this super sandwich.

It’s perfect to pair with just about any vegan bread for an amazing lunch, or eaten any time of day. Make it saltier, sweeter, or more savory than the original, if you wish, but Brittany and William of I Love Vegan have got it just right for me, so don’t mess around with it too much to start with.

This is one of my favorites and an ideal way to use up any cooked red lentils you may have left over. Get the recipe here.


Green Goddess Melt Sandwich

vegetarian sandwich fillings - Peppery arugula meets pesto, avocadoes, and mashed cannellini beans

The name “green goddess” comes from the sandwich being, well, green!

Peppery arugula meets pesto, avocados, and the mashed cannellini beans bring a soft, melty goodness that will make you melt yourself. Whether you decide to eat this on its own or pair it with something else is up to you. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Get the recipe from Connoisseurus Veg now.

Russian-Inspired Rye Bread Sandwich

vegetable sandwich on rye

This interesting sandwich uses peppery, exotic rye bread. Inside is where the real magic happens, though.

There’s a very savory mixture of cabbage and mushrooms in a thick, coconut sauce with hints of lemon, which is then mixed with beetroot and leafy greens.

The presentation is beautiful, and the filling balances out the strong taste of rye bread incredibly well. Superb!

Head over to Black White Vivid for the full recipe.

Smoky Tempeh Apple and Arugula Sandwich

Smoky Tempeh Apple and Arugula vegan sandwich ideas

The recipe calls for smoky tempeh, which you can buy ready smoked or marinate and cook as usual, but it’s the crisp, green apples and the creamy onion and sage aioli that make the huge difference here.

The combination brings a savory, but sweet, flavor that adds crunch and texture to each bite. Beautiful.

Get the full recipe from Veggies Don’t Bite.

Crispy Pan-Fried Tofu Sandwich

Crispy Pan-Fried Tofu Sandwich

A seasonal sandwich option for you now, but one that you’ll be making all year round.

It’s innovative ingredients come together beautifully, and it’s surprisingly easy to put together as Giselle of Diary of an Ex-Sloth explains the steps so well.

This crispy tofu sandwich tastes like Christmas should, largely thanks to the delicious cranberry sauce, but I can certainly see myself enjoying this in June!

Go check it out!

Ultimate Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

rainbow sarnies vegan

How to start explaining this sandwich? I know those with an artistic eye will love it – it looks so cool! This is “showroom vegan” stuff, for sure.

To the taste. Well, that’s just as good as the aesthetics! A rainbow of chopped veggies, bound together by an almond ricotta that you’ll want to eat straight out of the blender, makes it not only tasty, but simple to make too.

This is one to impress others with. Get the recipe from Tina over at Scaling Back.

Chipotle-Baked Tofu with Pineapple Guacamole Sandwich

best vegetarian sandwiches - Chipotle-Baked Tofu with Pineapple Guacamole

Here she goes again! Alissa of Connoisseurus Veg is whipping up a vegan storm with all these to-die-for sandwiches!

These start with a pineapple guacamole that should come with a warning – it’s so good! Although tasty on its own, it’s the perfect way to tame the spice of smoky chipotle tofu slices.

There are so many flavors going on here, this sandwich requires mindful eating. Take a bite, close your eyes, and enjoy!

Spicy Tofu Salad Sandwich

spicy tofu salad idea for vegan sandwich

The old saying, “simple, yet effective” certainly applies here. This spicy tofu salad sandwich is so easy to put together you’ll have it mixed up in no time.

There is a catch, however. I agree with Casey when he says leaving the mix to blend and absorb each other’s flavors boosts this sandwich to the next level. Patience really is a virtue!

Get the full recipe over at Two City Vegans and see if you can leave it alone long enough to find out!

Vegan Gutbuster

Vegan gutbuster sandwich

A favorite, bar none. Why? Because it’s a vegan gutbuster! Do you need another reason?

This “gutbuster” explodes in flavors thanks to the vegan spicy sausage, vegan mozzarella, and almost every Italian seasoning you can think of. Served on a French baguette for added crunch, this is one tasty way to spend a lunchtime!

Check out the ingredients and method over at Taste with the Eyes.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Vegan breakfast sandwich

As if you didn’t already know, it’s time to ditch the gas station .99 cent heart-attack-in-a-wrap sausage biscuit. Thankfully, Melissa over at Vegan Huggs has made the perfect replacement: a bangin’ breakfast sandwich!

