Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin, 60 Count
Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin SafeGuard Tablets 120 tablets
Salaam Nutritionals - Adult Multivitamins, Vitamin Gummies for Women and Men,...
Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement - Vegan Formula with Green Whole...
Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin, 60 Count
Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin SafeGuard Tablets 120 tablets
Salaam Nutritionals - Adult Multivitamins, Vitamin Gummies for Women and Men,...
Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement - Vegan Formula with Green Whole...
Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin, 60 Count
Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin, 60 Count
Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin SafeGuard Tablets 120 tablets
Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin SafeGuard Tablets 120 tablets
Salaam Nutritionals - Adult Multivitamins, Vitamin Gummies for Women and Men,...
Salaam Nutritionals - Adult Multivitamins, Vitamin Gummies for Women and Men,...
Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement - Vegan Formula with Green Whole...
Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement - Vegan Formula with Green Whole...

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You know that eating vegan is the best thing to do for your health, the planet, and our animal buddies, but you’ve also heard you can’t get all the nutrients you need solely from eating plants.

Unfortunately, it’s true. Even when we take the time to plan out our diets and make them full of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts, it’s still possible to come up short on some valuable nutrients.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you have a couple of options. One is to take individual supplements for all of the nutrients you may be lacking. The other is to find a good vegan multivitamin to cover all bases in one handy capsule or pill.

The jury’s out on which course of action is best, as some believe that multivitamins can still leave you short in some nutritional departments. However, a lot depends on which product you choose, which is why I decided to write a piece on the best vegan multivitamins to supplement a plant-based diet.

What should you look for in vegan multivitamins?

best multivitamin for vegans

First of all, it is important to remember that you should get most of your nutritional goodness from food sources. If you are eating a healthy and varied diet, you are likely getting a great start on the nutrients you need.

With that in mind, it’s not necessary to supplement with vegan multivitamins that have 100% of the recommended daily amount for every vitamin and mineral. When searching for high-quality, daily organic multivitamins that will benefit you, you have to take a look at your diet and see where it could be improved. For example, if you eat a lot of spinach and lentils, you probably don’t need veggie multivitamins that are high in iron.

To simplify things a little, make sure your organic multivitamins have some B12, iodine, and Vitamin D. These are common nutrients that are lacking in a vegan diet.

If you want to get a real look at how eating plant-based is affecting your nutrition, ask your healthcare provider to perform a nutritional screen. This blood test will show up all your vitamin and mineral levels, giving you the ultimate insight into what nutrients you need to concentrate on.

What about vegan supplements for teens and children?

While many children’s multivitamins contain gelatin, there are plenty of alternatives to kid-friendly vitamins that are gelatin-free. While the thought of veggie vitamins may seem redundant to them, it is actually very important for their growth.

As with adults, adolescents and kids should get the bulk of their nutrition from whole, fresh foods. However, it’s important for them to have enough of these six essential vitamins and minerals for proper development. This can be achieved by taking vegan vitamin supplements:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Iron

Therefore, the first thing to do is find a multivitamin that has adequate amounts of these vitamins and minerals for your teen.

Don’t forget, large doses of vitamins, especially in youngsters, can potentially be dangerous. If given in a large dose, fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins E and K, may become toxic.

Talk about your teenager’s supplement needs with a doctor so you can tailor their plan to their gender and activity level. Your healthcare provider may recommend a specific brand of vegan vitamin supplements.

Check out Salam’s Children’s Halal & Vegan Gummy Vitamins if you are looking for a good all-round vegan multivitamin for your kids. These contain a wide range of nutrients, are made in the US, and, unlike other multivitamins for children, they’re vegan certified.

Should men and women supplement differently?

vegan vitamin supplements

Another thing that should be taken into consideration when looking for a vegan supplement is gender. For example, women who are of childbearing age have a higher need for iron than men of the same age.

Conversely, lycopene is important for men because it improves prostate health. Also, while folate is known as being important in women’s prenatal vitamins, men also need to look for folate in their multivitamin because it helps with healthy sperm production, the protection against Alzheimer’s disease, and the prevention of certain cancers.