Once you’ve experienced the flavor combination this sandwich provides you’ll keep coming back for more. The pickles, the tofu, the… Oh, just head over to Vegan Huggs to see for yourself!

Jalapeno Popper Herb-Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Dairy-free cheese and jalapeno sandwich

I’m betting that a few of you, like me, have had a variation on this in the past that is anything but vegan!

Now, thanks to the brilliant Anjali over at Vegetarian Gastronomy, you can indulge in this extra-special treat without the guilt and health concerns associated with all things dairy.

The just-singed smokiness of the jalapenos is the perfect accompaniment to the herby vegan cream cheese. This recipe is hot stuff!


Smashed White Bean Basil Avocado Sandwich

Smashed White Bear Basil Avocado Sandwich

This sandwich is so quick and easy to put together you’ll wonder if it will let you down in the taste department. Well, here’s a spoiler for you – it won’t!

Just five minutes of your time are required to whip up this lunchtime loveliness – so, no excuses! This is one recipe you have to try.

Get the know-how over at the brilliant Pumpkin and Peanut Butter now.

PBJ and Jalapeno Sandwich

PBJ and J vegan sandwich ideas

Yep, this is a nut-free PBJ sandwich with jalapenos! Sweet, savory, and spicy all at once, this is simply a sandwich that ticks every box!

While you can stick to original peanut butter, there are a number of nut-free alternatives – such as tahini and sunflower spreads, for example. Steven gives you five options below the main recipe.

Kids will love this one, and I know a few big kids that will, too!

Go and get the full recipe from The Nut-Free Vegan.

Vegan Chicken Sandwich with Avocado

Vegan Chicken Sandwich with Avocado

Meet the perfect lunch sandwich. Cruelty-free chicken bacon avocado? Yes, please!

As most of the ingredients in this recipe are preprepared, this is a pretty easy sandwich to put together. Just choose those processed foods carefully, people, and you’ll enjoy a vegan sandwich to remember.

Head over to Namely Marly now to find out how to make yours.

Mushroom Frittata Hash Brown Sandwich

Mushroom Frittata Hash Brown Slider

This sandwich is so full of stuff that it is better to serve it as sliders so you get a little bit of everything in one mouthful. Delicious!

The frittata recipe has a white bean mixture that gives it an almost feta-like consistency, while a thin layer of extra crispy hash browns makes this sandwich just perfect.

Head over to Vegan Richa to find out how to get these little bundles of goodness in your hands.

Cranberry Walnut Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Cranberry Walnut Chickpea Salad Sandwich

If you eat with your eyes, you’re going to love this one from Simple Veganista. Just look at how beautiful it is!

As the name suggests, there’s a fair bit going on in this sandwich, but every element complements each other wonderfully.

All you need to do is enjoy it!

Roasted Beet, Mushroom, and Spinach Vegan Sandwich

Roasted Beet Mushroom and Spinach Vegan Sandwich

This simply delectable combination calls for a simple mix of greens, reds, and mushrooms served on toast.

Easy, but delicious, this combo is easily satisfying enough for a good dinner paired when with a beautiful salad.

Head over to Eye Candy Popper now for the full recipe and instructions.


Roasted Sweet Potato and Cilantro Cashew Cream Sandwich

Roasted Sweet Potato and Cilantro Cashew Cream Sandwich

I love this recipe. Such a simple idea, but one that works incredibly well.

A delicious cream of cilantro and cashew binds the sweet potatoes with leafy greens perfectly. Choose a dense bread for this one, as you’ll want to lay that superb cream on thick to get the full glory of this recipe to shine through.

Find out all the secrets of this super sandwich over at This Mess Is Ours.

Vegan Meatball Sub

Vegan meatball sub

Yes! Keep the meatless meatball recipes coming, I say. And, when they’re as good as these, you’re going to agree with me, I’m sure.

These little balls of joy are a nice combination of mushroom, walnuts, and pinto beans, all bound together by ground flaxseed and breadcrumbs. Delicious.

Top them off with marinara sauce and you’ll be in sub heaven. Oh, they’re great on pasta, too. Your whole family will love these!

Get the recipe from Hummusapien.


Vegan Cream Cheese Sandwich

Vegan Cream Cheese Sandwich

Look no further than this recipe to instil in your kids a love for vegan food. It’s a winner, regardless of age.

What you make of your vegan cream cheese sandwich is up to you, but Amy from Veggies Save the Day has a couple of brilliant ideas to get you started.

Head over to the post now to find out exactly what they are.

Chickpea Shawarma Sandwich

Chickpea shawarma

Ok, so basically this is a wrap. Sort of like a gyro, but without dairy-ladened tzatziki sauce or, of course, the lamb!

Although shawarma usually means meat, too, these beauties from Dana over at Minimalist Baker prove that it isn’t an essential ingredient.

Prepared with warming spices, these cone-shaped wraps are made all the more perfect by the dill sauce. This recipe is a must try!

Crispy Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Crispy Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Crispy eggplant? In a sandwich? Get it over here!

This sandwich is one you’ll want to spend a little time with. You know, the kind you make noise with while eating. It’s that type of sandwich.

Get the full recipe from Vegetarian Gastronomy and find a space in your diary to schedule in some sandwich time!

Hummus Toasted Sandwich

Hummus Toasted Sandwich

Quick and easy to put together, yet oh-so tasty, this toasted hummus sandwich from the wonderful Rhian over at Rhian’s Recipes is a winner.

The ingredients provide a somewhat unexpected combination, but they blend together so well you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them together in the past!

Go find out what they are by clicking here.


Smoky Tofu Sandwich

Smoky Tofu Sandwich

Holy smoky tofu, Batman. This tofu is pure umami power, with a smoky taste that is paired with Sriracha for added spice.

Delicious at any time, this pile of savory goodness could easily make a satisfying main course or you could use the tasty tofu elsewhere.

Whatever you decide to do with it, this recipe is one you’ll keep coming back to. Head over to Taste Space now to pick it up.

Vegan Sloppy Joes

Vegan sloppy Joe's

I love to eat this sandwich a) with fork and knife, and b) when I am alone so I can make all the mess that I want!

This recipe is so scrumptious that I’m not sure I even chew when I am eating it. Seriously. It’s vacuum time.

Go and suck it in yourself by visiting the aptly named Mouthwatering Vegan.

Pimento Spread Sandwich

Pimento Spread Filling

Green Evi has included this recipe from The China Study Family Cookbook, and boy was I glad she did. Not only did I buy the book (which is amazing), I also made the sandwich…and boy did that make me happy!

Intense flavor and good for you, these sandwiches have become a hit with everyone I’ve served them to, and I’m sure you’ll get similar results.

Head over to Green Evi now to get the full recipe.

Vegan Tea Sandwiches

Vegan finger sandwiches for tea time

Aimee from Wallflower Kitchen has given us yet another superb blog entry; one that is simply perfect for all our lunch and party needs.

Different kinds of mini-sandwiches all laid out beautifully will have everyone nodding appreciatively next time you have a get-together, and there’s something for everyone, too.

Aimee has included a number of fillings for you to try, and you’re going to enjoy them all, I’m sure.

My favorite? Vegan cheese and pickle. Too good!

Avocado Sandwich

Avocado and sprouted bean sandwiches

Simplicity is key here, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ll be missing out on taste. No, sir, these are tasty!

Better yet, these are probably one of the healthiest lunchtime snacks you could have. Sprouted beans, avocado, some salad leaves, and other good-for-you goodies make this a guilt-free dish you’ll not want to be without.

So, head over to Win Win Food straight away to get the lowdown!

Vegan Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pressed Sandwich

Vegan Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pressed Sandwich

This amazing recipe uses tofu, seasoned to perfection and blended the right way, to make a perfect vegan version of ricotta. The results are impressive, to say the least. Just take a look at that picture!

Lauren suggests we use full, juicy blackberries for the recipe, but a compote is another delicious option if you have some in the fridge and no fresh blackberries to hand.

Get all the information you need over at Lauren’s site, Rabbit and Wolves.

Tofu Vegan Bánh-Mi

Plant-based bahn mi

I love this recipe; it’s so fresh and full of flavor.

Much of it’s zip and zing can be found in the pickled veggies. If you’re not into pickling your own yet, this could be the perfect reason to get started. Add these to the perfectly marinated tofu and you’re onto a winner.

Thankfully, the wonderful Brita from bbritnell.com walks us through every step, so it’s super easy to put together, too.