Vitamin E is also an important part of a supplement for men because it reduces inflammation and protects the body from developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and macular degeneration.

As a woman gets older, iron requirements decrease, but the need for calcium to preserve bone strength increases. Women should find the proper multivitamin to address the common deficiencies that occur at various points in her reproductive life.

While gender specific multivitamins are available, many vitamins for vegans are generally the same for both men and women. However, there are a few key nutrients that may vary by product, so you should check each to make sure you’re getting what you need.

If you have specific, gender related needs, it’s important you take these into consideration when looking at vitamins for vegans.


organic multivitamins for vegans

The truth is, many people feel veganism is unhealthy because of the risk of malnutrition. This is because animal products have a lot of certain nutrients that are only in a handful of foods that are vegan, and those are usually fortified.

For example, vitamin B12 is only occurs naturally in cells belonging to animals, yeast, and mold. Because there are very few vegan sources of vitamin B12, vegans have to be must be attentive about getting an adequate amount of this particular vitamin.

This can be difficult, especially because some vegans choose to avoid yeast and bacterial products. Therefore, it is widely recommended that all vegans get their B12 from a supplement or from fortified foods.

Some also critique vegans, saying that heavy reliance on synthetic nutrients is unhealthy. These people often believe that nutrients will only be absorbed properly if they are delivered to the body in a natural source, which isn’t practical on a vegan diet.

The other side of this argument comes when discussing health benefits coming from a different angle. Vegans are quick to point out that their diet is high in fiber, cholesterol-free, nutrient-rich, and low in fat. We’re also acutely aware that the consumption of animal-based food has been linked to several major health problems, including obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Then, there’s the wider impact an omnivorous diet has. For example, another hot topic about eating meat is the environmental consequence. Many say that societies that eat meat discourage efficient food production. Vegans argue that it is careless to produce meat when more people can be fed on an animal-free diet.

Also, studies show that animal farming is increasing the environmental problems of topsoil erosion, groundwater contamination, wilderness area depletion, and greenhouse gas production. These arguments are difficult to ignore, however, some still claim that the research is not accurate.

The bottom line is if you’re following a strict vegan diet, you really should be supplementing certain nutrients to stay fit and healthy. Consulting your doctor is the best way to make 100% certain you are not deficient in any of the vital vitamins and minerals we need to stay well.

Which are the best vegan multivitamins?

As I’ve already mentioned above, finding the best vegan multivitamins can often be a matter of personal requirements. What works well for one person may not necessarily be the best fit for another.

However, there are some brands available that do a fine job of giving vegans a balanced vitamin boost, and it’s those I’ll be concentrating on today.

Let’s take a look at five great examples.

Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin

As their name suggests, Rainbow Light Just Once Iron-Free Multivitamin are a one-a-day solution perfect for those who do not need any extra iron supplementation.

These vitamins are made up from nutrient dense foods such as organic beets, chlorella, and spirulina, along with energizing ginseng, making them an ideal choice for vegans.

They provide both antioxidant protection as well as nutritional support from a B-Complex Blend, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. This multivitamin also helps aid digestion with its plant-based enzymes.

These are great vegan vitamins for people who have a deficiency in vitamin B and are produced by a well-respected name in the industry.


✅ Gentle on the stomach

✅ Great for both men and women


❌ Tablets are rather large

❌ Hard to absorb

❌ Some report to have hormonal side effects

Salaam Nutritionals Adult Gummy Multivitamins

Salaam Nutritionals Adult Gummy Multivitamins contain an immune boosting formulation of vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc, which also helps support bone health.

They are are also rich in antioxidants, which will protect your body against free radicals. Another thing I like is that they are made with all natural colors and flavors, with no artificial ingredients, irritants, or preservatives used whatsoever.

These Halal certified vitamins are sourced from high-quality ingredients to provide a wholesome and palatable gummy vitamin, making them a fine choice for both halal and non-halal vegan households alike.