Cauliflower Rice Pesto Sandwich

Cauliflower Rice Pesto Sandwich

Looking for something different from you sandwich? Who better to consult than the ever-wonderful Florian over at Contentedness Cooking? I can’t think of anyone, and this recipe proves why!

I’m not going to spoil this one, as Florian does such a wonderful job describing it here. Just make sure you head over there and take a look.

Vegan Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

Vegan grilled cheese sandwich

Here’s another potential pizza craving solution…something that is always welcome, if you ask me!

I am amazed (and disgusted) at how many full-dairy grilled cheese sandwiches I made during my pre-vegan days. I’m actually shuddering here!

The thing is, this amazing alternative from Sam at It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken actually tastes better! And, no heartburn, no bloating, and no guilt. Where has this recipe been all my life?!

Sam hints at Sriracha ketchup as a dip, and I’m with her. Divine!

Vegan Chicken Salad

Vegan Chicken Salad

The Two City Vegans invite us to try their amazing vegan chicken salad, which is made with TVP (textured vegetable protein, in case you didn’t know).

This soy protein emulates the texture of meat pretty well, and is the perfect fit for this recipe as it calls for something similar in mouthfeel to chicken. Combined with vegan mayo, simple everyday veggies, and even a little bit of fruity goodness that I won’t spoil, the TVP does an incredible job.

For the best vegan “chicken” salad that you will ever taste, click over to Two City Vegans now.

Cajun French Po’ Boy and Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Cajun French Po' Boy and Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Oh my, this is a monster vegan sarnie!

Fisrt of all, crunchy potatoes are laid nicely on a baguette. Then, a rain of hearty, delicious mushroom gravy is poured over the top. Add to that little lot some freshly sliced tomato and some green leaves and you have yourself one almighty plant-based sandwich, my friend.

Go get yourself the recipe to this feast from Healthy Slow Cooking.

Best Vegan Bagels and Lox

Vegan lox bagels

Yes, you read correctly! Lox! Vegan lox!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little excited right now, so I won’t spoil the brilliant Nico’s surprises here. You’re going to have to head over to her amazing blog, Yumsome, for all the details.

Start clapping your hands together now!

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

Grilled aubergine sandwich

For this Italian-inspired sandwich, ciabatta rolls and vegan cheese slices come together with roasted peppers and eggplant to create a delicious mass of cheesy goodness you’ll definitely fall for.

These vegan sandwiches look amazing, too, with the vibrant red and green against the whiteness of the rolls and cheese bringing the colors of the Italian flag onto your lunch plate.

Check out the recipe over at Gourmandelle.

Vegan Winter Sandwich

Winter vegan club sandwich

Simple winter vegetables are used for this colorful and flavorful creation. Who knew they could be used in this way, and to such great effect?!

The “meat” is made of delicious cauliflower, sliced into “steaks” and rubbed with spices before being roasted. Kale and beets, offering up red and green hues, are seasoned and cooked to perfection before being served, along with the cauliflower, between two slices of hearty bread. Delicious!

Honestly, when everything comes together, you’ll be amazed at the result. Go get the recipe now from Radiant Rachels.

Vegan French Dip

Mushroom French dip for vegans

Another one from Alissa at Connoisseurus Veg and, as ever, it’s brilliant!

Portobello mushroom caps, drenched in thick, delicious gravy, served on a French roll with decadent horseradish mustard. What more do you want? Well, how about a dip? Oh, go on then!

Dip, bite, chew, swallow, repeat.

Seared Tofu with Pickled Veggies

Vegan banh mi

This is another recipe for Bánh mi that, once again, highlights the importance of pickling your veggies (carrots, celery, etc.) prior to serving these amazing sandwiches.

Advice? Just make a habit of pickling at home so you can always have them ready for when you get a taste for a traditional Vietnamese lunch! If you go the whole hog and ferment them, they’re good for your gut, too. Bonus!

Get this incredible recipe over at Amrita’s wonderful blog, Crazy Vegan Kitchen.

Did you find your new favorite?

Maybe it’ll take you a while to work your way through all these amazing vegan sandwich ideas, but you have to agree that there’s no end of inspiration here.

Whether you are looking for a snack at home, or something to take to work or school, these vegan sandwiches will save the day, so be sure to bookmark this page.

I’d also like to hear of any that I may have missed. Do you have a favorite that isn’t on the list? If so, drop me a comment in the box below so I can check it out.

The Ultimate List Of Vegan Sandwich Ideas!
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