✅ Easy to take

✅ Kosher and Halal certified

✅ Budget friendly


❌ Some people may find these to be too sweet

Trio Formulas Daily Essentials Multivitamins

Trio Formulas Daily Essentials Multivitamins for vegans are created with a formula that has favorable amounts of many of the nutrients that are not easily found in most plant-based diets.

They are made with premium quality ingredients and include essentials such as vitamin E as high gamma mixed-tocopherols; a proprietary blend of natural, active isomer folates; and true amino acid chelate minerals that are both well tolerated and absorbed.

This multivitamin also contains selenium, vitamin C, and chromium, giving you a good balance of vitamins and minerals. The fact that this supplement has been formulated by naturopaths will appeal to many too.

IMPORTANT EDIT: It appears that these have changed since we wrote the post and now contain lanolin, so can no longer be deemed vegan. Thanks go to Jill for pointing this out to us.


✅ Made with non-GMO ingredients

✅ Formulated by a naturopath

✅ Easy to swallow

✅ Great energy boosting formula


❌ Contains lanolin, so not vegan (see above)

Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin

Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin was the world’s first certified organic vegan gummy multivitamin suitable for adults, which will give you some idea of the product’s longevity and popularity.

Rather than using a synthetic coating, these multivitamins for vegans are coated in a proprietary gelling agent made from pectin from certified organic apples. Perfect for those of us who want to keep things super clean.

The vitamins and minerals in this multivitamin are sourced from organic whole foods, allowing them to supply cofactors and co-nutrients that help the digestion, distribution, and utilization of the nutrients.

Nature’s Dynamics have a great product here and it’s one I’d definitely check out. The only issue I have is that it doesn’t give you any vitamin D, which is a shame.

That being said, it could be argued that vitamin D (along with B12) should be supplemented separately anyway.


✅ Certified by both the USDA and European Union Organic seals

✅ Berry flavor tastes good

✅ Contains no fillers

✅ Inexpensive


❌ No vitamin D

Deva Vegan Vitamins Daily Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

Deva Vegan Vitamins Daily Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement is a balanced multivitamin formula that is enriched with green whole foods for optimal nutrition.

This one-a-day supplement contains vegetable powders and herbs that are specifically formulated for those who eat a vegan diet, so thumbs up there!

These vitamins are high in vitamin B-12 and iron, which helps complement a vegan and vegetarian diet perfectly.

Deva are a brand you can trust, but there is an issue with these tablets – they don’t smell or taste all that great. However, if you can stomach that, these will certainly provide you with a good balance of minerals and vitamins that’ll supplement your plant-based diet nicely.


✅ Guaranteed for purity, freshness and labeled potency

✅ Gluten free

✅ High in B12

✅ Reputable brand


❌ Can be hard to swallow

❌ Poor smell and taste may be off-putting to some

❌ Contain a small amount of fillers

So, what is the best multivitamin for vegans?

Well, it’s a close call between Nature’s Dynamics and Trio Formulas. Both are great products.

All in all, I would say Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin takes the prize, but there really isn’t a lot in it. These seem to be the most widely enjoyed by the vegan community and, as they are not too expensive, they are reasonable to purchase each month.

These vitamins contain all of the nutrients that are commonly lacking in a vegan diet apart from vitamin D, which you possibly should be supplementing separately anyway.

Final thoughts

As anyone who has done a little homework on the subject will tell you, there are a lot of multivitamins for vegetarians on the market, and choosing the best vitamins for vegans can be a challenge.

I recommend you start with Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy along with a good vitamin D supplement and make adjustments from there as needed.

It may be difficult to shop for the best vitamins for vegans due to the presence of gelatin in a lot of vitamins, but hopefully, this review has shed a little light on what you should be looking for and given you a few brands to try out.


Lisa Williams is a committed vegan, passionate animal welfare advocate, and keen follower of too many v-friendly food blogs to mention.

She started happyhappyvegan.com back in 2016 because she felt there was a need for more straightforward information on plant-based living. Back then, too many sites seem to either concentrate solely on recipes or be too intimidating or inaccessible for the v-curious and she wanted to change that. The landscape is certainly a whole lot different now!

Lisa lives in Sussex with her husband and their three-legged wonder dog, Mable.